Now You’re Going After Anime, eh? (A response to Kotaku)

The thing to keep in mind as we move forward with this post – according to Kotaku, they do “journalism.”  They aren’t some two-bit rag on the Internet that so blatantly panders to a demographic and does shit writing in order to pander to that demographic.  They do “journalism.”  “Journalists” work there.  People who want to be taken seriously in the field of reporting.  That’s the claim that they make.  So, when I see an article where one of the subheaders is – Anime Sucks, forgive me if I think that your “journalism” might need a little work.

Part of me always wonders what took the SJWs this long to go after anime.  It’s been a giant elephant in the room for years.  But I guess, since it was never and will never be accepted by the mainstream, our friendly neighborhood social justice rejects decided to just leave it be.  After all, if it isn’t popular, they can’t generate hate for going after it, which in turn won’t let them get people to donate to their Patreon pages.  They are such victims, after all.  It’s not like they troll for reactions.  And that’s this entire post.  It’s trolling.  Someone decided to shit-talk Japan, to get reactions.  This is what this publication feels is worth reporting.  But Kotaku has stepped up to the plate, with their excellent “journalism” to talk about why anime is bad.  For real, that’s the whole crux of this article – anime is bad and Japan needs to stop.  Here’s a link to the article, now let’s talk about it.

When foreign cultures talk about Japan, they usually talk about anime and / or manga. Usually, it’s anime. Anime is terrible. It used to be okay. Now, it’s not. It’s inbred trailer-trash in entertainment form:

Wow.  What a wonderfully balanced opinion.  I’m sure that you’ll give very balanced reasons why you find it disdainful.  Not just someone bitching for the sake of bitching.  Because that isn’t what a publication that actually wants to be taken seriously would do, right?

Every season’s new Japanese animation places one-upmanship of every single aspect of the last season higher on their list of priorities than even “make something entertaining.” The same can perhaps be said of all Japanese entertainment, though it’s not relevant anywhere else as much as it is in anime.

You know what this claim could use?  Some citation!  For real, what elements, in-particular, from anime make it such a terrible entertainment form?  There’s a real discussion to be had about modern anime, and how it is either gutless or niche-peddling.  I myself have made such a thought-out argument.  I acknowledged that modern anime has a habit of having very good ideas, but lacks the will to follow through on them.  That is a real issue, and one that should be addressed.  But in a publication that actually respects people’s intelligence.  Not a fifth-rate blog like Kotaku.

Anime used to answer the questions of kids’ dreams: “How awesome would it be to be a world-class assassin / kung-fu master / robot pilot / baseball hero?” Now it’s just a bunch of shit pandering to perverts and pedophiles.

Your one citation is a Kotaku article.  That’s it?  That’s the best that you can come up with?  Wow.  I guess the makers of this publication can’t handle it if they aren’t sucking their own dicks.  Once-again, there is an argument to be made for the mediocre anime we see nowadays.  But it has to be made by someone who isn’t looking to just give the finger to a group of people.  This entire post is someone giving the finger to Japan, because they hate it there.  There have been good videos made talking about modern anime (linked here).  If this publication had any self-respect, they would link to stuff like that.  But no.  This is Kotaku, after all.

And by the way – where was the pedophile or pervert pandering in Attack on Titan?  How about in Parasyte?  Or maybe Terror in Resonance?  Where was it there?  Please, inform me about how every single piece of modern anime is for perverts and pedophiles (because that’s not stereotyping at all.  Nope, not a bit).  Remember, citations are your friend.

Anime heroes used to be people with amazing job descriptions; now they’re reasonably young men who find themselves miraculously sharing houses with a dozen girls aged six to nine, accidentally almost touching every other scene.

