Politicization and Gaming (A response to The Mary Sue)

Did you know that Samus Aran is trans?  According to an article in the feminist rag The Mary Sue, that is the case.  Here is a link to the article, read for yourself.  They show off their powerful “research” abilities by taking a bad translation from a very old Japanese magazine where someone was quoted saying that Samus is trans.  Much like the amusing mix-up with Birdo that has continued to this day, now Brianna Wu and another charlatan decided that the were going to get into the revisionist history game and have Samus be trans now.  I’m not gonna do a blow-for-blow with this piece.  Because there’s something bigger I want to talk about here.

But first, let’s digress a bit and look at something else – Brianna, please stop.  Your attempts to stay relevant are just sad.  You had your 15 minutes of fame.  Just let it go.  Don’t be like Zoe Quinn, who has been pounding her feet and screaming how she is still a victim when not one person gives a solitary fuck about her.  You are a talentless hack, Brianna, and it’s time for you to just accept that you are not going anywhere in the gaming industry.  Maybe you can try your hand at academic feminism.  I bet a buffalo nickel that that is Sarkeesian’s final destination goal.  You are working so hard to emulate her, so why not go the distance there?  This article was like a giant flag saying “notice me!  Notice me!”  It was sad.  You even were caught trying to edit the Samus Aran Wikipedia page.  We’ll get to how that is indicative of a bigger problem in a moment, but yeah, just stop.  Now back to my point.

Anyone remember a time when video games were just about gaming?  I do.  When I first grew up, there was none of this bullshit about “we need more feminine characters who don’t have big boobs, but still have boobs big enough to respect her femininity and she has to be tough, but not a killer, and she has to be better than all the men, but not a man with boobs.”  There was none of that.  When there was a cool character, they were a cool character.  Male, female, we didn’t care.  We just wanted good games and we loved to play them.  Those were good times, weren’t they?  When we could just love this hobby without having to make it about all this social justice nonsense.  Now?  Now we have a dozen and one people who have to make every little thing in games a gender battleground.  Why?

The typical argument I hear is that they want gaming to “expand” to include other people.  That’s an interesting argument to make, considering that the tools to make games are more ubiquitous than ever before.  If they want a game with certain things, they can make it.  Then the free market will decide how much people actually want that sort of thing.  Though, that’s already happened, hasn’t it?  Brianna Wu made a video game.  It was universally panned for the terrible visuals, the awkward controls and the GOD-AWFUL voice acting.  Tim Schafer made a game that was supposed to be a throw-back to an older style of point-and-click adventures, but was remembered for how utterly-infantalizing the content was, along with the terrible second act that was beyond boring.  That and some of the terrible double entendres.  I hear in my dreams “I don’t wanna fork that.”  And let’s not forget the game Sunset.  A house-work simulator that failed so bad that the people who made it ended up giving everyone the finger on the way out the door, letting their butthurt show in spectacular fashion.  The SJW crowd has had several chances to make the kinds of games that they want, yet they all have failed.

However, when I see things like The Mary Sue‘s article, I can’t help but think that there is something else going on here.  See, feminism has realized that it can make video games what they want.  Gaming companies know what the market wants.  They can do market research better than your local SJW.  So, they know what sells.  If SJWs can’t make video games into the shape that they want, they take another tactic – revisionist history.  For people like me, who pay attention to this stuff, this is nothing new.  We’ve seen it all before.  What’s that?  We can’t have all these things that we want in gaming?  Well, we’ll just dig up some confirmation-bias bait and tell gamers that this is why we’re right!  What’s that?  The evidence that we have to support this is shoddy at best?  No worries!  We’re feminists!  If we can claim that 1 in 5 college women get raped, even after that stat has been debunked dozens of times, then nobody will care if we pull something else out of our ass!

However, this still doesn’t tell me why we have to make gaming a political battleground.  Ben Kuchera wrote a piece about why there is no reason that Link can’t be a girl.  Well, Ben, if Nintendo wanted to make that into a game, they could do so.  Then the market would decide if fans liked it or not.  Hey, it might just be a chance for Nintendo to do something interesting.  They have been coasting on nostalgia for over ten years now.  A game with a genuinely different idea would be a novel concept.  But still, what is it with all this having to making gaming a battleground.

I think the roots of this go back to Soul Calibur.  In that game, you had busty female characters who kick a lot of ass.  And they weren’t afraid to show off their sexy side.  That where I think this all got started.  Or at least around then.  Since we’ve learned that social justice types are the most insecure people on the face of the planet, they are now getting their dander up and trying to make the rest of the world cater to how insecure they are.  Because all their “positivity” stuff doesn’t really work.  There was a great line from “Louie” where a girl talked about how much she hated being told she was beautiful, even though she knew full-well that she is a “fat girl.”  That’s a really powerful line. When you have a movement that is based on being a giant hug-box, then the positivity that they work so hard to reinforce becomes meaningless.  In the end, it just makes them more insecure.  Which makes them retreat into the hug-box more.  They are infantalized by their echo chamber, and it makes them unable to deal with the world outside that doesn’t give one solitary fuck about “checking their privilege.”  These people will discover that life is cruel and never gives you a break.

So maybe this deal with the blowback with gaming is setting them up for a life lesson.  Maybe this is the first step in them realizing that in the real world, outside of their universities or Twitter and Tumblr pages, people don’t care what they think and if they yell and pound their fists loudly, people will just look awkwardly and walk the other way.  In the meantime, The Mary Sue is wrong.  According to established canon, Samus Aran is not trans, and this is yet-another stupid issue that SJWs want to turn into a battleground, because if they don’t stand up for being confirmation biased, who will?

Until next time, a quote,

“The more mature a soul, the less it blames others.”  -Toba Beta

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Politicization and Gaming (A response to The Mary Sue)

  1. Well, what about companies that have extensive character creators (like Skyrim or Saints Row) that allow you to create whatever character you want with and even allow you to pick your sexual orientation? Are they also pandering to the SJW crowd?

    • Not at all. There, what your character is is up to you. Samus already has an established lore that has been made very clear by the creators of the series. It all depends on what kind of game that it is.

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