Police: Don’t Film Us When We Abuse Our Power! It Ruins Careers!

This is a response post, but it’s not one where I am going to be disagreeing with the story itself.  This is one where I’m going to take some time with all of you to have some amusing irony about how this all came about.  It’s no secret that cops in this country abuse their power left and right.  Police are given badges, guns, and virtually unlimited power.  The checks on police power are so pathetic and toothless, to the point of them pretty much being non-existent.  After all, who investigates cops?  Other cops!  Wow, there’s a brilliant idea.  And who prosecutes dirty cops?  District attorneys, who need the police’s help when they try cases.  And who gives dirty cops who actually end up in a courtroom their sentences?  Judges who are friends with the police chief.  Yeah, I bet you that cops get all sorts of checks on their power.  Uh-huh.  Sure they do.

Until recently, dirty cops were something that was understood to exist, but they didn’t get nearly the attention they do now.  What happened to change that?  The Internet and camera phones.  Those two devices came along to show how utterly destructive police can be.  Videos of dirty cops abusing their power are all over the place.  The cop who shot a man eight times in the back, and was walking over to plant his taser on him was only brought to justice because there was video that got him dead to rights.  Video of the police is making real justice happen, and even getting us to talk about cops having to wear video cameras on them at all times (which no cop who cares about protecting and serving should resist).

However, in an article in The Washington Post, it seems that the police are very upset about the populace filming them and uploading them online.  Because, it seems that these videos follow police around, and can ruin their law enforcement careers.  Well gee whiz!  There’s a radical idea.  Police’s livelihood’s being ruined when they abuse their power and are caught doing so.  The poor things!  Here’s a link to the article.  Now let’s talk about it.

Chiefs of some of the nation’s biggest police departments say officers in American cities have pulled back and have stopped policing as aggressively as they used to, fearing that they could be the next person in a uniform featured on a career-ending viral video.

Cops are cracking down less on the citizenry because of the possibility of them being filmed?  The horror!  Why, this could mean that there is less police violence against people, or their pets, as videos have also surfaced of cops killing people’s pets.  All the time.  For real, these wanna-be jarheads think it makes them look like big men when they shoot the family dog in the face.  You tough boys you.

But for hours preceding that, mayors, police chiefs, U.S. attorneys and even FBI Director James Comey privately vented in a Washington ballroom that they don’t really understand the alarming spike in murders and applause filled the room when mayors said police officers’ sinking morale could be a factor.

Wow.  Yeah, that sounds like a TOTALLY rational argument.  What is their evidence for this?

There is no evidence of a broad retraction of police engagement with the public in major cities, and no participant in Wednesday’s summit presented a single example of lackluster policing that somehow contributed to a violent crime.

Yeah, that sounds about right.  This is just the police wanting to cry us a river about how they can’t abuse their power anymore.  This sounds like ‘Murica.  Doesn’t it?

Rather, chiefs and elected officials spoke broadly of a changed atmosphere in major city police departments over the past year amid high-profile police-involved shootings and in-custody deaths that led to riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore.

Yeah, there has been a change in the last few years.  The rampant abuses of power can’t go unnoticed by the general public anymore.  The Internet has made it easier than ever to make the dirty cops into figures to be tarred and feathered (figuratively speaking) by the people who they are supposed to protect and serve.  It’s not our fault that they abused their power.  Don’t blame the people who just want justice.  Granted, some of the riots did get out of hand, but the police in this country get of pretty much scott-free when they break the law and kill people.

The thing is, as I said before, a lot of this could be solved if they were forced to wear body cameras.  It’s already been seen in this country to have a drop in the use of excessive force (linked here).  Granted, the study in the link before is just one study, but it is a good sign that this is the right direction.  There are a lot of costs associated with body cameras, but when a cop can easily produce camera footage in a case where someone alleges excess force or wrongful arrest, then they can be cleared easily.  Not to mention, less excessive force complaints means that their legal costs will go down there as well.  Way I see it, these things pretty much pay for themselves, when you consider the amount of money they can save.

Chiefs said patrol officers still do their jobs, clocking in and policing their beats. But fewer take extra steps such as confronting a group loitering on a sidewalk late at night that might glean intelligence or lead to arrests, for fear that any altercations that ensued would be uploaded to the Internet.

Wow.  Yeah, because that is TOTALLY what would happen, right?  Any loitering group is just gonna give them “intelligence.”  Sure.  This is some of the worst evidence for a position that I have EVER seen.  Period.  What idiot would actually buy this?  Do they actually think the public will buy this?  Aren’t these people supposed to prove things?  This just seems like more river crying.

New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton called it the “YouTube effect” that has emerged for officers post-Ferguson and, in New York, after the death of Eric Garner last year after he was put in a chokehold by an officer making an arrest.

Yeah, those officers should have their reputations ripped to pieces.  They went WAY too far in administering force to a man who was just selling cigarettes.  It was so obvious that this was not the right thing to do, and anyone who doesn’t have a chip on their shoulder (as everyone at this event so clearly does) can see that.  These cops are basically saying that it’s wrong for them to have to be seen for the wrong that they do.  That police should be able to do wrong and not have to worry about being filmed.  And I already know where they’re going to go with this…

“Marchers in New York, marchers in my city were chanting, ‘what do we want, dead cops, when do we want them, now.’ Well, they got them, two dead cops in December. The legacy of those two officers deaths’ have slowed down the momentum of what was started before it reached tidal wave proportions — really throwing the scales of justice out of balance,” he said.

I knew it!  The person who killed those two officers was found to have killed his girlfriend before going to Brooklyn to kill those cops.  This guy was not all there, as was shown by a very long rap sheet and the fact that he killed himself after killing those cops.  While he says that he killed those cops because of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, we’ll never know what was going through his head when he did this.  This guy was not well, and did a horrible thing.  It sucks that those cops were ambushed and killed, but the fact that police are so quick to jump on this bandwagon shows that they don’t care about the truth anymore than the media who did the same.

“We stare at the math, and stare at change in cities that seem to have nothing in common with one another. What’s the connection among Boston, Washington, Minneapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Houston, Dallas, other than being American cities?” he said. “Has policing changed in the YouTube era? I don’t like the term ‘post-Ferguson,’ because I actually believe the ‘YouTube era’ captures it better.

That’s the FBI Director talking there, and he makes a great point.  This is so obviously just something to justify police feeling the urge to not just charge in guns blazing, like those cops who killed that kid in Cleveland who was sitting with a toy gun.  They just drove up, got out of their cars and opened fire.  Not one of them told the kid to drop it or get on the ground.  That kid was murdered in cold blood by police, and it was caught on film.  Police want to complain about this, because they don’t want to lose the power they’ve had for all these years.  Well, sorry piggies, but that’s not gonna happen.  You made your bed, now lie in it.

We live in an age where everyone seems to have this victim mentality.  Everyone’s a victim of…something.  They are always being oppressed by someone.  There’s this thing and that thing and the other thing that other people did wrong.  Nowhere do they admit that they are in the wrong.  If it wasn’t for my profound hatred of myself, I might be one of those people.  Thankfully, my own self-loathing keeps my ego in check.  Thank god, because the last thing I want is to be one of THESE people.  These people who feel the need to cry because their own bad behavior damns them.  I wonder if the police and the SJWs can make nice.  They have so much in common.

Until next time, a quote,

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”  -Voltaire

Peace out,



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