Lucien’s Gaming Clips: Life is Strange (Chloe and Max, Parts Five, Six, and Seven)

Now we come to Episode 3, and here is where we have the two’s relationship really showing signs that there is something more on the horizon.  The two have a bonding session in the pool, where we see their respective armor cracking.  Chloe’s especially.  For so long, she has walled herself off.  When Rachel disappeared, she became a frigid barrier.  Here is her best friend, after all this time.  The closeness they had restored.  But she is finding something out about how she feels about Max.  Watch Part Six and you’ll see what I mean.  After she asks Max to kiss her, if you chose to accept, there is a look of shock on her face.  I don’t think that that is just because Max said yes.

After all, Chloe did ask her for that kiss, right?  The way I see it, Chloe is having this internal battle in herself.  It’s between how she feels about Rachel and how she feels about Max.  About to have a Critical Examination moment, but I looked at her face after the kiss, and you can almost see that there is an internal battle going on inside that woman, as she is trying to figure out how she feels.  For Max’s part, it’s a bit more complicated.  She plays everything off cool, but look in her journal.  After you kiss her, when you go downstairs, you see that Max thinks it was cute, but when she is pondering about what it meant, she remarks that Chloe seems to see Rachel in her future.  Implying that Max doesn’t think that there’s a future in that relationship.  So clearly she is thinking about it as well.

Then we get to the point where you see how Chloe’s feelings about Rachel and Max clash, when she learns the truth about Rachel and Frank’s connection.  That’s when the two fight, and Max discovers a new power.  Emotions run high in this episode, but that’s what makes this so good.  It leads into the next episode, where emotions run much quieter.  But we’ll get there when we do.  Here’s the show.

So, what do you think about it all?  Totally open to other opinions.  Maybe you think that I’m full of shit.  In any case, enjoy the clips, and sub to my channel, if you are of a mind to.

Until next time, a quote,

“It feels like a different world from last night.” – Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

Peace out,



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