I Hate Watching Good Ideas Fail (A response to The Sarkeesian Effect)

The SJW crowd must be laughing right about now.  I don’t blame them.  The levels of incompetence on display are the stuff of legend.  What started as a project that could have been the anti-social justice rallying cry, showing that we can talk to others in a totally rational way, ended with this nonsense.  It’s a joke.  It’s a terrible, terrible joke.  The punch line being – we have given the SJW crowd ammunition to use against us to show that we are immature, delusional imbeciles that can’t do anything right.  That’s what pisses me off the most.  Because you know what, if this had been done right, without all the dumb-fuck drama, this documentary could have been a nail in the coffin.

Thunderf00t made an excellent video about what went wrong in all this, so I’ll let you all watch that.  It’s a little long, but I think it’s worth your time, because you can truly grasp how utterly doomed this all has been, from people who shouldn’t have gone anywhere near this.

Something that I think that Thunderf00t forgot to talk about is the fact that this film should have been something more.  Because, if you ask me, when I hear a title like The Sarkeesian Effect, it makes me ask a simple question – what has been her effect?  What has been the effect of Sarkeesian and her brand of Puritanical, Sex feminism been on society as a whole or just the gaming industry.  Doesn’t that sounds like a fascinating topic to truly examine.  In better hands, this documentary could have been something amazing.  When I heard that they were interviewing Jack Thompson about this, I thought – finally!  Let’s actually talk about what it means to be a gaming critic and to seriously delve into the world of insane video game condemnation.  Because that’s what both Sarkeesian and Thompson have done.  If you saw her statements at E3 this year, Sarkeesian even used Thompson’s talking points about video games being connected to violence.

But that’s not what we got, is it?  Instead, we have a crap-ton of YouTube drama that has gotten so ridiculous, to the point that now the very people that we have been trying to expose to the world at large as hucksters are being given legitimacy?  That bit at the end, where you see Owen and Aurini’s insane views on stuff, I just rubbed my eyes and suddenly felt very dumb.  The disillusionment about what I am seeing here takes me back to another movement that I had been in support of.

Anyone remember Occupy Wall Street?  Yeah, that was a movement that started out with great potential, but then got utterly destroyed because of drama.  Granted, this time it was SJW drama infecting the movement.  Watch the video on the “Progressive Stack.”  That shit will blow your mind.  It’s unfathomably stupid.  Or there were the “No-Rape Zones” (because I’m sure that rapists totally care that somewhere is a No-Rape Zone.  Right?) or the Native American rain dance rights.  But the straw that broke the camel’s back was an interview that I saw on The Colbert Report.  I swear, I could almost see Colbert trying not to laugh.  I don’t blame him.  Just like I don’t blame the SJWs crowd if they see all this madness and choose to laugh.  It is funny, in that horrifically-depressing sort of way.

You know what the worst part of all of this is – a friend of mine on Twitter has told me that she has seen Owen’s version of the documentary.  It seems that Aurini has his own, and he has gone into some truly insane places with it.  Jordan Owen could have made a truly splendid movie, but that doesn’t matter.  The drama associated with this film has damned it so badly that it has finally become what Aurini wanted it to be – the stuff of legend.  Yeah, you got your wish.  It is legendary in that it has shown our side of the fence to be immature children who saw the need to fight it out and make this into a giant public dramafest instead of delivering a good product.  And now people like Thunderf00t are saying that they want nothing to do with this project.  The people in the film want nothing to do with it.

Perhaps there is another simpler answer to all this – let’s get someone who perhaps isn’t as attached to all the drama to make a documentary about third-wave feminism and its battle with the gaming community.  Someone like Christina Hoff Sommers, who knows the community but has no immediate attachment to it.  There’s an idea.  Make it into something like that.  If a group of people could make a fantastic documentary about Evangelical Christians and their insane summer camp and keep it pretty damn objective, then clearly it is possible to make a film about all of the madness associated with third-wave feminism and make objective.

But maybe I am just dreaming a little big here.  Fuckin’ A…

Until next time, a quote,

“The problem with incompetence is its inability to recognize itself.”  -Orrin Woodward

Peace out,



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