The Flaw in Analysis of Last Night’s Debate

Something to know about what has been happening the past year – Bernie Sanders has been routinely ignored by the media at large.  It is almost surreal how corporate media is doing everything in their power to pretend like he doesn’t exist.  But the crowds that he has been drawing at every event say that the people are not fooled by it.  In fact, his strength as a populist candidate should scare Shillary Clinton right down to her pantsuits.  Neat fact – someone made an image of her in every color pantsuit of the rainbow and put them in order of the visible light spectrum.  To that person, you have my thanks.  Look it up.  It’s kind of hilarious.  In fact, let me save you the trouble.  Enjoy the lulz.

Shillary Pantsuit RainbowWhat wonderful people we have in this world.  In any case, back to the topic at hand.  Bernie Sanders has been the victim of a concerted effort to be kept out of the eyes of the corporate media.  Or at the very least be made to appear to be not even remotely a threat to one of the most boring and corporate candidates that I’ve ever seen.  Shillary’s biggest problem is that she clearly stands for nothing other than being President and getting corporate money.  It’s kind of sad to watch.

Last night’s debate, if you follow every single corporate outlet, was the defining moment of Shillary Clinton’s victory, which is so obviously guaranteed.  Right?  Well, the truth is a little more complicated than that.  See, according to every single outlet that isn’t corporate media, Bernie Sanders won that debate by leaps and bounds.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a story that shows how polls conducted on every site, even CNN, favored Sanders.

There is a real question – why does every news outlet seem to want to make sure we all know that Shillary is absolutely in the lead, without question?  It’s almost like they are afraid to admit that Bernie is a real threat to her.  It can’t be argued at this point that that’s the case.  Unlike her, Bernie is actually popular because of the fact that he stands for things, and he stays on point, all the time.  If you ask me, the fact that the media seems so dead-set on ignoring Bernie is only working out in his favor.  See, we live in the age of the Internet.  Being a populist candidate is easier now than ever.  The media seems to forget about that.  Maybe it’s because the media has been doing everything they can to pretend that the Internet and the culture that it espouses doesn’t exist.

After all, why would CNN tell the truth about Sanders?  Their parent company is Time Warner.  They are one of Shillary’s top contributors.  Naturally they are going to do everything they can to kiss her pantsuited ass.  But why is every single publication so dead-set against Sanders?  Naturally, The Guardian has to make sure that they kiss Shillary’s ass.  That publication has ZERO journalistic integrity.  It is just so strange that every publication and its brother is looking to abandon their journalistic integrity just so they can support a candidate that not ONE poll has shown to be in the lead.  The Drudge Report, a publication that hates the left, had a poll with Sanders clearly in the lead.  When all evidence shows that the conclusion you have come to is wrong, does journalistic ethics mean nothing?  It’s about taking in the evidence and reporting it.  What did it look like in the editing room when they were drafting these stories?  I shudder to think.

This isn’t really a post about the debate.  It’s more about how the news is so fast to throw away what little ethics they have in order to paint a narrative that all objective evidence shows isn’t true.  Is there any line that the media is unwilling to cross in order to push a narrative?  What has modern journalism come to?  Hell, The Young Turks, a group who is unabashedly biased in the extreme, was baffled by the fact that none of these outlets seem able to report the plain as day facts of this story.

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, it should bother us all that the news seems to not even try doing the right thing.  But not all major news outlets were this bad.  After the debate, PBS reported on the winner by just having the poll be the story.  Now that is how it’s done.  Regardless of what the pundits think, the facts speak for themselves.  Take that for what you will.  As for me, this is why I didn’t focus on the journalism side of my degree in Journalism and Public Communication.  Because I didn’t want to get sucked into this nightmare of ignoring facts to make a narrative.  I already have a site where I admit that I inject my own opinion into, but I don’t ignore when facts get in the way of my opinions.

In the end, though, Bernie is still riding high.  The base supports him.  That’s something that really should scare Shillary.  After all, during the first debate with Obama, the media was quick to support her then as well.  Look at how that turned out.  As for myself, I think that while Bernie did good, that debate did show his age a bit.  That guy needed some coffee or something.  He is a dinosaur, after all.  I suppose this should be expected.  But the campaign is far from over, and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Until next time, a quote,

“All I can hope to teach my son is to tell the truth and fear no man.”  -Edward R. Murrow

Peace out,



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