Pedophilia is Cool Now?! (A response to Salon Magazine)

I don’t even know where to start.  How do you begin to talk about this?  There’s a lot of mixed-up emotions in my head about this.  I won’t be doing a typical response where I have bits of the article and I respond to each of them.  I will have a link to the article, because I believe that you all should be able to see it for yourself and judge what you see and get your own ideas.  That’s something I believe very strongly in – a free exchange of ideas.  However, I have thoughts about this, and as Lewis Black said, that can really fuck in the faith thing.  And this feels like a faith thing.  I am arguing with a religion.  It has brought up a lot of ugly emotions, and I guess I found where my line is.  Here’s a link to Salon’s article.  Now let’s talk about…one of the most disgusting ideas that could actually come to flourish.

Does anyone remember a time, back when the debates for gay marriage were a much newer thing?  When only one or two states had legalized it?  I remember hearing conservative America talking about how, “just you wait!  Next they’ll say that it’s okay to marry children too!”  We all rolled our eyes and groaned when we heard stuff like that.  It’s so much bullshit, right?  I mean, how could we possibly choose to accept pedophilia as an acceptable sexual orientation.  It’s wanting to have sex with children.  That’s sick!  That would never happen.

But here we are!  Years later, and here we are, reading an article that actually is trying to make the argument that being a pedophile is totally cool.  “Pedosexual,” Buzzfeed Justice calls it.  Oh yeah, it’s a totally cool sexual orientation!  Because “Fck H8,” am I right?  All the conservatives who pandered that line are vindicated, and I fucking hate that!  I hate that we have a group of people who are out there, arguing that being a pedophile is totally alright!  It’s infuriating!  And all on the ground of being “tolerant.”

I have made no secret of my belief that if two people are able and do consent to an act, what they do beyond that is their business.  However rough or kinky they want to go, if all parties involved in something consent, then that’s where the argument ends, for me.  But now, I am being asked to accept the sexuality of someone who wants to have sex with a person who can’t consent.  And I can already hear the argument –

But Lucien, the guy in the article says that he never acted on it!  That he never will!  He talks about how tortured he is to want something that he can’t have.

You know what, I guess I’ve found my intolerance.  I’ve finally found it.  Here is the line that I draw.  For all the SJWs who want to call me out for being a bigot, here you go.  Here’s my bigotry, for all to see.  I don’t fucking care if this man suffers.  I really don’t.  He wants to have sex with children.  That is the the FACT of this.  If he is sexually attracted to children, then he actually does physically desire them.  He wants to be with them, on a level that they cannot consent to.  That is the person that they want me to be totally okay with?  Someone who wants to boink a kid?  No, I won’t accept this person.  I won’t do that.  He can be as miserable as he fucking likes!  Yeah, this guy has his head on straight.  I’ve give him that much.

But then you look at the countless people who have done this.  Look at the Catholic church, and the mechanisms they have to defend pedophiles.  I hear the testimonies of survivors of being sexually abused by priests, and I’m horrified.  This poor fucking people.  Some of them carried that pain with them their entire lives.  That episode of FRONTLINE where they get into the corruption of the Vatican (linked here) and you see grown man being broken down to tears because of years of sexual abuse by not only a priest, but his father.

I’ve told this story before, but I had a friend who was molested by her skating coach, when she was 14 years old.  The girl is naturally shy and submissive, so she carried that secret with her for years.  It was one of the reasons that she was so terrified of intimacy, when she got older.  She never went to the police.  She sent an anonymous letter to the man’s wife, telling her everything.  I don’t know whatever became of that man.  But she said that at least the truth was out there, and while the wife may deny it, she’ll always have that suspicion in the back of her mind.  That was justice enough for my friend.  I think about her, and how horrible she felt.  She was confused, blamed herself, didn’t know what to do.  A kid who trusted this authority figure, and had to carry that burden for a long time.  She still has it, in a way.

This guy who wrote that article, may be the nicest guy in the world.  But he is asking me to cross a bridge that I cannot.  I cannot, and will not, accept that a pedophile and their sexual desires deserve the same respect as other people.  What’s more, I can already hear the counterarguments to my way of thinking –

But Lucien, people used to say that being gay was wrong!

Gay people can consent!  A child cannot!  Ever!  This man wants the same respect as everyone else for wanting to have sex with children.  I tell you now – the answer is no.  I will not give you that respect, sir.  You will not have it.  Not in my mind.  Not ever.  Because for every person like you, sir, who doesn’t touch children, I can already see those who do falling back on the arguments you make.  They will claim that they have a sexual orientation and that they should be respected for it.

Where does this end?!  Where does the quest to make sure that no one can even vaguely be construed as “intolerant” end?  When we excuse rape?  After all, that could be construed as an orientation too.  Hell, these people are making an argument for acceptance of an orientation with people who can’t consent.  Let’s add one more.  At least with necrophiliacs, no one is getting hurt.  Where does this insane roller-coaster of social justice end?

You will never have my respect.  I guess I am intolerant.  Finally, the SJWs have me.  I cannot accept this.  This is a line too far.  So be it.  I’m a bigot.  A bigot against pedophiles.  You got me.  Do with that whatever you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“The goodness you speak of must be forever building.  It must have strength!”  -Captain Nemo, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Peace out,



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