Top 10 Favorite Bands

Before getting into this, let me make perfectly clear – these are MY favorite bands.  Not in any way what I believe to be the greatest bands of all time.  Well, that’s a lie.  I think that my top pick is the greatest band of all time, but I am willing to be that there are a few people who go with me on this.  Instead of talking too much about each band, I’ll share my favorite piece of their music and then tell you why I like their stuff.  You can listen and make up your own minds.  Right?

10. Earth, Wind, and Fire
Trust me, there is a reason why I picked them.  Will explain shortly

What you listened to there is like nothing else on this list.  This is a band so unlike everything else that you are probably sitting there going – what the hell is up with this guy?  You think this is weird, you should see my iTunes playlist.  It’s the stuff of confusion legends.  This band and I have history.  I grew up listening to this on my favorite radio station growing up.  Their music was mellow, in the years when mellow was my thing.  I still like this stuff, when I am chilling and reading a book or whatever.  It’s my chill band.  You all have one too, admit it.

9. Journey

I’m sorry.  We all try and hate Journey.  They have that one song that is SO overplayed.  I think we all know the one I’m talking about.  It was on an episode of Family Guy.  But damn is their music catchy!  It grows on you.  I did everything I could to avoid it, but I had to admit, I love their stuff.  You cannot listen to that song and not wanna hold up a lighter to it.  Just make peace with that, and you’ll feel better.

8. Kool & The Gang

There isn’t much to say about them.  Yeah, they are pretty fucking disco.  Still, if you like older music, you’ve heard a lot of them, and they are so damn catchy!  Beats that were danced to in days gone by.  I am not complaining.

7. The Doors

I don’t know what it is about these guys and their smooth as shit sound that just gets me.  It’s SO smooth.  Like fine liquor.  That’s what their music makes me think of.  Being somewhere and drinking scotch or rum and coke while listening to them.  Looking at some girl at the other end of the room.  Yeah, this is some smooth rhythm, and it feels SO good…

6. Iron Maiden

You CANNOT listen to that beat and not get pumped!  Why is their music not in more action movies?!  When I was reading World War Z and the narrator of one part of the story talked about how this music was getting him pumped for battle, I got it.  This is the perfect music to charge into battle to.  It makes me want to have a sword and run in, swinging into someone’s face!  If the Spartans had had this music at Thermopylae, they would have won that battle. Of that I guarantee.

5. Soil & “Pimp” Sessions

I stumbled upon this group by accident.  I was looking up Japanese bands and I saw the name.  I saw their type of music and I was intrigued.  I looked up the band, and oh man!  The smooth sound, the catchy beat, not to mention their insane music videos!  For real, these people are nuts!  They brought a bunch of people down to an abandoned factory of some kind, then have them destroy a brand new car.  Or, as is the case in this music video, they hollowed out a bus and play music while driving down the highway.  These people are nuts!  And I love it.

4. Queen

Just one word – Queen!  That could be the end of this conversation.  That’s all that it needs.  But this group is iconic as fuck!  Their music is catchy as fuck.  You cannot listen to that and get into the beat.  What’s more, it’s gonna be in your head all day.  Anytime you want to thank me.  For real, what more needs to be said.  I’ll tell ya what – Queen!

3. Led Zeppelin

There are plenty of people who make the case that Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time.  Listening to “Stairway to Heaven” and “Kashmir,” I can partly see why.  This band is all about lyrics that are designed to make you think, and their beats are awesome as fuck.  This is a band that has gotten boatloads of respect, so I’ll just say that their stuff is smooth and me likes some smooth rock.

2. Nirvana

This is a band I grew up with.  Were it not for the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, I would be listening to their new stuff.  No doubt that their music has gone down in history as some of the greatest that rock has to offer.  They challenged all preconceptions of what could become popular.  They were a garage band that got huge mainstream acceptance.  They became the icon of an entire generation.  The bitter truth is that they were just truly rising to national fame when Cobain died.  It truly is a pity.  We can only dream about what could have been…

And my favorite band of all time is…

1. The Rolling Stones

I genuinely believe that this is the greatest band of all time.  The Stones are beyond iconic.  They have a place in rock and roll that will never be topped.  Say what you will, but this band began the British Invasion (fuck the Beatles!  Their early stuff was garbage.  No better than One Direction.  It was their later stuff that was great).  They also touched an entire generation, bringing a style of music into nationwide acceptance.  Sure, their band has been marketed to death, but you can’t put that totally on them.  For those years when they were on top of the world, I can only imagine how awesome it was.  To listen on record players.  What I wouldn’t give for an original vinyl album.  Perchance to dream.

What are your favorite bands?  Let me know in the comments.  Share some of their stuff, so the rest of the audience can judge for themselves.

Until next time, a quote,

“Please to meet you.  Hope you know my game.  But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my game.”  -Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil”

Peace out,



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