Lucien’s Review: Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit ZeroLately, the Indie scene on the PS4 has caught my attention, especially since the AAA scene is kind of slow.  Development takes time, and I get that.  So, I am engaging in some Indie games, and there have been some gems.  Like this one.  I have never been big on the space combat sim games.  It’s a market that has been very underrepresented, as I understand it.  The last one of these kinds of games that I played was Star Fox 64.  Shows you how well I have kept up with things.  But honestly, since I have always been a console gamer, this isn’t a market that is big on the platforms I work with.  This is more of a PC thing, and that’s fine.  If this game was an indication, it is a market with a lot of potential and is probably very fun.  Which leads me into my thoughts on this game.

Given the small size of the game, the fact that it doesn’t have an extreme amount in the way of content doesn’t surprise.  The story of this game is simple.  Humanity finally reaches the stars, and after a mysterious “Signal” is intercepted, we learn how to break the light barrier, and then make our way into space.  After some problems with the colonial worlds, war has broken out.  Now, you are a voiceless pilot who has been charged with helping the Earth forces stop the war, before it destroys us all.  So, basically Gundam, without all the trim.  But I’m not complaining.  For a game that takes up a little over a gig on my PS4’s hard drive, I didn’t expect something expansive.  This is a simple game, and that works out just fine by me.

The thing I want to talk about the most in this game is the visuals.  This game is GORGEOUS!  No joke, I wish I didn’t have the story stuff, so I could just take a moment and really take in the scenery.  It’s amazing what one can do with a small budget. If this review were about visual fidelity alone, this game would get a nigh-perfect score . However, there are other elements to talk about.

Now, I may be limited by my lack of experience with the space combat sim games, but the combat in this game was a little clunky.  It has a duality involved.  See, you get a fighter that has two forms.  The first is fighter form.  That’s where the controls are the most awkward.  Getting ships off your ass in this form is so annoying!  You have a main gun, and missiles.  Pretty standard.  Aside from dog-fighting, the controls to this game don’t take that long to pick up.  It works well enough.  However, the real fun with this game comes from the Strike form.  Strike is basically a Mobile Suit, and it is much easier to work with.  However, while it sounds like fun to spam this form, the game gives it a strict limit in the form of an energy called “Flux.”  You have to recharge your Flux in fighter mode, then go into Strike.  Both modes are able to fight, but it is much easier in Strike.

There are not as many missions in this game as one might hope.  Again, it’s a game that only takes 2 gigs.  I didn’t expect much.  Still, they are fun.  Took me back to when I played Rogue Squadron on my Gamecube.  In fact, there’s a great comparison to make.  This game is like Rogue Squadron, with a little mix of Gundam.

And that’s all that I can say about it.  It’s a game that’s short, sweet, and fun to play, if this is your bag.  But for the visuals alone, I think that this is one of the trippiest games that I have seen in a while.  Visual fidelity alone doesn’t make a game, but damn if it doesn’t help.

Final Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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