Do ANY of These Culture Critics Get How Art Works? (A response to The Representation Project)

I’m starting to think that the Progressive Left doesn’t get how art works.  I’ve always known that the Tea Party Right doesn’t get it, but now I know that the hardcore left doesn’t either.  I cannot tell you the amount of times that I’ve heard Jack Thompson – I mean Anita Sarkeesian! – talk about how art influences culture.  Time after time, bad argument after bad argument (not one bit of which is EVER backed up be a credible source) is made to tell us all one thing – art influences life, and the influence is wrong.  Really, that argument was destroyed ages ago, by one of the greatest quotes in pwnage history.  Ironically, that quote was almost 30 years before the term existed.  Go figure.

Now, we have a group called “The Representation Project” who wants to throw their intellectually-bankrupt opinions into the public arena.  Well, I got some time to kill, and I think they are going to be today’s target.  I’ll share the video with you all, then we can talk about it.

First, I find it interesting how you are going after middle and high school boys.  It’s easy to look at those demographics and how violent and crazy they can be and make some analogy about masculinity.  The years when their hormones are tearing them apart, emotionally, physically, you name it.  When they are learning new things about themselves and  the world around them.  And it is a big part of one’s development.  Since you are going to rail against video games, I feel obliged to point out that the median age of gamers is now 25-35.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s a link to an ESA study that crunched the numbers.  Evidence.  I know, novel concept to the average social justice wanker.

Next, I love how you all immediately get on aggression and competitiveness as bad things.  Things are that central to male biology.  That’s not me talking.  That’s science.  We are a sexually dimorphic species.  Contrary to what the ill-informed SJWs will tell you, there are biological differences between men and women that go further than their genitals.  But no.  In your uninformed worldview, driven by gender studies classes, all of the things that men do when they are adolescents is just taught to them.  By movies and video games.  The stupidity in that statement is just baffling, to me.

And, of course, when you go after masculinity, it’s easy to find a thousand and one examples of FICTIONAL characters who display traits that are, to say the least, exaggerated.  For real, it is kind of funny how they are looking at comic book heroes and using that as a talking point for how masculinity affects teenage boys.  What teenage boy sees a comic book superhero and says, “yeah, I am going to be exactly like that!  I’ll have superpowers and fight villains!”  Forgive me for actually giving young men’s intelligence some credit.  Little kids seem superheroes and want to be them.  Teenage boys see that and want to be entertained.  They watch Michael Bay for explosions and tits.  They watch it so that their hormone-addled brains can have fun.  Even I, a pretentious pseudo-intellectual have enjoyed some pretty bad movies back in the day.  Like Independence Day.  Looking back, I can enjoy it now for the nostalgia and get a laugh out of how bad it is.  But not one time did I think to myself – I want to be Will Smith and fight aliens!  Because I wasn’t fucking 10!

Then we move on to shaming boys for liking boobs.  It’s funny, not even twenty years ago, the media could poke fun at being gay and it was viewed as passe.  Was it right for people to make fun of homosexuality?  No.  But overall, popular culture accepted it.  Now, heterosexuality is fair game.  Because if a boy thinks that a girl is hot, he obviously thinks of her as an object, right?  That’s totally how human sexuality works, right?  What’s that?  Human sexuality, intimacy and passion are more complicated than – “me see woman!  She object!”  You don’t say.

I just love how their argument for media affecting us is – look at advertising!  If media didn’t affect you, it would collapse!  It’s funny that you say that, because, if you look at hard data (something that none of the people in that video have ever done), advertising is collapsing.  We are living in a society that is bored, jaded, cynical, and has a culture that is dying from existential ennui.  But your best foot forward to show that media affects culture is advertising.  Wow.

Which, of course, leads us into video games.  The big prime target these days for all the evil in the world.  They even get a popular chick who plays games on YouTube to come out and trumpet their line, talking about how violent video games are teaching men how to be.

And that leads me to my point in all this – these people genuinely believe something that has been PROVEN to not be true.  What’s that?  They believe that life imitates art.  They genuinely believe this.  These dumb fuckers actually buy this line, even though there is not a SINGLE shred of evidence that this is the case.  Violent crime is the lowest it’s ever been.  Sex crimes, same deal.  In fact, all major forms of crime are down.  Before you start thinking that I’m about to make a correlation equals causation fallacy, I’m not.  But the reality is that as video games are getting more realistic, and movies get more violent and graphic, crime has been going down.  With this in mind, how on Earth can you POSSIBLY make the argument that this “masculinity” that is so wrong is detrimental to society?  In what way?  How?  I genuinely want to know.  If all crime is down and we live in a freer society than has ever been at any point in history, what is your argument that the masculinity in films, music, and video games is bad?

They don’t.  They really don’t.  The whole time this video is going, they just make broad, grand assumptions, without one shred of evidence of real-world problems.  Because these people are biased.  It’s easy to look at a school shooting and say, “violence in the media!”  It’s easy to see drug usage and say, “rap music!”  Because that’s what people like.  They like easy answers to the big problems.  If things get too complicated, then they might actually have to get off their fat ass and do something about it.  I know, just awful.  But thank god, the Progressive Left is here to tell them EXACTLY what they want to hear – that it’s being masculine.  That it’s being a man.  That men are the problem.  Of course we are.  Never mind the facts.  That just gets in the way of a good narrative.

Look at everything on Fox News – I mean MSNBC! –

And as for that quote, I think I’ll finish up this post with that.  Because, in one sentence, this man put all of this bullshit to rest.  What a hero.

Until next time, a quote,

“There are more love songs than anything else.  If songs really could make you do something, we’d all love one-another.”  -Frank Zappa

Peace out,



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