Your “Utopia” is Insane, and Unrealistic (A response to Radical Wind)

I don’t know how many of you who are reading this can remember, but a LONG time ago, I did a response to probably one of the most evil people I’ve ever come across on my time perusing the Internet.  Her name was the Femitheist, and she had this idea for International Castration Day.  It was a day when women everywhere would celebrate watching their men get dragged away and have their balls cut off.  In full view of their families and friends.  The most unfathomably stupid and psychotic thing that I think I have ever responded to.  It was horrifying to read then, and it is now when I went back and looked at it again, after I came across something far less horrifying, but no less stupid.

See, there is an insane feminist called Radical Wind, who has this idea about a utopian society that exists where only women are allowed.  Because women are perfect beings of light and purity, right?  It’s not like there have ever been unbelievably evil women throughout history *cough*Elizabeth Bathory and Mother Teresa*cough*  That never happens.  Women are just wonderful and all the world’s ills are caused by men.  Here is a link to her description about her utopian paradise.  Let’s talk about it.

I often muse about all the things that we’d need to change about patriarchy if we abolished men’s rule over women and the earth. Everything and every single aspect of social organisation is so much the opposite of how it should be, it’s dizzying to even begin to think about all the things we should stop / change.

Alright, you radical loony.  I got me some popcorn and some Rolling Stones playing.  Hit me.

Before we do anything, the very first measure to adopt is to take all men out of all positions of decision-making immediately, and actually out of any kind of social, professional position whatsoever.

So…destroy all civilization.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I think that women can’t be leaders.  Far from it.  However, currently, if we utterly got rid of men from every government, management, or social position of power, then society would collapse.  It would be instantaneous and without mercy.  This woman seems to believe that women would be able to rebuild it from the ground up, along with implementing the rest of her insane beliefs.  Part of me wants to admire her ambition.  The other part of me wants to realize how dumb she is for not seeing that this would be impossible.  I could get into how, on a biological level, we are a sexually dimorphic species, and that there has never been a society (and I do mean never) where women are both the hunters and the providers.  However, trying to force knowledge into this lunatic’s vocabulary is a rock that I just don’t want to try rolling up that mountain.

Major serial killers, serial torturers, pimps, pornographers, severe domestic abusers, serial rapists, genocide planners, biocide planners and pedocriminals across the world will simply be euthanised: the decisions will be taken by women in a mass world tribunal for patriarchal crimes.

I guess that women like Mercedes Carrera, who does porn of her own volition and desire, would also be executed?  Oh, I’m sorry, euthanized.  Because if you don’t call it an execution, that makes all the difference.  And all the other women who do porn because that is how they want to express their sexuality?  Are they all going in your gas chambers?  Oh, I’m sorry.  Guess I’m going into Godwin’s Law a little early, aren’t I?

This is by far the best solution, and is the most legitimate, ethical way of reducing male population to more reasonable levels. Such men would otherwise forever pose a threat to women, children, animals, the earth and society as a whole, and we know they have no chance of ceasing their violent behaviour after having reached such an advanced stage of sadism and sociopathy. It would be reckless to spend space, resources and energy in keeping them alive in prisons.

Remember, if she doesn’t call it genocide, then it isn’t!  I’m learning so much right now.

No male above his age of puberty would be allowed to receive any kind of service from a female. Their life expectancy would probably drop to the age of 40, but that’s how things should be. Women’s life expectancy without men would rise to 130 years at least.

I’ll give this daffy bitch this much – she is right about one thing.  If you cut all men off from medicine and other support, then yeah, our life expectancy would drop pretty damn quick.  As for women, she can’t honestly believe that they are suddenly going to start living to an age that no woman currently lives to, right?  The median life expectancy of humans is mid-late 70’s.  Does she honestly believe that it is magically going to change the instant that men are removed?  Wow. It’s like she doesn’t know thing-one about science, isn’t it?

