What I Was Born For

In dreams, ever ascending
Ascending to that place
The great beyond
Forever to find peace

Torn away
Torn away by love
They cared, and took me
Cast from Heaven and forced to live in Hell

Moving forward
Unable to ascend
The tower is gone
We are alone

Attempts to connect
To find those who would understand
The long road, forever forward
Where has the tower gone?

Every night is spent looking for it
That tower we were in
To ascend once more
To live in that place where pain doesn’t exist

At the top of the tower, we saw it
The River of Light
We reached out and touched it
For an instant, we were connected to all existence

Love took us away
Hate sustains us here
Hate guides our feet
It’s all we have

No love
No light
Nothing but hate
Of everything, but ourself most of all

Onward we go
Forever moving forward
Until we find the tower again
And we can ascend once more, for the last time

Until next time, a quote,

“I don’t want my pain taken away!  I need my pain!”  -Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek V: The Last Frontier

Peace out,



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