Supporting a Pedophile?! Are You Kidding Me?! (Part Two)

When a new friend of mine recently asked me if I was going to make another post about this, I said that I wasn’t.  That I had said all that I wanted to say and that I was done with it.  I was done talking about this disgusting human being and what she has…you know what, fuck the “preferred pronouns.”  When you lust after and touch children, you lose the right to be called by the pronouns that you want.  What he, Sarah Nyberg, has done is beyond the pail.  But, like before, I didn’t want to talk about him.  For real, fuck that piece of shit.  Once again, this all comes back to the people who supported him.  Let me give some context.

Just recently, Milo Yiannopoulos did an article about Butts and all that has come out about him.  He did his due diligence as a journalist to try and reach out to all the people involved.  He had good sourcing of his facts and even got in touch with Butts’ people, who have promised that they are going to take the information that has been gathered to the police and seek legal action against Butts.  Milo’s article, while a lot of it was a retread of The Leo Pirate’s video, still was a good article.  But just today, he released another article (linked here) where he decided to talk about the responses to the article from the SJW crowd.  Reading some of the Tweets and messages of support that this child-touching fuckwit has gotten has given me something to say again.

I guess the SJW crowd just doesn’t take pedophilia seriously.  If someone that I was really in support of had information leak that showed that they are into something like that, then I guarantee you that I am going to look into it.  If what has been leaked is verifiable, then I am done with that person.  I would disavow any loyalty to them, and hope that they get sent where they belong – to prison.  I don’t even like kids.  I actually really don’t.  But there is a part of me that tells me that doing what Butts wanted to do with “Alice” (the name Milo used to hide her actual name) is so horribly wrong that doing such things goes beyond what is remotely acceptable.  It is nightmare stuff.

But the SJW crowd has defended this person.  With a zeal that only the most loved religious officials get, he has been defended.  I don’t get it.  They clearly don’t read what has come out.  They clearly don’t look into it themselves.  Some part of them just refuses to take a deeper look.  Why?  What is it about what Butts has done that stops them in their tracks from analyzing it further?

I have a theory.  This totally my own conjecture, but I have come to a theory about what is happening here.  Here it is – if the SJW crowd accepted that Butts, someone that they have toted as a hero of their cause, is the person that all the evidence points him out to be, then all of the battle cries with that person falls apart.  And if that falls apart, what’s next?  Their entire platform is a house of cards, and they know it.  It’s the reason that I doubt that we’ll ever hear anything from Anita Sarkeesian on this.  She’s not an idiot.  Like any good con artist, she isn’t going to touch something that is clearly toxic with a ten foot pole.  But for the rest of them, the true believers, they are starting to realize just how flimsy their support is.  If they accept this.  If they let it all fall, what happens?  It’s the same reason why, when it was shown in her own words that Sarkeesian was not a gamer and not interested in games, they just chose to ignore it.  They chose to say that it’s all lies.  The truth is something that these people can’t accept.

But the truly ugly thing is that these people will choose to throw their empathy away for this.  They will choose to believe that Nyberg’s pedophilia is his “sexual orientation.”  Some of them even commented that it should be an accepted orientation by society.  They will throw away empathy and their love of their fellow man, to defend someone who is beyond redemption.  With was utterly-unapologetic about wanting an eight year old girl, sexually.  Who had footage of “preteen models” on an encrypted hard drive.  Who admits to having nude footage of children, claiming that there was nothing wrong with that.  That it isn’t porn if the kids are naked.

This afternoon, right at noon, I was on a stream with a new friend I have become an acquaintance with on Twitter.  The stuff that has happened with Butts has brought some ugly memories of her life, when she was sexually abused as a child.  I’ll leave it at that, but this made her physically ill.  The fact that there now exists a legal defense fund started by someone (linked here) to sue Breitbart for “libel.”  The person who started this clearly knows fuck-all about the legal system.  You sue for defamation, you dumb fucker.  I am certain that it wasn’t started by Nyberg.  Someone who supports that sick piece of shit did this.  And already someone had donated money to it.  Someone is giving real cash to a person who has been proven to be a pedophile.  Or at least a fund in his defense.

There are days when I have wrestled with the concept of how good a person I am.  I admit that there are times when I have been a manipulative bastard.  But then I think of this person, who sent a picture of his CHILD to an admitted pedophile to “cheer you up!”  I don’t know how to process this.  It’s…I legitimately don’t have words.  The levels of evil that has been on display is beyond anything I have ever seen before.  I’m getting choked up.

Part of me wants to believe that there is some good that exists in all people, but I know consciously that that isn’t true.  Stuff like this is the reason why.  Stuff like what has happened with Butts.  Defenders who will ignore all the evidence.  Someone who starts a fund for this monster.  Worst of all – someone who sends a picture of their child to cheer a pedophile up.  If there is a Hell, I am certain that the deepest pits of it are reserved for people who support Sarah Butts.  That is what I am certain of.  It makes me realize how I am a good person, because the day that I am able to look the other way when a person this sick does something is the day when I have truly fallen.

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t know how to process this.”  -Milo Yiannopoulos

Peace out,



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