You’re a Back-Stabbing Turncoat Too, eh? (A response to Brianna Wu)

Something to know about SJWs – they are loyal…sometimes.  Other times, the moment that they feel it’s appropriate, they will throw their fellow SJWs under the bus in order to make themselves look good.  These people are so quick to turn on their fellow social justice fiends that the fact that they are able to have any unity at all is impressive.  For real, I’m impressed when they do come together in solidarity.  Because when you look at what Brianna Wu has done today, it becomes abundantly clear that these people are only as loyal as it is comfortable to be.

In case you didn’t know, Brianna Wu coauthored an article for the feminist rag The Mary Sue which demanded that players accept that Samus Aran is trans.  Naturally, when she made an inflammatory article, with the “impeccable sources” of a badly translated interview and a Nintendo Power article, meant to demand things of gamers, you can imagine that it was met with some backlash.  It didn’t help that Wu and the woman who coauthored the article both went on tirades after the backlash, which made them look even worse.  However, the story isn’t done.  See, Brianna has decided to throw her fellow SJW under the bus, in order to sell her victim narrative and make herself look good.  Here is a link to her article.  Let’s talk about it.

Fellow geeks, it’s time to sit down and have an adult conversation about the way some of you reacted to the mere possibility that Samus could be a transgender woman.

The title of her article was “Samus Aran is Transgender.  Deal with it.”  That sounds like addressing the “possibility” that Samus was transgender.  And not at all like you just demanding that people accept your narrative.  Nope, not at all.

On a whim, I wrote Ellen and asked her if she wanted to compile her best argument for it. She agreed. She passed me a 1,200-word document with impeccable sourcing, and I did a rewrite pass on it framing it in emotional, accessible terms so lots of people would read it.

Oh!  So that title was deliberately inflammatory so that you would get clicks.  Alright, you’ve admitted to making click-bait.  That’s swell.  And I just love that you have to say that she had “impeccable sourcing.”  Two sources.  One of which being a Nintendo Power article.  A fan-magazine, not canon.  It’s like she wants to pass the blame and suck her dick at the same time.

I don’t doubt that a small percentage of the arguments being made against the possibility of transgender Samus are done in good faith. But, let’s be clear – the extreme amount of blowback my co-author and I have gotten is not about the merits of any argument. It’s about geeks not being able to accept the idea that Samus could be transgender.

No, Brianna!  I love how she tries to admit that maybe somebody could have a legit argument against her, while then saying that nobody does.  That it’s all just prejudice against her and trans people.  By your own admission, you wanted the article to be emotionally charged, so as not to appeal to people’s logical side.  You made it so that it would appeal to pathos and skip that pesky skepticism that you SJW types hate so much.  After all, one of your queens famous fostered the term “Listen and Believe.”  Because who needs good sourcing when we can have blind faith.

She goes on to list some things that nerds got in a tizzy about, as far as she believes.  Let’s look at these.

When the new Thor was a woman, geeks screamed from the hills.

The problem was that the new person to wield the hammer took the name Thor.  Other characters in comics have before, and chose not to.  That was the problem.  This person isn’t actually Thor.  Just someone who wields the hammer and took the name.  That’s people’s problem.  Just ditch the name and nobody would care.

When Commander Shepard was given gay male romance options, geeks screamed from the hills.

Says…who?  Most people I talked to were more interested to see if the scene between Shepard and Cortez went into Brokeback Mountain territory.  Sadly, it did not.  Bummer.

When Miles Morales became Spider-Man, geeks screamed from the hills.

Says who?  Nobody cares, because Morales isn’t Peter Parker.  He has the Spider-Man mask, but he isn’t Parker, so nobody really cares.

When a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens was shown to be black, geeks screamed from the hills.

The article she links to to back her up is a Mary Sue article.  Do with that knowledge what you will.

When women’s soccer teams were added to the new FIFA game, geeks screamed from the hills.

People actually play those games?  This is news.  Also, her source is another Mary Sue article.  Don’t have to look far for your confirmation bias, do you Brianna?

I want to leave you with a final thought. What would you do if you had a large platform to speak from? Would you post cat videos? Would you talk about Game of Thrones? Would you ask everyone to send you a dollar?

This is coming from you?!  That’s fucking rich!  One of the queens of professional victimhood, who makes sure that people know how to find her Patreon page to give her money.  A woman who has made a name for herself not from the good work you do, but from the fact that you are marketing a narrative about yourself to everyone who will listen.  You go out of your way to scream at the top of your lungs how oppressed you are, when what is it that you make, again?  Of course The Mary Sue sucks your dick.  They are an online rag with no shame or sense of decency.  They only care about getting clicks to get that precious ad revenue.  And you are looking for anyone who will listen, so you can pimp how “oppressed” you are and have to make yourself out to be a victim of (as you have called people like me) “terrorism.”  That’s what you are trying to say?

Which really gets me to my point.  Brianna – you are a FOUL human being.  And I’m done talking about you.  You can’t just own the awful shit you do.  It has to be someone else’s fault.  It has to be everyone but you who is in the wrong.  Of course.  You exploit the death of Amber Lynn Schraw?  “Tell me I’m not a victim!”  You lie about being driven out of your home?  “These people are terrorists!”  You trolls your own Steam page in order to keep the hate going and then get called out for what you do?  “They threatened me!”  You make up reviews saying that your POS game is like Mass Effect meets Heavy Rain?  “It isn’t me who says that!”  You write an article where you make inflammatory statements and then get busted trying to change the Wikipedia page to say that Samus Aran is transgender?  “geeks hate trans people!”

I get it.  It must have been so nice, to have your 15 minutes of fame.  I get that.  To be in the spotlight and have everyone listening to you all the time.  To be looked at so highly and have everyone around you talking about how smart you are.  That must have been so fun.  But then your 15 minutes ended.  Since you lack the talent to do things that would keep people remembering you for being good at making games or being part of gaming at all, you won’t be remembered for the long term.  So you have gone to every publication who will listen and have worked so damn hard to keep people talking about you.  Because you know that the moment is fast approaching when, like Zoe Quinn, no one will even mention your name or care about who you are.  I bet that really sucks.  The fame, the glory, the bright lights and bells and whistles.  Now it’s going away.  You’re left in that same corner of the Internet where you started and the truth is that you aren’t going to make the climb again.

This article was you throwing your fellow feminist under the bus to make yourself look good.  I feel bad for that woman.  She didn’t know that you would drop her like a sack of potatoes the moment it was convenient.  That you would go out of your way to make it look like you had everything to do with that article, only to then disavow it and say that we all made a mountain out of something that you just gave a once-over and then tossed aside.  Because you gotta keep that Patreon money coming in.  It’s sad to see this happen.  For real, I feel so sorry for you.  Wait, no I don’t.  You are a legitimate piece of shit, and while I will NEVER condone any threats that you may receive or have in the past, I feel no pity for you.  You exploited the death of a woman not remotely connected to GamerGate to sell your victim narrative, and that was the most repulsive thing that I have ever seen.  So I don’t feel bad for you.  I feel bad for the woman you cast aside, to make the story what it is always about – you.  Sorry McGrody.  For future reference – stay away from Wu.  The only person she is loyal to is herself.

Happy trails, Brianna.

Until next time, a quote,

“Chaos isn’t a pit.  Chaos is a ladder.  Many who try to climb it fail, and never get to try again.  The fall breaks them.  And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse.  They cling to the realm.  Or the gods.  Or love.  Illusions.  Only the ladder is real.  The climb is all there is.”  -Petyr Baelish, Game of Thrones

Peace out,



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