Online Violence is as Bad as Real Violence Now? Seriously?! (A response to Time Magazine)

I remember this post I did about a series of images made that had these guys yelling at girls, and from their yelling mouths were fists, striking the women.  I hated those images because they were making it seem like verbal assault is as bad as physical assault.  Which is blatantly untrue.  You try telling a woman who had the shit kicked out of her for the fifth time by her husband that you getting yelled at was just as bad.  I made the argument in that post that the concept of violence and abuse are just two of many that are being deluded down, due to the social justice mindset.  Just like every time I think I’ve hit the bottom of this social justice stupidity, it gets worse.  According to a new article by Time magazine, the UN is making the case that online violence is as bad as real life violence.  I’m not even kidding.  Here’s a link to the article.  Now let’s talk about it.

Cyber violence is just as damaging to women as physical violence, according to a new U.N. report, which warns women are growing even more vulnerable to cyber violence as more and more regions gain internet access.

And people wonder why people like me think that the UN is a joke.  This is beyond jumping the shark.  They nuked the fridge, fried the coke, and had a big-lipped alligator moment all rolled into one.  How do you come back from this?  Let me save my rage for down the road.  Let’s keep going.

The report calls itself a “wake-up call” about cyber violence as a systemic concern, especially as technology is spreading across more regions.

A wake-up call?  That’s a bold statement to make.  Especially since this report is so full of shit.  After all, what constitutes “cyber violence?”  People getting mean things said to them on the Internet?  Oh boo-fucking-hoo.  Everyone gets mean things said to them online.  We’re going to act like women are somehow special?  Of course they are.  Women are special snowflakes that need to be constantly protected.  But don’t tell them that.  They are empowered!  Empowered to need protection.  Wait, what?  Double-standards?  No, that’s just the misogyny talking, I’m sure.

Anita Sarkeesian, a gamer and activist who has long agitated for more action against cyber violence, spoke at the launch of the new report, titled “Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls: A Worldwide Wake-Up Call.”

There she is!  I was wondering when you would come into this.  You must be proud, Anita.  Your con artistry has gotten you to the most useless office in the world.  Congrats.  Not even joking, I’m impressed.  But you are full of shit.  I watched the video of her at the UN.  It was basically a diatribe where she says that people commenting on her videos is wrong.  How people shouldn’t be allowed to speak their minds.  See that authoritarian mindset in action?  They don’t want you to have freedom.  They want you to “listen and believe.”

The U.N. defines violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts.” The report notes that cyber violence is an extension of that definition, that includes acts like trolling, hacking, spamming, and harassment.

Oh my god!  Am I the only person who realizes how utterly condescending this kind of shit is to women?  “You’re a woman, so you can’t handle the online behavior that everyone is subjected to.  We have to protect you!  Protect you from the mean things being said!  You poor snowflake.”  I don’t get how women aren’t insulted.  Yes, ladies, the UN believe that the entire gender is a bunch of pussies who can’t handle mean words.  Wow.  Who are the sexist ones, again?  Sure, the trolls might be assholes, but at least they aren’t telling women that they are too pathetic to handle it.  Give and take.

The report also argues that “cyber touch is recognized as equally as harmful as physical touch,” suggesting that online harassment might be just as lethal as domestic violence or sexual abuse.

Here is my rage point.  The point at which I lose my ability to contain, and must now unleash the totality of my loathing for this article, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who is affiliated with it.  I admire what a talent she has, but I still think that Sarkeesian is a loathesome person.  Same with every other woman in this article.  Why?  Because they are literally equating online harassment to real-life violence.  What’s more, they are saying that it’s the same as sexual abuse.

I have a new friend who was sexually abused.  She told me the story, and it was horrifying.  I had a hard time reading it.  It was ongoing, and by a family member.  That’s all I’m gonna say, but you get the picture.  I want the women who purport this worldview to look her in the eye and say, “I had mean things said to me online!  That’s totally like what happened to you!”  Or another former friend of mine, who was molested by her skating coach.  “What happened to me was just like what that coach did to you!”  Yup, that is the argument they’re making.  And it’s bullshit!  Fuck this argument!  Fuck it!  I hate it when I have to see a publication that wants to be taken seriously talk about this garbage.  I thought the UN stood for something.  Clearly it’s just to suck the dick of the social justice crowd.  If Emma Watson’s speech wasn’t bad enough, now we have this.

These people have so diluted the concept of violence.  Just like what feminists have done with rape, these people are now turning real-life domestic violence into a joke.  They are taking away the seriousness of what should be a really concerning thing, and making it into “this happened to me on the Internet, so I know how this feels!”  God does this bug me.  It’s not enough for these people to just ruin the seriousness of things.  Now they want to curtail people’s freedom of speech for their ideological bullshit.  That’s what’s coming.  I can feel it.  There will be some bill or something called the “Violence Protection Act” or something that will make it seem like it is going to be for the protection of women, but all it will really do is kill people’s freedom of speech.

The UN supports crushing people’s rights.  How ironic is that?  Sarkeesian does, naturally.  Like all third-wave feminists, she wants humanity to go in lock-step toward her bright future where she is given a shit-ton of money without having to do real work.  Because she is just as valuable as a brain surgeon, right?  Fuck this article.  But wait, there is an amusing ending to it.

If the internet isn’t a safe place for them, Mlambo-Ngcuka added, they risk swearing off it altogether.

Good!  If you can’t handle what everyone else had to deal with, then piss off!  We don’t want you!  Don’t let the door smack you on the ass on the way out.

Until next time, a quote,

“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” – Maya Angelou

Peace out,


*Update* A friend of mine recorded her own response to this.  It’s heart-breaking, and a little hard to listen to, but here’s a link all the same.  Maybe these women who get mean things said to them on Twitter can tell me how they totally understand what it’s like, when they hear this.


4 thoughts on “Online Violence is as Bad as Real Violence Now? Seriously?! (A response to Time Magazine)

      • Oh yeah. That Indian chick who made that video talking about all the times she was “raped.” It’s madness. These people have destroyed the meaning of the terms they use, and now it’s all just one big joke. One big, unfunny joke. It almost feels like they are making light of real women who have been the victims of real crimes. I’d say “fuck these assholes,” but they aren’t listening anyway.

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