Lucien’s First Take: Ni-Oh: TGS 2015 Trailer

I’ve been talking about so much enraging or depressing shit lately, it’s time to get back to something fun that makes me happy.  And what could make me more happy than a good old-fashioned hack-and-slash.  One that’s being developed by Team Ninja, no less.  You know, for all the shit that it took, I think that Team Ninja’s take on Devil May Cry was awesome.  I keep hoping for a sequel, but I hear that it’s never going to happen, and that depresses me.  I wanted to see what kind of antics our foul-mouthed hero could get into next.  There are nowhere near enough hack-and-slash games being made anymore, and I have barely heard thing one about this, so I am going to do a little signal boosting for a game that looks so cool.  It’s called Ni-Oh, and it is basically a game where you play a samurai killing the living shit out of other samurai.  Yeah, I can get on board with this.  Let’s take a look at the trailer for Tokyo Game Show this year.

So, what is the plot of this game?  Why are you killing the shit in bloody goodness out of other samurai?  Who cares?!  This trailer knew to keep that stuff to a minimum.  The action has always been Team Ninja’s biggest strong suit, and they know that.  So, they kept this about just showing off this game.

To me, this trailer had two purposes.  First, showing off the game’s aesthetic.  It looks awesome.  The great lighting is the first thing that got my attention.  It’s dark, very dismal.  Then out of nowhere, you have these insane glowing lights coming out.  You even have this pastel-ish sprite that flies out of this dude and then into his sword.  What is up with that?  Oh, right, it’s a Team Ninja game.  They don’t give a shit about logic.  The final third of this trailer pretty much confirmed that, by showing off insane enemies for no logical reason other than – they exist, and you kill the shit out of them.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?  Why yes, yes it does.

From those brief bits of fighting, another thing that is clear to me is that this game has a combo system.  There is some measure of being smart about fighting here.  So it is closer to Ninja Gaiden than God of War.  That sits right by me.  I can totally dig that.

In an age where so many games are just another remake of the same shooter or the same Assassin’s Creed game, it’s good to see a game like this coming out.  I hope that it can get a lot of attention.  Here’s hoping that once it is coming up for release, Team Ninja does a fair amount of promotion.  A good hack-and-slash sounds just fine with me.

Initial Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,



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