Top 10 Reasons Why Anita isn’t an Expert, On Anything

There was an event just recently called The Conference.  There, our favorite con artist decided to host another lecture as to why she is so oppressed and why her word should be taken as gospel.  There is an image that has come from that which has made me absolutely giddy, and having to do this post.  It isn’t going to be especially long, don’t worry.  I just wanted to put this out there, because it’s fucking hilarious, and I am going to debunk it SO hard.  Let’s all have a laugh.

The Conference FactOh boy.  I cannot tell you how hard I laughed when I first saw this.  It is the pinnacle of ridiculousness.  Here, I am going to give 10 reasons that this is bullshit.

10. By her own words, she is not a gamer
Brought this up a dozen times.  But, I will have the video here, so you all can see this for yourself.  I’ll let her own words damn her.

‘Nuff said about that.

9. She has NO credentials to talk about this on ANY level
Anita Sarkeesian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, and a Master’s in Social and Political Thought.  I am just DYING to know how those two degrees make her an “expert” on…anything.  But she is an expect on the depiction of women in video games.  How?  How does that work?  Oh, right…

8. She has made the argument that people should take her word on faith
I’m sure that everyone has seen the image – Listen and Believe.  This woman, who wants to be taken seriously, has told people that they should just believe her.  Why?  Because she’s a feminist, of course!  Because her total lack of ability to prove anything shouldn’t hold her back from being an expert.

7. How exactly does one become an expert on “depictions?”
That’s not a rhetorical question.  Maybe you all can fill me on.  An expert on depictions?  That is the most nebulous and vague concept ever.  I can claim that I am an expert on depictions!  I play video games.  I watch movies.  I read books.  I have spent my entire life over-analyzing things I like.  Granted, when I was a kid, it was very simplistic, but when I have really liked things, I think about them to DEATH!  So I guess I’m an expert on “depictions” too!  So are all of you.  We all are!  Can I please get all that money that is not contingent on me doing anything, like how Anita STILL hasn’t kept ANY of her Kickstarter promises or finished that video set, now three years later?

6. She can’t do research
It’s been shown that the “research” for her “Tropes vs. Women” videos was footage taken from other people’s Let’s Play videos.  With that quality of “research,” how can anyone possibly argue that she has expertise in “depictions.”  Though this ties in to the next point…

5. Not one time, in any of her videos, has she been able to prove ANYTHING
Watch her “Tropes vs. Women” videos.  They really are the greatest example of how full of shit she is.  Each video is 20 minutes of her making grand assumptions without ANY supporting evidence, using videos that she lifted from other people’s Let’s Plays.  That’s it.  That’s every single video.  This expertise of hers would be helped if she had well-researched and very factual evidence to back up her claims that she got from TV Tropes.

4. Her audience isn’t gamers
Quite recently, Anita decided to abandon the videos that she was given $160,000 to make and make videos about female characters she likes.  There was a image macro made showing that her endorsement of a character in a game on Steam didn’t remotely affect the sales of that game.  The people who listen to this nonsense and believe it on faith, are people who don’t game, overall.

3. This is ANOTHER speech about what a victim she is
Look at the lectures that this woman makes, and you’ll notice something – they are almost-all about what a victim she is.  It’s like clockwork.  Even when she is at a panel in Sydney where she is supposed to talk about feminism on a larger scale, it’s about her.  It’s all about her.  This lecture that the picture above was taken from is one where she is telling people to believe her, that she’s a victim, and how awful it is.  Read that as you will.

2. She got her start with a man who ran a ponzi scheme
If you want to do some digging, there is a video that was the first time she was even online.  It was at an event where a man who ran a ponzi scheme was teaching people how to get in on the action.  In that video, she claimed to learn quite a bit from this man.  That’s telling, because…

1. Anita Sarkeesian is a con artist
There’s no way to argue this.  She’s trying to sell the narrative that she is an expert in “depictions.”  And the audience eats that shit up!  The most ridiculous argument of all time, that people like me can get a laugh at, these people take seriously.  Her own words say that she’s not a gamer, and her white knights defend her.  She takes people’s money and never makes good on her promises, and her knights stand by her.  It finally took her having to adopt Jack Thompson’s arguments about violence in video games for a larger swathe of people to realize how full of shit she is!  So when I see this pic, talking about what an expert she is, I can’t help but be amazed at how full of shit she is, and people eat it up!  Honestly, what will it take for everyone to just admit – this woman is a con artist, conning people out of money?  What will it take?

Hopefully you got as much of a laugh out of that as I did.  Enjoy your day.

Until next time, a quote,

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”  -PT Barnum

Peace out,



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