SIONL/R: Life is Strange: Episode 4

Alright, I did my review, now I want to get into some of the things that really got to me about this episode.  I am going to be giving a TON of spoilers here, so be warned.  There were things about this episode that I loved.  And things that I didn’t.  Then there was one thing that absolutely drove me up the wall.  What’s more – all of this is nit-picky stuff.

First, why didn’t Max tell Chloe about what happened?  For real, talk about a potential bonding moment.  They gloss over that like it never happened.  Max says that she just can’t tell Chloe.  For real, so much wasted potential.  Now, maybe the just cut that out because the development of this was already insane.  But how emotional would that have been?!  I could see it now.  Max tearing up when she tells Chloe about how the her in the other world asked her to kill her.  I chose to do it.  I believe in assisted suicide, and Chloe’s reasoning was sound.  She wasn’t getting better, and she didn’t want to slowly wither away, taking down her family with her.  She wanted her night with Max to be her last memory.  Not gonna lie, I teared up when I sat there, staring at the conversation option to let her die or to not.  If I were in Max’s place, I wouldn’t have been able to keep it together.  If the person I loved asked me to help them die, it would be the most gut-wrenching thing ever.  You can see the pain on Max’s face when she does it.  Why wouldn’t she tell Chloe in the real world?

Given that I have been gradually building up their relationship, I kept thinking that that would be a powerful emotional moment.  Not to mention the fact that she has to kill William, again.  I had a perfect image in my head of that conversation.  Where Max is sobbing and confesses what she did.  The pain on her face and in her voice.  The need for Chloe to not hate her.  Can’t you just see how intense that would be?!  I do like this episode, but I will call wasted potential when I see it.  That conversation could have been episode all its own.  Just those two coming to terms with how they feel.  It’s a pity that there aren’t six episodes, because that would have been great.  No joke, I would have been happy as a fucking clam with the episode just being what Max did in the alternate world and then her dealing with how she feels about it with Chloe.  The stuff that the greatest emotional scenes are made of.

But the thing that really gets me is the ending to this episode.  Chloe’s dead?!  This bugs me for one reason – I have spent so much time and effort building up this relationship.  But this episode really pushes that to the side.  They better bring this up in the last one.  Not even kidding, if the relationships of characters are not somehow addressed in the next episode, I am going to lose it.  I really saw a spark that was growing into a flame in Episode 3.  Though, I also saw the problem having to explain to Warren that I don’t see him the same way.  Which, by the way – does that plot go anywhere?  I guess not, given that the next episode is the apocalypse.

Really, though, what happened with Chloe has got me all worked up.  It makes me think of what’s happened with Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.  It’s like – Jefferson shot her in the forehead!  She’s dead.  For sure.  So, that vision she had, where she is at the lighthouse with Max?  How does that work?

And while we’re at it – what is up with this power of Max’s?  I was so convinced that Rachel had some connection to it. Especially since she was missing in the alternate timeline that Max created.  I thought that she must have some sort of connection with this power.  The reason why Max has it.  All of that is totally up in the air.  Really, that’s the last mystery to clear up.  We know who killed Rachel.  We don’t know why, but I’m sure that that will be addressed.  The apocalypse is nigh, so what’s the story with this power?  There had better be a good explanation as to what the story with this is, or I am going to lose it.

I love this game.  I like this episode.  But these questions aren’t going away.  They need answers.  Post haste.

Until next time, a quote,

“After doing everything I could to save my friend’s life, I don’t know if I can do this.”  -Max Caulfield, Life is Strange

Peace out,



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