Game Reviews Should be Changed for Progressive Society? (A response to Nora Bright)

When I was a kid, I heard all the time about how society was collapsing.  I kept hearing about how there was going to be violence and sex and all kinds of debauchery in the streets.  Kids were listening to Nirvana, Manson, and Linkin Park.  You know what I felt when I heard that life as we knew it was going to collapse and it was going to be an incessant orgy of violence and sex?  Fuck yeah!  Give me more of that!  Lots more!  Let’s have that be everywhere.  A  society where we embrace the things that make us human and live life to the fullest, in whatever way we can.  Granted, all parties involved have to consent, but that said, if people want to have orgies in the street, I say good for them!  Do it as rough or as gentle as ya like.

But as I’ve gotten older, I realize that that isn’t where we’re headed.  In fact, where we’re headed is…boring.  I’m bored.  It’s so dull.  I realize that part of that boring culture that we’ve taken up is due to the progressive side of the fence.  How do I know this?  Because I look at articles like one written by a Nora Bright, and I realize that these people don’t want free expression and things like challenging concepts.  What do they want?  They want homogenization.  They want our culture to become a wasteland of boring, unoffensive garbage that nobody can take any amount of umbrage with.  Want some proof?  Let’s take a look at an article by a woman named Nora Bright, where she makes the argument that game scores shouldn’t be based on the quality of the game, but how much it offends people.  Here’s a link to her article, now let’s talk about it.

We need to fundamentally change what our game reviews are about. For the most part, game reviews exclusively talk about the level of professionalism, or “quality” in a particular piece. This method, while innocent in concept, is flawed in practice. It’s detrimental to a progressive society.

How?  I am just DYING to know how society is somehow damaged by scores that talk about the quality of the game.  For real, this should be good.

Reviews almost never mention any sexist, racist, transphobic, etc. content. Hell, half of the time they glorify violence to such a disturbing degree that I wonder if the people writing them are actually human.

Hey!  We got ourselves another merger of Jack Thompson and Anita Sarkeesian.  Yes, because all us gamers are just violent people, looking to hurt women.  Yeah, that’s a totally fair statement and not vaguely insulting at all.  I do reviews on my site.  Guess I’m one of these non-humans, according to this ideological demagogue.

Due to [insert human history], most American/Canadian entertainment is created by (typically) white, wealthy, cisgendered, heterosexual men. The video game industry is no different. Unfortunately, these same people seem to think that they are the only ones who exist, matter, and play games.

Oh fuck you!  Fuck you up your butthole.  Video games are made by all kinds of people.  Go to any game development office and you’ll see.  There are men of all nationalities and orientations, some very cool women, and everything in-between.  You don’t cite any sources, so I guess you’re just pulling this stat out of your ass.  Am I the only one who finds it a little bit insulting that gamers have to put up with this bullshit.  This is the “progressive” community?  People who will flat-out ignore the fact that there are plenty of other ethnicities involved in game development?  That’s who we’re calling the accepting ones?  Fuck this bitch.

They create games to be played and viewed exclusively through their own eyes. We’ve all seen the “default” protagonist – a white, cishet male with short dark hair and a bit of stubble.

Because there has never been any other kind of protagonist.  God the list of games that prove her wrong would be long.  Here are some examples – The Last of Us, Metroid, Life is Strange, Tomb Raider, Until Dawn, Mass Effect (Shepherd can be male or female, and any ethnicity or orientation you like), Banjo Kazooie, Beyond: Two Souls, and that’s just what is in my immediate vision!  Gee, it’s almost like you only play CoD or something!

While getting more diverse people into the entertainment industry is quite difficult, writing reviews of said entertainment is not. The problem is most of the people writing these reviews aren’t talking about all the problems in the gaming industry: Sexism, misogyny, brutality, glorification of violence, rape, fridging, objectification, sexual violence against women, poc erasure, homophobia, transphobia, lack of representation of minorities, and so much more.

Wow.  that’s a bold fucking claim.  See, here’s where a citation would help.  Like how is there misogyny?  I already talked in an open challenge to any feminist who can show me how I am the sexist one if I view a character who is sexually attractive as a character, not an object.  I challenged any feminist to show me how I am the sexist one.  Way I see it, it is you all who are reducing women to objects and things to be acted on.  Gamers who like a character don’t.  So your accusations of what games do is more than a little insulting.  Glorying rape?  How?  Citation, please.  The only one you had in this entire diatribe was Grand Theft Auto, and how you could run a hooker over with your car.  The same boring, tired logic that has been used by the Jack Thompsons for over ten years.  Also, homophobia?  The two games that I have seen that addressed it did it well.  The first was Mass Effect 3, where you can either romance our shuttle pilot, Steve Cortez, or help him get through the grief of losing his husband after a Collector attack.  I usually play as Femshep, because the woman who voiced her is fucking awesome, so I helped him through it.  Because I did, he lives at the end.  Though, I hate the third act of this game, so yeah.  The other game is Life is Strange, where you can have a romantic relationship form between either Chloe or Warren.  I chose Chloe, because I think she’s cool.  Made what happened in the last episode infuriating, but whatever.  This whole post is just you bitching about something that is such a non-issue, and I am probably doing wrong by bringing attention to it.  Fuck me…

We should be criticizing the developers for encouraging sexual violence and the objectification and devaluing of women’s bodies. What we shouldn’t be talking about, is how much fun it is to kill people in the game.

The ONLY people that I see devaluing women’s bodies is you, feminists.  Just you.  I don’t.  I think that women’s bodies are beautiful and should be appreciated.  I think that certain men’s bodies are too. Like this one guy I saw on Tinder.  Ummm…that was nice.  I think that beauty should be appreciated.  I also think that good characters should be appreciated.  Sure, there are some female characters written to be bad fan service.  But I don’t encourage that behavior.  I encourage good female characters.  And a good female character can be in touch with her sexuality and not afraid to express it.  It baffles me how you feminists are so fucking sexist, and you don’t even know it!  You are guilty of EVERYTHING that you accuse people like me of doing.

Who is the sexist, again?

Until next time, a quote,

“Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity.”  -Tim Fargo

Peace out,



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