Lucien’s Review: Never Alone: Foxtales

Never Alone FoxtalesAn Indie game having some story DLC.  Well, this is something new.  For real, did NOT see this coming.  It’s kind of amazing, and a little bit cool.  While this is infinitely shorter than the original game, it is sweet all the same.  This won’t be a very long review, because there isn’t especially much to talk about, but let’s talk all the same.

Some disclosure here – I come from Alaska.  Lived her my whole life.  When I saw the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center represented in the credits of this game, I felt very happy.  My city in a game!  Anyway, back to the review.

When I first saw the trailers for this, I was wonder (Spoiler Alert) – why is the fox alive?  Creepy dude in the last part of the story killed him.  But then I realized – this isn’t the same story.  They used the same character models to tell a completely different Inupiaq legend, though part of me feels that they shouldn’t.  It is just strange.  But that’s just me nit-picking.  The story follows our two intrepid heroes as they chase a mouse up a river.  There, they see that a very unpleasant local is very eager to consume them.  Now, they have to fight it out, while solving puzzles and having a short but sweet adventure.

I will say that this episode does look a little better than the last one.  Something about the springtime setting made this seem a lot more interesting.  The landscape seemed more alive.  That was pretty nice.  There was also the villain of the story, who was pretty damn intimidating.  Since they had a ton of stuff associated with water in this DLC, the effects on that were pretty good.

Which gets me to the puzzles.  This time around, there was a lot more involved with timing.  This is one of those places where it helps to have someone taking the second controller for the fox character, because you have to do things together that have pretty tight timing.  Made me think of co-op in Portal 2, though nowhere near as complicated as that game.  Still, they were very fun, and they got rid of that annoying bola weapon.  However, that isn’t the end of the problems…

They get rid of one problem, another one creeps in – the boat.  You get this boat, and you have to guide the boat around, which at times can be fun.  And at other times is SO frustrating.  Because once-again, the controls are awkward as fuck.  Though, I can’t honestly see how they could have made it easier.  So maybe this is just the best it could be, and I shouldn’t be so nit-picky.  It didn’t hurt my overall experience with the game.  It was just not the most interesting.

That’s really all I can say.  There are still the collectible Cultural Insight videos, which are still fun to watch, if you like learning Alaska Native history and culture.  But I am left wondering – what’s next?  To be honest, I would love it if this team tackled other native cultures.  Alaska has a rich native heritage, with different parts of the state having native groups all its own.  It is my home state, and I remember learning about all the different tribes that live up here.  It would be kind of cool if we got some new characters and got to play in different places.  That would also free them up to experiment on different play styles.  I think this is a great team of game designers, and it is so clear that they are driven by passion, which is nice to see.  Hopefully they can bring more cultures from this state into the light of day.  I am eager to see what they come out with next.  As for this DLC, with an asking price of $4, I can’t say too much bad about it.  It isn’t super-amazing, but it is very nice, and I had fun with it.  It’s a very short addition to the story, but if you are interested, I say – check it out.

Final Verdict
7 out of 10

Peace out,



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