The Bottom of the Attention-Seeking Barrel (A response to Jenny McDermott)

I have made a point when I respond to people or their content to always make sure that I tie it into something bigger than any one person.  Because I actually want to talk to you all about something more than myself or any one individual.  I use the works of one person or a group of people as a launching point for a discussion on broader topics.  And I mean to do the same here today, but I want to introduce you all to somebody, and through this introduction to talk to you all about what it’s like to be at the very bottom of the attention-seeking barrel, swirling around in the swill of washed-up talent and wasted effort.  People like Jenny McDermott.

For those of you who know who I’m talking about, my condolences.  Here is a link to her Twitter, which can get you to the rest of her content, if you so want to delve in and really go searching to see what this person is all about.  For the rest of you, let me give you the Cliff Notes version (are those still a thing?)  McDermott is a dedicated drama queen, in the same vein as Onision or Ryan Whiney.  Oh, I’m sorry – Ryan Pouty.  Telling that all of those people are WAY into feminism and WAY not into eating meat.  Were they her first inspiration?  I would believe so, given the kind of content she makes.

See, McDermott’s claim to what little fame she has comes from how she will troll YouTube vloggers with subscriber counts infinitely higher than her own, for the express purpose of getting noticed.  In other words, she trolls for views.  The chosen method of her trolling is either to dick ride con artists like Anita Sarkeesian (no joke, that was some serious dick riding.  She even made a video telling people to eat Anita’s pie.  Makes me wonder if she wants that pie.  No, wait, she just wants in on a piece of it), or to stir up dust with people who have way more subscribers than her and to then mine off of the attention she gets from those people.  She’s got her victim complex firmly in hand, along with this stuck-up, resting bitch face attitude ready to go for the drama stirring.  Whether it be saying that Thunderf00t was just exploiting medical problems for sympathy, or claiming that Armoured Skeptic tried to fuck her (though the video where she talks about it, nowhere does she state that he tried to have sex with her).  If they have a sub base bigger than her, she wants in on that action.  She also will shit-talk women who have bigger sub bases and viewpoints she doesn’t like.  In the same video where she stirred up shit with Armoured Skeptic (the bulk of which he stated was untrue.  Shocking, I know.  Drama whores pulling shit out their ass), she went after the YouTube vlogger Shoe0nHead, because she has very plainly stated her contempt for modern feminism, and because she is fun and enjoyable to listen to, she has tons of subs.  Oh yeah, and she shit-talked Jaclyn Glenn.  Same reason.  Can’t handle other people having more success than you, McDermott?

What does this have to do with anything?  I’ll tell you.  There is a great quote by someone or other –

Great people talk about ideas.  Average people talk about things.  Small people talk about other people.

Jenny McDermott is a small person.  The smallest of the small.  She has no discernible talent, so she chooses to make videos where she insults people who actually work hard and talk about things that are important.

But Lucien, what are you doing if not talking about her?!

I’m really not.  Aside from my contempt at her total resting bitch face attitude, I don’t think much of McDermott, but these kinds of people are everywhere.  They are the same people I went to high school with.  I get the feeling that McDermott was one of the yes-girls in high school who made sure that the prep chicks knew how awesome they are and was the first to talk about the latest drama.  These kinds of people go from doing that in high school, to doing that as adults.  Before the age of the Internet, these people were limited to being the office gossip at the local water cooler of whatever pathetic job they would end up having.  After all, no legitimate profession wants a person whose only marketable skill is being able to trash-talk people.  Now, with the advent of the Internet, these Chinese whisperers (there’s some racially-insensitive old-timey diction for gossips) can spout off as much as they like, to whoever will take the time to listen to them trying to talk about drama.

There was a video I watched that was made a long time ago where a guy talked about the 20 worst YouTubers that everyone watches.  One of them was this dude whose entire channel was devoted to talking about other channels.  He treated it like he was the CNN of YouTube vloggers.  That’s pretty much what McDermott is doing.  And it worked for that other guy.  Don’t know how well it’s working for McDermott.  After all, she is getting catty as fuck with any woman who has more subs than her and views antithetical to her own.  Wait, never mind.  That’s not what she’s doing.  She’s a reply girl!  A reply girl, minus the cleavage.  That’s the best that she can possibly strive for.  No wonder she’s tight with Brett Keane now.

But the point that I am going for here is that it isn’t just these people who are a problem.  McDermott is at the very bottom of the attention-seeking barrel.  She is the lowest of the low.  Someone with so little actual talent that all she can do is throw shit and stir up dust about other people.  The thing is – what does it say that people like her have an audience?  Onision was much the same, but his audience was a bunch of 16 year old girls.  Makes sense, since the guy looked and acted like he was 15.  As Mercedes Carrera put it on The Drunken Peasants, “he must get a lot of 18 year old pussy.”  That was his whole reason.  He was in it for the scratch and to scratch an itch.  But what do people see in McDermott.  Are people just so eager for whatever drama there is that they’ll tune in to someone that intellectually-bankrupt?  If so, then that says something really ugly about the Internet and what we have come to expect from it.  Do with that whatever you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“There is no truth anymore, sport.  Just good or bad fiction.”  -Denny Crane, Boston Legal

Peace out,



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