Video Games are EVIL! (A response to Pastor Hagee)

Another mass shooting, another person who chooses to blame video games.  I swear, it doesn’t even remotely shock me anymore.  Video games are pretty much society’s whipping boy at this point.  The right can use them anytime there are mass shooting as a quick cop-out.  Even though they seem to believe that if more guns are out in public, everyone is going to turn into John Wayne.  The stupidity behind that sentiment is mind-boggling.  If you listened to Wayne LaPierre after the Newtown shooting, he believes that people with guns can defeat “evil monsters.”  Weird that these people villainize games so much, considering their worldview is an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.  Then you have the left, who treats video games like they are cooking up misogyny everywhere you look.  Because all male gamers hate women, right, Anita?

Video games have become the thing to attack if you have a worldview that is really dumb.  They also make a for a convenient out if you don’t want to actually address the problems in society.  Like the fact that I can go to my uncle’s house and buy one of his massive gun arsenal from him without any paperwork or a background check.  I’m not for banning guns, but there is NO reason why we can’t tighten up restrictions to ANY degree.  Just any.  How about we start with background checks?  Having to have them anytime you sell a gun.  How about that?  Sorry, got off-track.  The point is, from the hipster left to the octogenarian right, video games are a real nice scapegoat anytime something like this happens.  Let’s look at Pastor Hagee, who has decided to put his two-cents out there for the rest of us to digest.

Okay, dumbass.  Let’s take this apart piece by piece.  I’m not for the banning of all guns.  Let me say that one more time before I get into how dumb this is.  But Hagee, when the 2nd Amendment was written, you know what kinds of weapons they had?  Flintlock muskets!  They were not a very good weapon.  The aim was terrible.  They took time to load.  You could only load one shot.  Not to mention, something that people constantly forget is that the 2nd Amendment was written for a militia.  It was the Supreme Court that ruled that that applies to the general public.  Not to mention, it was also written with the understanding that you’d need people to have guns in case slaved revolted.  A slave revolt was a very real issue back then.  A lot of the Founders owned slaves.  Thomas Jefferson allowed his illegitimate children he had with his slaves to go into slavery.  The founders wanted an active fighting force in case of a slave revolt.  This whole idea that it was written to help the people if they needed to overthrow the government is unfathomably naive.

But that’s not even the point.  These are not the weapons that we have today, you troglodyte!  If you were to tell the Founding Fathers what kinds of weapons we have today, I bet you that they would at least be taken aback enough to make sure that it was that well-trained militia that was getting the guns.  Do you honestly believe that they would be totally behind having no restrictions on the owning of weapons when you can have a weapon with enough rounds in the magazine to kill over 10 people before having to be reloaded?  I don’t.  These people weren’t the idiots that you are, Hagee.  They understand that guns needed to be in the hands of people who know how to use them.  Who are trained and ready.  No johnny fucktard in the woods with his boys having themselves a camping trip.  Drinkin’ beers and shootin’ guns.  Or that guy who nearly blew his fucking head off because he had the gun pointed right at him as he was messing with it.  The fact that only his hat got a giant hole in it is nothing short of a miracle.

Then there’s the stupidity with getting rid of gun-free zones.  Yeah, because if I work at a hospital, I want johnny fucktard to be packing a gun near me.  Or if I’m at a school, where little kids are being kids, I want johnny to have his gun there.  Maybe a kid can take it, like that 11 year old boy who blew the brains out of an 8 year old girl because of an argument about puppies.  He got his dad’s shotgun and killed her.  Or maybe it can be like that little girl who was given an uzi and taken to a gun range.  A gun that was clearly too powerful for her, and she lost control of it.  Blew her instructor’s brains out.  That girl has to live with his blood on her hands, forever.  Charges weren’t pressed against her, but do you honestly believe that she’s going to be able to come back from that?  That you can kill a person like that and it will just rub off you.  This isn’t an action movie, retards!  You can’t just charge in and save the day!

Say there had been guns allowed on campus at Oregon.  And let’s say that 30% of the student body was armed.  Someone starts shooting.  The students draw their guns.  Now, they have their guns, but they don’t know who the shooter is.  They see someone else come around the corner with a gun, and they open fire.  So then someone else sees that person shoot and start shooting at them.  Then more people start shooting at the person who shot that person.  Do you not understand the bloodbath that would ensue?  Or another example – today there was a woman at Home Depot who had the great idea of going after a shoplifter and opening fire on him in the parking lot.  How many innocent people could have been hurt or killed because this broad wanted to be the next action hero?  According to people there, everyone was fleeing in terror, thinking that this person was going to kill them.  This is the society you want?  Holy fucking shit.

Next, can we PLEASE stop making it seem like video games are teaching people to become real-life killers?  Please?  It’s such bullshit!  Yeah, because playing shooters that are pretty much point-and-click like Call of Duty will TOTALLY prepare you for shooting people in real life, right?  Oh yeah.  Because handling weapons is just that easy in the real world, right?  You barely even notice the kick.  That game’s like real life!  He makes this stupid false-equivalence of how flight simulators teach people how to fly.  Dude, flight simulators are a starting point.  You learn the basic in a sim, then you go out and get real-world experience.  Then you learn that flying in real life is a hell of a lot different than flying in a sim.  Do you honestly believe that if I were to have a kid fire an AK-47 in a video game, then gave him an actual AK-47 (which I could do.  The aforementioned uncle has one) that he would know exactly how to work it?  That he could handle the weapon easily?  Maybe, and I know I’m going out on a limb here, handling a real gun is a little different than a video game one!  I would know.  I have used real guns, doing target shooting.  I’ve shot pellet guns, a .22 rifle, a .38 handgun, and lever and bolt-action rifles.  Firing a gun in a video game is NOTHING like doing it in real life.  If you had fired guns before, you’d know that.

Video games will probably always be society’s punching bag.  At this point, the left and the right do it.  But that’s become par for the course.  I said on Twitter after the shooting, “how long until someone blames video games for this latest mass shooting?”  The thing that bugs me is that these people are delusional.  They have this delusional idea that they are going to have their guns and they are going to save the day whenever something like this happens.  I guarantee you that if the situation I said above had been the case at the community college in Oregon, that bloodbath could easily have been so much worse.  The 2nd Amendment is a good law, but our Founders wrote it with the understanding that we don’t need every jackass to have a gun.  Just the ones who know what they’re doing.  Ones who have been trained on their usage, and get a license and register their guns.

But the thing that really pisses me off – the people who back this stuff, like Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, don’t give two shits the amount of bodies that are left in their wake.  These people just want the money.  And they are getting people like Pastor Shit-for-Brains to pimp their talking points.  Because if what I said above had happened.  If the shooting at Oregon had happened and it was an ungodly bloodbath, then I guarantee you that they would be saying, “there should have been even MORE guns on campus!  Then no one would have gotten hurt!”  My god…

Until next time, a quote,

“But if anything else, what this press conference shows is that the NRA hates on video games for infringing on its own violent hero fantasy and binary morality. What’s scary though that that’s their worldview. And their political platform. And they have lots and lots of guns. Who are we supposed to be afraid of, again?”  -George Weidman

Peace out,



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