What?  Are you kidding me?  Where are you getting your information from?!  Yeah, because all three aforementioned shows have nothing but people touching each other and themselves.  It was non-stop sex, the whole time.  That’s totally how it was.  Don’t you believe me?  I have no citations, so I can make a blanket statement about something.  Who do you think I am, Laci Green or something? (Her statements about Disney were just as ill-informed.  No wonder Venom Fang X pwned her)

Or else it’s just guys with huge hair and impossible weapons shouting jargon.


Long ago, manga aspired to be like Dragon Ball Z: graphically iconic, with a story more coherent than it probably needed to be. Now there’s the ADHD-addled Dragon-Ball-Z-inspired One Piece, a manga for the Twitter age if there ever was one.

This is your best example?  Your best foot forward?  One Piece and Dragon Ball Z?  Wow.  Yeah, let’s just TOTALLY forget all the other amazing anime out there.  Let’s not talk about the thematically heavy shows like Wolf’s Rain or Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad.  Let’s not even discuss the awesome shows that have both intelligent characters and cool action like Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.  Nope, those shows don’t exist.  It’s all just INSANELY overrated series like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.  That’s your best example.

If you read through the rest of that article (something that I was unable to do.  I got as far as I could, but look at how long it is and you’ll see), you see someone go on for an eternity about how much they hate Japan.  It’s got to be around 3,000 words of someone who hates Japan.  I made this post for a few reasons.

Firstly, I want to show that this is how SJWs argue.  Everything that was said about anime is unfathomably easy to poke holes in.  The person bitching clearly has never seen any of the series that I love.  My top 15 favorite anime have characters who are interesting, cool plots, some fanservice (it’s hard to escape.  But fan service is fine, in moderation), and were about more than just watching two people fight for 20+ episodes (which describes the entire genre of the shows this person mentioned).  The average SJW doesn’t actually learn about the mediums they are attacking.  They look at what’s popular and just go after that.  It’s easy.  It’s lazy.  It describes that demographic to a tee.  They don’t like to have to dig a little deeper and really understand what they are attacking.  After all, if they did that, they might become…informed!  Can’t have that.  If they can just attack things without context, that works a lot better.

Second, this is the kind of writing that you have in Kotaku.  3,000+ words of someone who is bitching about a group of people that they clearly want to denigrate, because their culture doesn’t pander to them enough.  Well, that also says more about the SJW mentality as well, but let’s not get on that.  Kotaku gave this person a platform.  And at the end, they had to tie it in, unbelievably-loosely, to video games, in order to justify it being there.  The person writing the article even says that they are bringing it to video games.

The Fifth Estate journalism is a joke.  Straight-up, it’s a joke.  A terrible, stupid, whiny joke.  Guess we have anime getting caught in the crosshairs, but they were just a platform.  In truth, this article is boring garbage that was designed with the express purpose of telling the audience how much they don’t like Japan.  It said in there that they wanted to move to San Fransisco.  Well imagine that.  An SJW in San Fransisco.  Shocking.

Until next time, a quote,

“A lot of lip service gets paid to being honest, but no one really wants to hear it unless what’s being said is the party line.”  – Colin Quinn

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Now You’re Going After Anime, eh? (A response to Kotaku)

  1. The author of that Kotaku article probably doesn’t watch much anime.

    Now, I believe that the Japanese mangaka are more creative and less hampered by political correctness than their Western counterparts. That’s probably why Japanese anime/manga get so much hate from the West.

    I say “Japanese mangaka” but, to be fair, the Koreans are also producing good works lately. Girls Of The Wilds and The Breaker are just two examples of Korean creativity.

    PS: Some time ago, I wrote an essay about canonising Japanese anime/manga. Based on what you wrote here, you sound like the sort of writer who could contribute to that goal.

    • You make an interesting offer. Sadly, I must decline. Modern anime is garbage. I wrote a post about that. There has been some absolutely phenomenal anime over the years, but with how the medium is now, I’m afraid that I have very little that’s nice to say. But feel free to cite anything I write in your post. Sometimes a contrarian viewpoint can be useful, to bounce opinions off of. That’s how I do.

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