SJWs Hate Art

Art serves itself.  Artistic expression is something that doesn’t need to have boundaries or limitations (outside of the law, of course.  If you have to murder someone for art, then that is naturally wrong), because it is a part of society that allows us to think and really take things in.  When people try to discredit art forms, they try to praise false aspects, or make it so that certain aspects of it that are so nebulous are wrong.  That way, when someone comes back at you with statements about how what you are saying doesn’t make sense, you don’t actually have to take accountability for what stupid shit you just said.  It’s out there in the zeitgeist, and that’s what matters.

Every religion can find reasons to hate art.  Look at ISIS.  There are some horrifying videos of them going to museums and happily destroying pieces of art.  They are destroying history, for the sake of their religious convictions.  If they had their way, that would be what happens everywhere.  All art would be destroyed, because it doesn’t conform to their extremist views on what is acceptable.  Their religion is fundamentalist Islam.  What about other religions?  Like third-wave feminism?

I watched a recent Laci Green video on her stupid MTV gig called “Braless.”  Where she talks to young, impressionable minds and fills their empty little heads (they watch MTV, after all.  No person with brain cells worth rubbing together watches MTV) with dumb ideas.  Like how she talks about how, when feminists say something is “problematic,” that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy something.  It’s frankly a little scary.  She even goes so far as to say that there are certain words that should and shouldn’t be used.  That’s right, we have a person who is willing to go so far as to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to use certain words, because they are somehow oppressive or give people bad ideas about groups of people who aren’t even allowed at the discussion table.  Like lesbian and bisexual women.  Let me explain.

Perhaps you haven’t seen all the SJW hand-wringing about the character in the new Metal Gear Solid game, The Quiet.  She is a totally badass sniper who takes no shit from people, and is not afraid of her body, but also has a very compelling backstory that you unravel in the true ending to the game.  It’s actually kind of hard to watch, once you learn how deep her rabbit hole goes.  It makes what is already a bittersweet game that much more.  Here’s something you might not have known – there was a ton of work that was put into making this character, all from very talented people.  Even the woman that they had sit in front of a room filled with cameras, to catch every aspect of her face.  It’s amazing.  Watch some of the interviews with that woman about what it was like.  It’s clear that she had a great deal of passion for the project.  Like everyone else.

But the SJW crowd won’t hear of that.  A woman who volunteered to do the modeling for this character?  A bunch of people, men and women, who worked hard to make this come to life?  A gaming community who doesn’t just see her as a sex object, but also a character who has a compelling and tragic backstory?  Lies! Lies by the patriarchy!  It’s so clear that all gamers just see her as a sex object!  And the people who made her are misogynists!  I mean, look at that bikini?  How can you not see it as misogyny?!

You know what the ironic part is?  By reducing all women down to negative tropes and talking about how they are sex objects, feminists are guilty of a sin that they accuse us of.  I didn’t see The Quiet as a sex object.  I saw her as an interesting character, who just happens to also be sexy.  She is in charge of her body, and not afraid of it (like the entirety of third-wave feminists.  No one who has to go out of their way to attack someone for how they look is comfortable with how their body).  Then there’s the stand-by, Bayonetta.  A character who was made by a woman, as a power fantasy, because the woman who made her always wanted to be a badass fighter like this character.

Back to the point of hating art, SJWs will pick apart any and every single piece of artistic expression to find out what’s wrong with it.  Laci says that it’s totally cool to like stuff, but that you should only like certain things, that don’t commit thought-crime against their pro-conformity hive.  She preaches that nuance and gray area are great for society, but then makes sure that you know that some things are wrong anyway.  Just on their own merits.  You see where the problem is here?  You see why this bugs me so much?  See, Laci, I actually do think that there is something to be said for gray area.  Let me give you an example.

I absolutely detest the book Fifty Shades of Grey.  It makes unbelievably bad stereotypes about what a Dom/sub relationship is like.  The realities in that book are nothing like what it is in real life.  There have been articles written by people vastly more educated than myself about it, so you can look those up at your leisure.  The reason that I am tolerant of it is because, to be honest, that book has gotten people to think about it.  People have decided to look into it.  That terrible book has gotten actual woman to learn about the world of BDSM, and see that it isn’t what the people in that book do.  That it is so much more than that.  Any story that gets people talking about things is good, in my book.

How about yours?  When you rail about Miley Cyrus having dreadlocks (who the fuck cares?), where is your acceptance of the “gray area?”  Laci, you even say that everything is problematic.  Where have I heard that before…?  You say that problematic things are bad.  Everything is problematic.  Everything is bad.  Everything must be censored.  That’s the worldview that you aspire to!  You admit that there is no end to this, because you want “feminist perfection.”

I believe that art serves no other function than to get people to think and feel.  You want art to be instructive.  You want it to help conform to your worldview.  And don’t you fucking say that there can be grey area.  Not while you all bitch about a female video game character who is a good character, and your entire fucking argument boils down to how she looks.  That’s it.  You ignore everything else about her besides how she looks.  Who is the sexist one, again?  The people who like her for who she is?  Or the people who don’t like her for how she looks.  Huh, interesting conundrum.

At the end of the day, the only difference I see between the feminists who rail against The Quiet and the ISIS bastards who smash statues is the imaginary deity they worship.

Until next time, a quote,

“What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.”  -Salman Rushdie

Peace out,



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