You’re Going to Take Down My Videos Now?! (A response to YouTube)

YouTube has decided to unveil a new ad-free, subscription-based service called YouTube Red.  With it, you pay a subscription fee, and watch all videos without any ads.  I think this is stupid, because most ads can be skipped anyway, but YouTube has decided to add a darker side to this.  A side that worries me, personally, because I am finally working to expand my channel, now that I have discovered the Share feature on my PS4.  According to an article in Tech Raptor (linked here), it seems that YouTube is trying to coerce people who monetize their videos to sign up for this service, otherwise their videos will be unable to be viewed by the public.

As Tech Raptor points out, the fact that YouTube is working so hard to coerce content creators into this service is strange.  It feels shady, and there are more people than one who feel the same way.

Now, I don’t make any money with what I do.  Partly because my channel has shit subscribers (and shit videos, I’ll admit.  At least, until I have started my new deal.  Check out my channel by going to my About page and clicking on it), but I am trying to expand things with my gaming clips.  It’s fun, allows me to use new tech, and I can even enjoy putting up videos that showcase my gaming skills.  Will likely be uploading footage from games like Bloodborne, such as boss fights and the like.  Even more stoked for when I get my hands on Final Fantasy XV, and can upload some boss fights from there!  It will be very fun.  But YouTube is, unquestionably, coercing content creators under threat of having their videos pulled from view, to sign up for this service.  That is bullshit!  I doubt that YouTube will notice a channel like mine, but this isn’t just about me.  Sure, I don’t want to lose what little potential my channel has right now, but this is also going to hurt others who don’t want to be brow-beaten by greedy-ass Google.

Something you should know about me – I don’t watch videos with adblock on.  I actually want to support the creators I view.  I don’t have the money to support them on Patreon, so instead I support them by suffering through ads (unless I can skip them, I admit), which gives something to those who are trying to use this to help supplement their income.  We are a culture that is so averse to being made to wait for anything, and it is really showing in how content creators are doing whatever they can to bring the money in.  For the days when the Internet was a place where those who wanted to dream or create could find a way to make money.  Well, if they can do video.  I write things, and I don’t make squat from this site.  Oh well.  That’s how I goes, I guess.

In any case, there is all very shady, and YouTube’s lackluster defense of what they are doing even moreso.  I don’t want to see my content get taken down, on the off-chance that they notice a channel as small as mine, trying to make its way in the world.

Until next time, a quote,

“America isn’t a community.  It’s a business.  Now fucking pay me!”  – Jackie Cogan, Killing Them Softly

Peace out,



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