Lucien’s First Take: Detroit: Become Human – Teaser

For those who have never heard of it, there is a little gaming company called Quantic Dream.  They make some of the most depressing and visually-stunning games that have ever been.  The first time I heard of them was with a game called Heavy Rain.  That is one of the most miserable games I’ve ever played, solving a mystery of a serial killer.  It had a TON of endings, and no ability to fail.  Your fail status was when you got the shitty endings.  There was more than one.  But it was still a great game, aside from some of the control problems.  No joke, that game was a complete mess to control.  Though, at times, that made it even more impressive.  Something about controlling the limbs of a man who is cutting off his own finger to keep his son alive is just so horrible.  Makes you feel connected to the action.

Next there was a game called Beyond: Two Souls.  Starring the adorable Ellen Page and the cryptic Willem Dafoe, it was a great game as well.  While it didn’t have the vast amount of different endings as its predecessor, it did have a much better control scheme, and gave you a nice way to interact with what was also a very grim story.  But the visual style was a cut above the rest.  It showed off what the PS3 was capable of, and was one of my favorite games on the platform, second only to the absolute perfection that was The Last of Us.

However, we now have a new console, and it seems that this company is looking to show off what this is capable of.  They have released a trailer for a new game that is both cryptic and a concept we’ve seen before.  Rather than talk too much about it right now, I’ll show you the trailer.  Then we’ll discuss it.  The game is called Detroit: Become Human.

They say at the end that this trailer was done using an in-game engine.  Holy shit!  This game looks fucking gorgeous!  I get that the idea is to show off the very best that this game has to offer, but man, I am impressed.  Since this is a teaser, we haven’t learned much about how the game is going to play.

From what I can tell, the story revolves around a girl who looks an awful lot like Jennifer Lawrence, but isn’t.  I looked it up.  Hell of a likeness, though.  Maybe it’s that pixie cut.  Not the biggest fan, but there is enough here to sink my teeth into.  Like the fact that this game is about a near future, where mechanical androids exist and seem to function as slaves in society.  This game follows someone who was somehow able to get away from that.  She lives a free life.  How?  What is she going to do?  It’s all very in the dark, but this trailer was about setting up the world that the game inhabits.  Getting us all ready to see how much further we can dive in.  Not to mention being something of a tech demo for Quantic Dream’s engine.  Them getting their jollies off to their own power.

But, as I said with Beyond: Two Souls, the thing that worries me is going to be the control scheme.  It wasn’t perfect in that game, either.  There were points, a lot of points, where the game was awkward as shit to control.  Calling it tank controls is being nice.  The controls for Aiden were great, but Jodie was a pain in the ass to move around.  This game looks to be embracing a cyberpunk vibe.  Since it’s Quantic Dream, I am assuming that it’s going to be WAY more Blade Runner than Appleseed (a terrible film, but I needed an example of something in the cyberpunk genre that is fast paced.  If you have a better example, let me know).  But any good cyberpunk story is going to have some points where there has to be action.  Especially if the idea is that this girl is going to become a leader in some sort of revolution.  They are hinting at that, but I am hoping that it doesn’t go that route.  She wants to be human, so maybe there will be more to it than that.  I’m a story-seeker, remember.  That’s the thing that appeals to me first.

For a game from a company that has visual fidelity locked down, but clumsy controls, I am going to be a little careful when it comes to my Initial Verdict.  This game looks amazing.  As tech demos go, I’m impressed.  Now we’ll wait to see if this company is able to deliver on the controls and the great story angle, once gameplay trailers are released.  Since there is no established date on when this is coming out, that could be a while.  Until then…

Initial Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,



4 thoughts on “Lucien’s First Take: Detroit: Become Human – Teaser

    • I always caution people about pre-ordering. It’s a huge risk, and one that people should always be careful about. Given Quantic Dream’s propensity to have control problems in their games, be sure that the controls aren’t broken before you buy it. Just putting that out there.

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