SIONR: Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer

Square Enix, I’m getting real sick of your shit.  We’ve been waiting for this game for what will end up being 10+ years.  Our patience has more than run out.  I thought that you had learned your way, following the release of two excellent English trailers and a demo that looks pretty damn slick.  But then you have to go and muck it all up with this trash.  That’s what this trailer is – trash.  It’s intellectually bankrupt garbage.  It insults our intelligence, and worst of all – no release date!  Is this game EVER coming out?!  That’s no an unreasonable question.  I’m getting so tired of waiting.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

I think it’s pretty clear what happened – after you all had Tetsuya Nomura go off to work on Kingdom Hearts III and will be following that up with the Final Fantasy VII remake (who knows when the fuck that will come out, if ever), the person who took over decided to take the game that you had and break it down to its most basic levels and remake it from scratch.  That’s what happened here.  Until I see proof to the contrary, that’s what I believe happened.  Because there’s no other way to explain this.  The game that was teased before looked to be nearly done.  I remember the second trailer that came out, back when it was called Versus XIII.  That game looked just about done!  Now we got this horseshit!

What was that trailer even for?  So we know that some guy with a beard in this game is a fucking pedophile?  Even the kid didn’t want that bearded face that close.  Ugh.  I learned nothing!  This was a complete waste of animation!  If you didn’t have a trailer for this game, then why put anything out at all?  It wastes my time, and the intelligence of the rest of the gamers out there.  This is garbage.  It is starting to turn me off your game.  That and the utter lack of a release date.  Even a tentative one would be nice, you corporate fuckers!  It can be moved.  Give us some hope that this game is coming.  And don’t dash our hopes against the wall with a trailer that is garbage like this.

Square, you’re losing your touch.  And that’s frightening, to me.  Because this game is going to make or break your company.  You are hedging all your bets on this one game.  Do you really want to be hurting fan loyalty now?  I would say “this close to release,” but who knows when the fuck this game is coming out!  They don’t talk to their fans.  I’ll give Nintendo that much – they do engage with their audience.  Even if they do make dumb decisions lately, at least they talk to people about those dumb decisions.

But get this!  I just read an article talking about how the development for this game is 65% complete, and that the company says that this is “fully on target.”  The PS5 will be released by the time this game is fucking done!

My hopes for this game get lower and lower each passing year.  Square, it’s time to put up or shut up.  For real, if this game doesn’t come out in the next year, I’m done.  I’m not waiting for you to polish this thing until it loses all its shine.  Do you honestly expect that anyone else will?

Until next time, a quote,

“Impatience is a virtue.”  -Ursula Burns

Peace out,



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