I’m not sure what to do about boy children. Obviously you know my opinion, but let’s say that’s up to the mother to decide what she wants to do before he turns of age to leave the female family circle.

Because mothers totally hate their “boy children,” right?  So they would be totally cool with getting rid of them.  They would be like an old pair of shoes that you didn’t like.  Is that how this woman sees the paternal instincts?  Does she not realize that this is encoded into our biology?  When people talk about “maternal instincts,” it isn’t some societal thing.  It is in their DNA.  I keep getting this feeling that this insane bigot doesn’t know the first thing about science.  Gee, that would be a stretch, wouldn’t it?

Much of the damage to the earth is irreversible, however with a great deal of effort and genius, women will find sustainable, natural and simple ways of healing a lot of the damage men have caused, and send men off to do the dirty work. No man will be allowed to take any decision without female guidance. We know what happens when men decide on their own! DISASTER.

I just love how this woman views all women as analogues to deities, while men are viewed as the lowest form of scum there is.  It’s nice to see that misandry is alive and well.  Oh, right, as Anita Sarkeesian said, there can’t be sexism against men.  Yeah, fuck that noise.  This is genuine proof that it is very possible to hate men.  We have a woman who so obviously does.

Not only that, but she seems to utterly ignore the fact that there are women who find men enjoyable to be around and sexually appealing.  Does she think that all women are just lesbians who are tricked into wanting men?  Again, sorry honey, but this is biology that is working against you.  There are plenty of women who find men sexually appealing and want to be with them.  My ex found women utterly repugnant, unless she was fucking them.  The worst insult that she could give was to call someone a “woman.”  If you ever heard her use that term to describe a female, you would love to know what venom is in there.  How do you account for this?

Fathers’ rights will cease to exist. There is no such thing as fatherhood — as we all know, it’s a myth.

Citation?  For a claim as grand and full of shit as this, it would really help.  Let me go back to the fact that we are a sexually dimorphic species.  There has never been a civilization where women were the hunters, while men were the nurturers.  It’s never happened.  Fatherhood is part of our DNA.  Don’t think that I’m talking down to single mothers or lesbian couples.  However, on a biological level alone, fatherhood is part of our species.  Unless you want our species to become like alligators or something, abandoning their young as soon as they are born.

All relationships of authority, domination and subordination will be abolished between all women of all ages. We will be able to recognise each other’s strengths, expertise, guidance and capacities (or lack of) without it implying superiority, inferiority, veneration or lack of respect. We would find each other beautiful. We would live our friendships, love and affection for women unhindered.

See what I mean about this woman seeing women as analogues to deities?  Yes, because there are NO evil or awful women in the world.  There are no genuinely evil women.  Nope, it’s all men.  As soon as her utopian view of the world comes to fruition, all evil is gone!  For real, it gets better in her view on where evil comes from in this world.

No more military, no more army, no more wars! It would be illegal for men to hold weapons. Global peace would be the immediate consequence.

Are you fucking kidding me?!  Do you even begin to study history?  Do you not realize that war comes from more than just – MAN! (Insert Nostalgia Critic meme here) It has a great deal of causes.  Like economic and social tension.  You go on to talk about how borders are going to suddenly be abolished.  Do you honestly believe that the impoverished nations that have been hellholes forever are just going to up and become wonderful places the minute that all of your stupid ideas take fruit?  I love this post.  It’s like she thinks that every nation on this planet is just like the First World that she has OBVIOUSLY written this in.  If she lived in countries where there was real economic and social unrest, where their societies hang on by a thread, then maybe she would realize that the problem of war has more causes than just – MAN!  How can someone be this blind?!

Societal structures and decision-making assemblies wouldn’t exceed roughly 300 women (representing no more than themselves). Keeping numbers low for cooperation is important because the greater the size of the unit, the more horizontal cooperation becomes difficult and requires vertical hierarchy.

