Lucien’s Gaming Clips: Life is Strange (Max and Chloe, Parts Three and Four)

Here we have the clips that I think best represent the growth of the two’s relationship in Episode 2.  Their friendship starts to strengthen from where it left off.  You have Chloe getting wrapped up in Max’s powers, and then subsequently getting wrapped up in the mystery of what those powers mean and what all of this’ connections to Rachel Amber are.  Part of what makes this game so good.  And a little like a soap opera, I’ll admit.  The difference being that here they don’t have an endless amount of time for the plot.  These games have a firm starting and ending point, unless Dontnod goes along with this stupid idea they have in their heads of making more seasons for this.  Please don’t.  This is a great concept.  Don’t give in to the sequel machine.  A neat side-note, the creator of The Evil Within stated that he wasn’t going to be making a sequel for that game, because then it becomes another franchise.  That attitude is something we need more of.

In Part Four, we finally have the first hints that the relationship between these two characters is more than just friendly.  Since I overanalyze the shit out of everything I love, I paid careful attention.  A lot of it is from Chloe.  Max is kind of wrapped up in her own little world of how she is dealing with powers and whatnot.  The really personal stuff is what we see with Chloe.  Pay attention to her face after she tells Max to put herself out there.  It’s like there is some part of her that is suddenly realizing that there’s a spark there.  I cut the clip off a little early, but you hear Chloe state in her truck afterwards that even though her life is going to complete shit at that point, it was still the best week of her life.  Max remarks that it’s because they are together again, without realizing that for her friend, that means something more.

Anyway, enough of me going into a Critical Examination.  Let’s let you all see the goods.

I definitely won’t be getting more of this up tomorrow.  Got too much shit to do.  In any case, hope you enjoyed.  Episode 3 is where shit gets real between these two.  I think it’s important to mention that the closeness these two have is up to you.  You can just as easily pursue Warren.  And while I do like his character, he just isn’t my type.  I find Chloe much cooler.  What can I say, I dig punks.

Until next time, a quote,

“I pledge allegiance to Max, and the power for which she stands!”  -Chloe Price, Life is Strange

Peace out,



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