The Kentucky Lady and News Obsession

I’m going to put a thought out there – I do not give one measly, scraggly fuck about the lady in Kentucky who is denying marriage licenses to gay couples.  Not one.  The field in which I grow my fucks is very, very barren.  The fact that this story has been turned into some huge national rallying cry baffles me.  I mean, are we seriously so out of issues to talk about, real issues, that we have to make a mountain out of what isn’t even a molehill?  This is nothing.  This means nothing.  It is significant of nothing.  The fact that people are getting so upset is more amusing than anything else.  Why?  Because it genuinely goes to show just how much our culture is just a waste of skin.  Let me elaborate.

People are jumping to say that this woman is indicative of some part of society.  She is.  What part?  That’s easy – the part that’s becoming irrelevant.  The hold-outs from a bygone era who desperately want to believe that they still have the moral high ground that they are clinging to.  The people who would rather watch two people be cry in front of them than just accept that gay marriage is now the law of the land.  These are people, driven almost-entirely by faith (and the rest by their disgust for gay people.  In reality, it truly is just the fact that they hate gay people, with their faith giving them backup for that belief), who just can’t live with how things are.  The same deal happened after interracial marriage became a thing.  We’ve seen this play out before.  So why is this one woman becoming such a huge national sensation?

It’s simple, really – because she’s good click-bait.  The modern media is lazy.  Unfathomably lazy.  The news outlets who are expected to do the research don’t, and then the cheap rags then rip them off.  Then people with blogs like myself look at those rags and then subsequently parade those lines around.  Actually, those aren’t blogs like mine.  I actually try and talk about something other than gossip.  Though, I guess I am still guilty.  After all, I did put the stupid Kentucky woman in my title, didn’t I?  What can I say – I get that the best way to reach people is to have a title that gets their attention.  But at least I do have something more substantive to say than “that woman is an evil bigot and symbolic of how intolerant America is!”  That’s the entire line.  That’s the argument in a nutshell.  But that argument is wrong.  You’d think that history would have been a better teacher to these lazy clicktavists.  But it’s not.  Everyone is sharing and talking about it, but if you go back 60 years, we’ve seen this all before.  It shouldn’t even surprise anyone who actually studies history.  The real kind, not the white-washed garbage in public schools (that I did attend.  Thankfully, I was born skeptical, so I was able to learn more from outside sources).

Why do these kinds of stories become so big?  What is it about this Kentucky woman and her stupid beliefs and actions that makes her such a conversation on a national and relatively-worldwide scale.  After all, the Internet has no borders.  It goes everywhere.  People in other countries get to see how stupid people in American can be.  I am hoping that people in other countries are able to see where I am coming from.  Hopefully some agree that the fact that our nation is talking about this with such passion is stupid.  That’s not to say that they are.  After all, look at that stupidity where someone took the photo of Steven Spielberg to a British tube station and showed it to people, with them talking about how awful it was.  That Spielberg shot a dinosaur.  They actually believed it was real.  So Europe can have some stupid dumbasses too.  But they must see America’s news cycle and think – is this REALLY all the problems you have?  Some lady in Kentucky who won’t marry gay people?  I mean, it’s not like this is going to amount to anything.  The ACLU has already filed legal action against the state.  And why wasn’t this woman fired, anyway?  Is there some union thing that is holding them back from kicking her out the door?  It’s odd, sure, but not so odd that it needs this kind of Internet attention.

Here’s the thing to walk away with from this rambling – the Internet is stupid.  Really, really stupid.  It’s full of brain-dead fuckers who only care about the next story so that they can justify their non-stop taking in of bullshit.  And we have a non-stop media that is more than willing to help supplement our cultural ennui to bring in revenue.  After all, it’s not like anyone is REALLY going to do anything.  People will just keep scrolling.  Maybe they’ll share the article, get a Like or a Comment or two, then move one.  Maybe they can talk about how Obama has now decided that Mt. McKinley can be renamed Denali, and how fucktards on the right think this is Kenyan for “black power.”  I’ve lived in Alaska all my life.  Those people are idiots.  And that’s making the rounds now too.  Seen a dozen memes about it already.

The media doesn’t seem to realize how much they are feeding a gaping maw that is sucking away the intelligence of humanity.  They are feeding this gaping abyss that is making everyone on this planet dumber.  For real, they are all dumber.  This kind of obsession over bullshit is unhealthy, and it is making each person who makes it a mountain stupider for the doing of it.  But what’s the cure?  Can it be done?  I honestly don’t think so.  This is just going to continue until the few people who actually want to care about life are in such a minority that all they can do is despair.  Like that short CG film about the woman who abandons the colorless world to find this world that she sees as beautiful.  And since I am graduate of Journalism and Public Communications, I get to subject myself to this.  I get to watch the gaping maw swallow more and more thinking power every day.  No wonder I hate life with such a bitter passion.

Until next time, a quote,

“My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.”  -L.M. Montgomery

Peace out,



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