Sex Robots Are Going to be a Thing. Accept It.

You know who doesn’t like sex?  Social justice types.  Why?  Because they are basically terrified of their bodies and want the rest of the world to feed their sad little need to live in a hugbox that probably doesn’t have a mirror one in it.  The average social justice warrior is so scared of sex that anything that glorifies or even acknowledges human sexuality is labeled the enemy.  They also are very good at not paying attention to history.  After all, if you learn too much, then you might question their established doctrine.  This becomes especially interesting when you look at how they are reacting the the prospect of this dystopian cyberpunk future that we are headed towards.  I am talking, of course, about sex robots.

Let’s digress a bit and talk about history.  I know, context is icky to the typical social justice, third wave feminism crowd.  But let’s talk about it.  The Internet that they so cavalierly use to shout and rant and scream about how oppressed they are started as a system for the military.  The Internet found its beginnings in war.  The airplane?  War.  The cell phone?  War.  Pretty much every modern technology has its roots in conflict.  Then, the industrious among us then go and take that technology and make it applicable for the rest of the world.  Which leads to the next side.  Whenever a new technology is developed, it goes from first being used for war, and then being used for something else – sex.  How long do you suppose it was that the Internet became a thing that porn then became a thing too?  When the cell phone app was a thing, how long do you think it took for someone to come up with apps like Tinder?  Throughout history, this story is replayed over and over again.  We first use technology for war, then we figure out how to use it for sex.  It’s a pattern, and it’s one that is not going to stop.

Already, the integration of robots for war is a thing.  We have drones, which have become the staple of modern warfare.  Killing people with the pressing of a button.  We sure are taking the soul out of war, aren’t we?  As robotics becomes more and more prevalent, we are going to be using robots to kill people more.  That’s already begun, and it can’t be stopped.  The likes of Stephen Hawking may say that we desperately need to not do that, but when did humanity ever really learn from history?  Never.  And we never will.  It’ll eventually destroy us, and that’s fine.  No joke, since I accept it, I am fine with it.  Humanity’s time was up ages ago, anyway.  So, we have checked off the usage of robots for war.  What’s left…?

Sex, of course.  The reality is that, as this technology develops, we are going to be looking for ways to apply it to sex.  The reason why is simple – there are a TON of lonely people in this world.  Look at the world that social media has created.  It’s sad, lonely, and full of people who can’t find love or companionship to save their lives.  I know, because I’m one of them.  Dating is a nightmare, and meeting people is exhausting and often goes nowhere.  It is just too much work, and people are more and more not wanting to bother.  So, when there are machines that can look and act like a person, minus all the emotional baggage or the crushing judgmental attitude that is the staple of modern society (seriously, have you noticed how big of assholes we have all become?  I’m not excluding myself.  I’m a dick like the rest of you).  A person who is lonely and has no ability to connect with people can now find some release without the feeling of shame in getting a hooker.  Or the massive financial obligation of that.

What is the social justice crowds beef with this?  Well, according to a robot ethicist said that it would “reinforce stereotypical gender roles.”  Um…this is dumb.  Why is it dumb?  Because, I’m gonna level with ya – if sex robots, like the kind in AI, were real, I guarantee you that there application wouldn’t be in typical gender roles.  You’d have some poor nerd who wants to be with Black Widow getting exactly what he wishes for.  You’d have some of the strangest relationships that you can possibly imagine.  I bet that it would actually get kind of interesting.  Sure, there would be the guy wanting to bang the French maid, but you’d have all sorts of combinations.  If anything, I think that typical gender roles would fly out the window.  And don’t think that I am excluding ladies from this.  There would definitely be women who partake of this.  How many of them would be publicly SJWs, while closet sex robot fiends?  If we’ve learned nothing else from Butts, it’s that the SJWs have a plethora of skeletons that they don’t want to talk about.  Men and women would be making strange and bizarre sexual connections with machines.  As the artificial intelligence evolves, we might see situations like in Her, where these people form romantic attachments with these machines.  They would become more than things to fuck.  They would become mechanical people to love.

And once-again, let’s totally ignore the fact that gay and lesbian people would end up using sex robots as well.  Even the trans crowd is likely to get in on the fun.  But don’t tell SJWs that.  It gets in the way of their narrative for how women are objectified.

This is all very grand thinking, but the point is that we don’t know where the deal with robots made for sex will end.  There is a grander point that we are headed to.  A day may come when robotics are so advanced that you have no idea if you are dating a person or a robot.  Now there’s a mindfuck for ya.  But that’s the interesting thing.  So when I hear SJW types complaining about this, I think to myself – these people are actually against any form of development of our culture.  They want the culture to exist in a perpetual state of now.  To homogenize civilization into a blend of nothing, where no one can get offended or think beyond the screens of their laptops or phones.  That is the world that they want.  I can’t even imagine how awful and boring their utopia would be.  A world where ethnic groups never blend, expression is curtailed in the name of “tolerance.”  Where we are totally cool with pedophiles.  No joke, that is something they are trying to get happening.  It’s madness.  But it’s the world they want to live in.  A dead, empty, shallow world where no one feels anything too strongly.  Because that me be “privilege.”

Sex robots is going to happen.  Make peace with that as you need.

Until next time, a quote,

“Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.”  – Voltaire

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Sex Robots Are Going to be a Thing. Accept It.

  1. What’s crazy is that I always thought that the robot civil rights struggle being fought in 80s & 90s sci-fi was somewhat silly commentary on a non-existent issue at worst or a poor analog for real civil rights struggles at best… and now, right out of freaking Armitage III, we have feminists declaring a war on robots because they’re jelly of gynoids!

    • I keep wanting to think that modern feminism is just an elaborate network of trolls who are playing us all out in the biggest game of “got’cha!” ever. But then I see shit like this, and I realize that they are totally for real. These people are the queens of First World problems.

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