Making Gay “Normal” is Wrong Now?

If you ever want to have your mind blown, go to a site called Everyday Feminism.  It has articles so stupid that attempting to read them will just make your head hurt.  I tried to do that with an article I just saw, and now I have something of a headache because of all the stupid.  But before I go there, let’s have a little digression.

At least a year ago now, Ellen Page came out as being gay.  My thoughts?  Put simply – neat, I guess.  Good for her.  I hope she enjoys the gay sex with the females that she has gay sex with.  Along with her gay relationships or whatever.  She’s kind of cute, so yeah, her ladies are lucky girls.  Whatever.  The way I see it, that was the correct reaction to have.  Why?  Because I think something the LGBT community lacks is being assimilated into society at large.  How do they do that?  Easy – by becoming boring.  Be as boring as you possibly can be.  If someone sees a gay person on a show and they are just some person who files their taxes and works a 9 to 5, they won’t care about them anymore than they care about any other person.  It will just be as normal part of life and that’s fine.  That’s how I see it.  And yet, this community goes out of their way to be as noticeable and interesting as possible.

For real, you have these gay pride events, where some very interesting people are doing interesting things, like walking around in ass-less chaps.  That’s pretty damn interesting.  So interesting that people pay special attention and start talking about it more.  Who gets helped by this?  I can already hear the argument – this is a reaction to years of oppression!  Yeah, I get that there were some mistakes made.  But a lot like Morgan Freeman’s thoughts on Black History Month, I can’t help but think that all of this is counter-productive.  Because it just keeps these people in people’s sight and mind.  At least, it used to.

With the passing of the Supreme Court ruling that has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, being gay is FINALLY looking to head into the realm of what’s normal.  Just as a white girl marrying a black man or vice-versa is now something that is more-or-less accepted, save in some of the dirtiest parts of the Bible Belt, but that’s something that we all accept too.  There are backwards, totally retarded parts of this country with stupid people.  It’s just how things are.  Being gay is finally headed to that golden utopia of no longer being something that anyone talks about or cares about or gives two shits about.  With gay marriage finally being fully recognized in all 50 states, and it being a part of culture and legal rights, they are able to settle in with the boring doldrums of typical American life.  Which brings us back to the Everyday Feminism article.

According to them, being part of a state of being called “homonormative” is totally wrong.  Why?  Something I have believed for a long time – these people don’t want to be normal.  Now that videos like that hilarious one on College Humor about gay men marrying straight men’s girlfriends doesn’t really have any cultural resonance anymore, the issues of the LGBT community have gotten very much sidestepped.  Now we can focus on things that aren’t part of this issue that really should have been solved 20 years ago.  Everyday Feminism takes severe umbrage with this.  In their article entitled “Homonormativity 101: And How it is Hurting Our Movement,” we get a rather long and boring look at how these people seem to believe that being as unnoticed and unattended as any other part of society today is just SO bad.  Because I guess that being accepted by society is…bad?

To borrow Shoe0nHead’s statement – the oppression olympics never ends.  Looks, LGBT community, you have fought for equal rights, and now more than ever, you have them.  Are there still some issues to mop up?  Sure.  And it’s good to stay on those issues.  But with the major issue being knocked out, this is what was going to happen.  Now, you are going to be ignored.  That’s a good thing.  It’s good that nobody will care anymore whether you do another guy in butt or another girl face-first.  It’s good that nobody will care anymore to see two dudes holding hands or two chicks (aside from old people or Bible Belt people, but again, we all grow to accept these things as part of the world we live in).  This is what you fought for!  You fought for the right to be ignored.  For not one person to give a flying fudgsicle about your personal life.  Why would someone think that that’s a bad thing…?  For real, genuinely stumped.  Reading that article was like reading the riot act of the “Oppression Olympics.”  I cannot understand why anyone would think that being considered part of normal society and having people not give two fucks about you is a bad thing.  Insert oppression reasons and some totalizing system that means that everyone who’s gay is uber-oppressed and you have the argument in a nutshell.

LGBT community, let’s have a moment.  You won.  You fought the good fight and you won the biggest victory.  The Blitz is over.  A lot like GamerGate, now you have to take off the armor and put down the sword and be willing to move forward.  That’s how this works.  It’s good.  I’m happy for you all.  As a bisexual man, I am totally down with you all taking your place in the culture at large.  However, this also means that whenever you get all up about some issue, culture at large is going to roll their eyes and do what I do when I heard stupid bullshit like how air conditioning in offices is somehow a gender issue – roll my eyes.  The war has been won.  Now it’s time for you all to make peace and be ready to move forward with your lives.  And that’s a great thing.  Embrace it, love it, and be as ordinary and dull as everyone else.

Because is still how you make all of this stuff work.  To truly become part of society, you become dull.

Until next time, a quote,

“Everyone is in this big race to be the most ‘progressive’ and the most ‘open-minded’ and the most ‘oppressed.’  It is the strangest thing I have ever seen.”  -Shoe0nHead

Peace out,



One thought on “Making Gay “Normal” is Wrong Now?

  1. Lol! Thanks for writing this! I instantly feel much better! It’s true that when she came out, I just sorta said,”cool,” and then carried on my day. Then suddenly, I started feeling bad for doing that ’cause it seemed like everyone else made a bigger deal of it!

    It still bothers me that some people use the religious freedom excuse for justifying discrimination, but I realize that those people are quickly becoming a minority and that’s a super cool thing.

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