I find this statement interesting because of a line from the asari matriarch in Mass Effect 2 – “when there are three humans in a room, there are six opinions.  I like your species.”  By our very nature, we’re contrarian and like to pick sides.  Don’t you start to think that women are immune from this.  This person has a magical view of women that, the moment that we demolish the society as we understand it, human nature is going to change.  She ignores that we are, underneath all our hubris, still animals.  Pack animals.  We like to have groups and group consensus.  Groups will arise naturally, as powerful and charismatic people arise.  So, you would have leaders, be they imposed or just take on the position.  I wish that I could have the blinders that this person does, so that I could so blatantly ignore human nature like this.

Special healing spaces (where surgery is necessary, etc) will be so nice, warm and welcoming that just being there will make you feel better. The soul and life conditions of a person will always be considered part of the body, and symptoms will always be understood in a holistic way. There will be no more chemical, synthetic and toxic products with often worse side effects than the illness itself it claims to heal.

And here is where the girl gives up the ghost.  Here’s where we have definitive proof that this imbecile doesn’t get how modern medicine works. Look back at a time when there was only holistic medicine.  Back before vaccines and modern medical technology.  You know what the average age of people was, back then?  It was around 40.  That was considered a long and happy life.  People who believe that if we abandon modern medicine, we are going to just magically become healthier are fucking idiots.  I have a friend who has studied to be a neurosurgeon.  He’s currently finishing up his internship at a hospital.  If you were to pose this idea, that if we just got rid of medicine, we would live longer, he’d laugh in your face.  I am still alive thanks to modern medicine.  If there was just holistic medicine after my head injury, then I’d be dead.  Oh, wait, I’m a man.  That’s what she wants.

Women will be free to experiment parthenogenesis or procreation with two female eggs.

Human parthenogenesis is theoretically possible.  Then there wouldn’t be anymore men to worry about.  The genocide of the gender would be complete.  But then there is the fact that they would have to account for the fact that it is written into women’s DNA that they may not be attracted to other women.  So, we would have a plethora of women who are miserable as fuck, in a world where they would have no outlet.  They would watch movies where men exist, and pine for something that no longer exists, and never will again.  Personally, that sounds like a Hell that would be beyond cruel.  Ladies, you tell me – if men didn’t exist, and never would exist again, and you had no interest in women, would it not be so painful, to live a life that you don’t want to live?  I think that the utopia that this woman proposes is not only nightmarish in that it promotes genocide, but also in that it would be condemning so many women to misery and painful, lonely lives.  That’s kind of depressing.

I hope you got the point of it though. It isn’t so much as dictating what women should do but establishing basic principles of respect of life and female integrity along which we can devise an infinite number of possibilities.

You know, I would genuinely love to see some island nation made in this woman’s image.  Like where a sizable portion of women ditched society and started their own existence, in the world that she proposes.  Then she would begin to understand that human nature is what it is because women are still, at their core, human.  Then she’d watch as the crimes that she believes that only men are capable of begin to happen again, and her utopia crashes down around her as women end up being just as cruel to each other as any man.  I wonder if she would be able to live with herself, knowing that her idealized view of women is total bullshit?  I doubt it.

And that’s the big and small of this bout of madness.  I didn’t cover a bunch of other little bits of insanity in the post, so feel free to read it at your leisure.  The truth is, this woman is another of these insane third-wave feminists who genuinely believe that the world would be made a better place if male genocide was a thing.  She also want to ignore female sexuality and our biology.  If her society ever did come to pass, then it would be the end of humanity.  Or rather, it would become another version of the world we live in now, only with just women in it.  Some of them being violent and miserable people who can only dream about the men they, on a biological level, want to be with.  And she would be seen as the most foul person to ever live.  Her legacy would be to be hated by countless women.  I wonder if that makes her happy?

Until next time, a quote,

“You are more individualistic than any other species I’ve encountered. Put three humans in a room, there will be six opinions.  I like your species.”  -Justicar Samara, Mass Effect 2

Peace out,



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