I Disagree with You, and I am Not Part of a “Right-Wing Hate Machine (A response to Salon)

One of the first tactics that the SJW crowd has when arguing with a person who doesn’t agree with them is to paint them as a conservative.  That’s the strawman that they have in their heads of everyone who thinks that they are wrong and doesn’t immediately believe that they are completely and utterly correct.  I’ve always found this interesting.  When Christina Hoff Sommers, aka The Factual Feminist, published videos where she debunked a lot of third-wave feminist talking points, she was immediately labeled as conservative and dismissed.  Never mind that she has been a registered Democrat for over 20 years.  This tactic also has the purpose of being able to get their side of the fence to not even listen to the arguments of those who oppose them.  They’re a conservative, so they are wrong, and we don’t have to listen to what they have to say.  That’s the mindset.  It’s toxic, stupid, juvenile, and what’s more – it’s wrong.

When Todd Nickerson wrote his article on Salon.com where he talked about why he is a pedophile and not a monster, and we should feel bad for him and his plight, I made a response where I, in no uncertain terms, said that I didn’t feel bad for him.  I outlined why.  I spoke about articles like his are starting something dangerous.  It’s starting a culture where people are going to justify pedophilic acts on the grounds, “it’s my orientation!”  I’m right.  You know that.  For every pedophile like Todd, who abstains from acting on their urges, there are plenty more who don’t.  Todd made the creepiest statement ever and said that pedophiles feel even worse about that than normal people.  No joke, that’s what he said.  Todd…ew.  But the fact is that if people like Todd work to get this kind of thing accepted as it is, then the truth is that it will be used to justify when a pedophile does go to far.  Because “tolerance” is just one step away from “acceptance.”  And I guarantee you, Todd, that people who do want to act on their urges to have sex with little children (not just grope!) would like nothing better than for that to be the case.

In the name of tolerance, you are opening the door to people who will so obviously exploit it to do harm the children.  I’m sorry, Todd.  Really, I don’t think you’re a terrible person.  You have this idealized view of pedophiles as people who all suffer in silence.  Sure, those people may exist.  But there are those who don’t just suffer in silence.  Those who act on what they want, and ruin the lives of children.  People like the skating coach of my friend, who helped make her terrified of any kind of sexual contact for years.  He would have loved it if he could make the argument that this is his orientation, and we should accept it.  Because if we accept it, then he doesn’t have to pay for what he does.  Or if he does have to pay, it’s in some small way.  Slap on the wrist.

I am a liberal, Todd.  I am a liberal who thinks that your views are wrong, because I see the bigger picture.  I’m sorry that you suffer in silence.  But that’s the price you pay for wanting to have sex with children.  Let’s not idealize what you want.  Brass tax, you want to boink kids.  The fact that you have come out in a new article and condemned people like me shows that not only did you miss the point that people like me were making, but you are unable to see what the problem is.  Here’s a ink to Todd’s newest article, where he paints all his detractors as monsters.  Part of a “right-wing hate machine.”  We need to talk about this, Todd, because I refuse to let myself to sucked into the SJW mentality of just labeling me a conservative and that’s it.

You missed the point, Todd.  Glad to see that you at least saw part of my argument.  You did argue for us to “normalize pedophilia.”  You want your community to be tolerated and accepted by society at large.  For us not to view you as monsters.  While I hate slippery slope arguments as much as the next person, I can’t deny that here there is a reason to fear the worst.  People suck, Todd.  People are disgusting creatures that will use and exploit whoever they can, whenever they can.  Maybe you and the people on your forum are all wholesome and filled with light, but the truth is that as a species, we suck.  So what am I supposed to take away from the argument that, in the name of tolerance, we should embrace pedophiles and not treat their urge to have sex with children as wrong?

If pedophilia becomes just another accepted orientation, then that opens the floodgates to court cases when people can argue that touching or having sex with children isn’t as bad as it seems.  Maybe it won’t keep pedophiles out of jail, but it will most certainly make the law much softer on them.  And that is something I cannot accept.  I’m sorry, Todd, but pedophilia is wrong.  It is wrong to want to have sex with children.  No matter how you paint it, at the end of the day, you want to have sex with a child.  I don’t accept it because I don’t want to start thinking that a child who is the victim of a sex crime isn’t so bad off because pedophiles are part of a protected class of people.  Just another sexual orientation.  “Oh, he was just expressing his sexuality!”  It’s not a slippery slope if it is so obvious what people will do, is it?  Are we just going to forget that humanity sucks?  Is that cool with you, Todd?

