Lucien’s First Take: Deadpool: Red Band Trailer

I have said many times that you don’t always have to be serious in a comic book movie.  The Dark Knight revolutionized superheroes into cultural icons, and ever since it was like people kind of forgot that superhero movies can be dumb and silly.  Last year, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and it did well at not taking itself too seriously.  But comic book movies have been avoiding one point of ridiculousness, because Marvel (and by extension Disney) don’t want to ruin their corporate image.  Comic book heroes have to be for kids.  That is great and all, but there is one hero that I knew that this wouldn’t work on.  The same way that it didn’t work on Elektra.  Remember that movie?  Remember what a piece of shit it was?  Why?  Because it was SO PG-13.  Which was not at all what that character was like.  She was a mercenary and killed people with brutal efficiency.  Hard to do when you have to keep to a strict standard.  There was another hero that I knew this wouldn’t work with – Deadpool.

Deadpool is my favorite Marvel hero.  He’s the merc with the mouth.  He uses foul language, is an open pervert, and doesn’t give a fuck how violent he is.  He does what he feels and he loves every minute of it.  There was a recent video game made for this character, and if it weren’t for how dull the combat was, it would have been perfect.  There was a teaser that was supposed to be a tech demo, where they got Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role for the voice, and since then, everyone has been wanting to see this character in his own movie.  One that doesn’t do what the last one we saw him in did.  This movie needed to be light-hearted, fourth-wall breaking, and filled with gratuitous violence for the fuck of it.  But then we heard something – it’s going to be rated PG-13.  Fans lost their collective shit.  Myself included.  A Deadpool movie that is PG-13?!  That’s gonna suck.  However, it seems that not all was as it seems with this film.  Let me show you the Red Band trailer for this movie.  Anyone who peruses film trailers knows what Red Band means…

Okay, at first it starts off all serious, which has me worried.  But it is the back-story of Wade Wilson.  He gets cancer, is inducted into a super-serum program, and then gains superhuman abilities.  The serious stuff may do some damage to the movie, but overall – this trailer is fucking awesome!

For one, gratuitous violence for no reason other than to have it!  Yes!  None of that placating children garbage.  Nope, this is a comic book film for the grown-ups.  Why do kids know who Deadpool is anyway?  Hint, kids – he likes girly parts on grown-ups.  A lot.  To the point where it’s so inappropriate.  But he also wants to have sex with a skeleton woman.  You try and rationalize that out.  But the blood and gore sets the tone of this.  The action is over-the-top, but who cares?!  That’s part of this character’s charm.  If only we could have a scene where he’s putting himself together again after getting ripped in half, and I think that we’re set.

The trailer didn’t say a lot about the plot of this movie.  It sets up the back-story pretty well, but we don’t get much into why Deadpool is killing people.  For shits and giggles, perhaps?  Works for me.  Besides, that isn’t what this trailer was about.  It was about dispelling any myths about this film being kid-friendly.  I am SO behind that.  Who isn’t?  Aside from the parents who think that their kids should be able to see all comic book films (for real, he wants to fuck a skeleton woman and takes any chance he can to sexually harass women he works with because he can.  If you know ANYTHING about the source material, you realize that this character is as immature and insane as the come.  That’s why I like him), fans of this character know what we’re getting into.  20th Century Fox, I like what I have seen so far.  Do NOT fuck this up!  Go big.  Bombastic, slick action, foul language, endless innuendo (or more), and have the fourth wall be a mystery.  I like what I see.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

Initial Verdict
8 out of 10

Peace out,



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