When I wrote my original post, I asked how far this tolerance culture is going to go.  How far down this rabbit hole everything would run to, before the madness would grow and consume everything.  I still wonder that, to this day.  We have a person who doesn’t sound like the worst guy in the world, wanting to get something that I will ALWAYS view as a mental disorder classified as a legit sexual orientation.  In doing so, he would open the gates for that designation to be exploited, and god-knows how many children’s victimhood to be ignored.  Maybe Todd can sleep well with that, but I can’t.  As I said, here is my prejudice.  Here is my bigotry.  I am a bigot against pedophiles.  From where I’m sitting, in this case, it’s the safer route to take.

I am a liberal, Todd, and I am 100% against you and what you stand for.  Don’t go letting the SJW mentality twist this around on me.

Until next time, a quote,

“We are selfish, base animals.  We try real hard and occasionally we can aspire to be something less than pure evil.”  -Gregory House, House, M.D.

Peace out,



6 thoughts on “I Disagree with You, and I am Not Part of a “Right-Wing Hate Machine (A response to Salon)

  1. Having read all articles by Salon, Todd’s, and your perspective, I am perplexed as to why you are so avidly opposed to what Todd is saying, and suggesting. I can say with relative authority that the various points made by Todd are in fact correct with respect to rates of offending, and the differentiation between situational and willful offenders. Most child sex abusers are not in fact pedophiles.

    More over, pedophilia is considered a mental disorder, not a sexual orientation – a point that received much clarification in 2013 over a typo in the DSM-V.

    The crux of my point though is that just like with all other crimes, there’s more to it than a simple interest of committing a crime. Todd emphasized that in his article.

    Where I’m really perplexed is why you would state that you are 100% against him, considering he’s not 100% against you. He doesn’t want pedophilia to be “widely accepted,” in some way akin to gay marriage.

    He’s suggesting several points: 1) it’s a disorder, so treat like one, 2) not all pedophiles victimize people, 3) most abusers aren’t even pedophiles, and 4) reacting only on stigma doesn’t actually prevent the problem – which is a pragmatic way of looking at it.

    His forum VirPed, is a group that is geared toward helping non-offending individuals with pedophilic disorder to find help so that they won’t offend.

    Why would you be opposed to that? Having thoughtful, responsible, and pragmatic conversations about these kinds of issues is what’s necessary for preventing crimes, and preventing victims. Stigma does none of that.

    • You obviously missed the point of what I was saying. By removing the stigma, that is just one step toward pedophilia becoming widely accepted. It is too easy for evil people to exploit tolerance culture toward their own ends. The people who want to do this will use tolerance culture to say, “but this is just who I am! Should I be punished for who I am!” I know for a fact that this is something pedophiles would do, if they could. Why do I know this? Because they’re human, and humans suck. The fact that Todd wants to help people is nice. That’s a nice thing to do. But he is one person, in a vast ocean of people who are complete scum. Not excluding myself. Never make a criticism of humanity from which one is exempt.

      I guess this will sound a little conservative on my part – at the end of the day, I simply cannot just accept a pedophile’s sexuality. I cannot accept them for who they are. You can make these people sound like some oppressed minority all you like, but the fact is – they actively want to have sex with children. A person’s sexual desires are always going to be a big part of one’s life. I have never been against people’s kinks, so long as all parties involved in something can and do consent. But children can’t consent. Ever. So pedophiles want something that can only happen without consent. And in a way, I am treating like it’s a disorder. It’s a disorder that can and far too often DOES harm people who did absolutely nothing wrong. Only it isn’t the pedophiles afflicted. It’s the people they act on their urges with.

      You want to be open and practical about things. You have a good attitude. But as I said in both my first post and this one – I guess this is my prejudice. The SJWs have finally found it. My prejudice is that I find pedophiles and those who engage in such acts repulsive. But when you think about it, I am at least against a group of people who want something that is, by definition, a crime. And by the way – my friend who was sexually abused by her grandfather. What sexually abused and beat her as a child. You think that all he needed to get help was just to talk to somebody? Yeah, you try telling her that.

      • I didn’t miss your point (obviously, or otherwise), I was expressing an objection of your point that suggests a reduction in stigmatization would otherwise create a culture of acceptance, and therefore be followed by a legalization of victimization. More over, my objection stems from a great deal of research that has been conducted over pedophilia. Most people who suffer from pedophilic disorder do not go on to victimize. There are controlling factors, such as counseling to assist in the reduction of impulse control, medications for impulse control, not consuming alcohol and other illegal drugs, and attitudes about criminal behavior. The majority of child sex crimes are situation, intrafamilial, and not due to pedophilic interests.

        One can mutually hold a stigma about a particular act while also accepting trends geared towards prevention. But that way that I am interpreting your statements is that your outright distaste and perspective of pedophilia complete hinders the chances of people recognizing pedophilia as a clinical disorder.

        Even if Nickerson were suggesting (which he is not) that we should get rid of laws that would make child sex acts non-criminal actions, it would not go anywhere (attempts were made in the 1980’s to get rid of age of consent laws).

        My quarrel is not your stigma, or even your attitude towards those who suffer from pedophiles. My quarrel is that the stigma, at present and at large, is not a practical means of dealing with the problem. Responding only to ew-factors, and relying on this to make policy, is not a practical means of dealing with any problem.

        But it’s also important to distinguish between pedophilia, which is a clinical disorder, and child molester’s, which are people who have actually victimized someone. At face value alone, I have a difficult time reading your posts and not thinking that you believe all pedophiles to be criminals, or intent to victimize someone, simply because of clinical label that they carry.

        A great many people who suffer from pedophilia do not wish to victimize anyone, or harm anyone – and that’s a statistical truth.

        Using personal examples doesn’t support your point of view, it emphasizes that you have a strong stigma against an extremely small population of people.

      • Dude, these people want to have sex with children. You can try and get around that as you need, but at the core of what they want, it is to have sex with children. You claim that they don’t want to victimize anyone? Okay. But they want to have sex with children. You talk about child molesters, but that’s not what I’m talking about. The people that all pedophiles want to be with, sexually, are potential victims. That’s a fact. If they act on their desires, in any way, the person they acted upon it with is a victim. Unless they find a way to get with adults. If they can do that, good. I have no problem with them getting help. I am just going to find their sexual desires repulsive, regardless. I guess the fact that the people their disorder focuses on being children doesn’t hinder your acceptance of them. You clearly have a far more open mind than I. Good for you. As for me, I find wanting to have sex with children repulsive, and cannot accept the people who want this, as stigmatized as they may be.

        Maybe the stigma is not a practical way of dealing with it. If pedos want a support group for them, that’s great. Perhaps some societal function that can watchdog them. But the reality is that they are NEVER going to get the tolerance that you speak of. Maybe it’s the fact that there is a plethora of very damning press about pedophiles who can’t abstain, like a plethora of Catholic priests or family members like the one who abused my friend. Or trusted authority figures like another friend’s skating coach. But the sad truth is, if you think that you’re going to ask people like me, or parents who have kids of their own, to accept pedophiles as just sad victims of a disorder, then I guess you have your work cut out for you.

        Good luck.

      • I understand your perspective. I am not open to allowing victims, my perspective is simply multi faceted.

        I am a child sex abuse victim, and I am a mental health counselor. It is indeed a tough job working with victims and abusers. I’m not suggesting that we change people’s minds. I don’t wish to change your mind, or have you accept the act as being acceptable. I’m simply coming at the issue from a pragmatic and clinical point of view.

        Thanks for commenting, and sharing your views.

      • I understand the clinical aspect. You may very well be right about how we need to approach this. I just can’t get past the fact that I find everything about this unfathomably hard to stomach. Take that as you will. I’m always glad for a rousing debate where people get passionate. It means that creative ideas are flowing around. It’s what the Internet was made for. But don’t tell that to your neighborhood SJW. 😛

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