You Clearly Haven’t Been Paying Attention (A response to Cinelinx)

Now that the SJWs are losing all their ground on the war against gamers, they are backpedaling as fast as they possibly can.  Given how revisionist history is nothing new to these people, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Now, however, the new tactic that the SJW-friendly media has come up with is that gaming has finally decided to “grow up,” and is now “accepting female audiences.”  To actual gamers, this is a little bit of a strange thing to say, because gaming has always been cool with female gamers.  Always.  We’ve had great female protagonists who are cool, fun, smart, sexy, and proud of who they are.  They apologize to no one.  If that shouldn’t be something that feminists support, I don’t know what it.  Oh, wait, there’s the sexy part.  They don’t like that.  Because any woman who is in control of her sexuality is a bad thing, in the eyes of these people.  As we’ve seen from the slut-shaming that Sarkeesian did at this year’s E3, and in her “Women as Background Decoration” video.

Naturally, the media who does nothing but jerk these people off was more than happy to adopt this new narrative, eager as all get-out to abandon the old narrative of – fuck gamers, they’re misogynists.  Let’s take a look at one such publication, called Cinelinx.  Here’s a link to the article.  Now let’s talk about it.

The gaming industry has grown and expanded in so many ways that you expect there to be issues. One of the biggest issues the industry has faced recently is the female audience and how to include them. Games have included female characters in the most absurd ways you can think of, think old school comics of the 90’s, and a big group of gamers want actual female characters.

So, Samus Aran wasn’t a real female character?  Heather Mason wasn’t an “actual female character”?  I’m curious to know what your criteria is for what makes a good an actual or..fake (?) female character.  I get the feeling that any woman who is in touch with her sexuality is immediately excluded, by your criteria.  Fucking hypocrite.

This caused problems, why is it every time we pick up a game we have to play as a male character? Why can’t there be a game where female characters are not almost always, well, sex toys? Thankfully E3 2015 is heading in the right direction and we can see the industry cares.

Huh.  Do tell me – when has Bayonetta EVER been a sex toy?  You mess with her, she’s shooting magic up your ass and pulling out your spine through your butthole.  When was Female Shepherd a sex toy?  My Femshep is a badass who stand by her people.  Stern, but willing to listen.  She’s loyal to her friends, and deadly to her enemies.  But she’s not afraid to give people some tough love, like when I told the quarian fleet that I would sit back and watch them die if they kept this fight going with the geth.  It worked, and I got both fleets and a chance for two species to begin again.  Since you give no citations of what you mean, or no examples of your criteria for what does and does not constitute a “sex toy,” then I am just left to assume that, like every SJW, it’s any woman who is sexy and not ashamed of it.

What followed though is what became remarkable. Game after game we saw an emphasis by studios to include female characters in some way. More importantly, it came in positive ways. We saw female characters take the lead in Guerrilla Games new IP Horizon, Mirror’s Edge, Tomb Raider, and a new Xbox exclusive in Recore. It was subtle, but there was a mention of ID play testing Doom and one of the players was a female player, and guess what, the gameplay we saw was her gameplay. If it wasn’t females taking the stage to represent massive companies, then it was subtle additions to games. Call of Duty showcased a female avatar online, Assassin’s Creed has a female assassin, and Ubisoft showed off the extremely hyped The Division with a female player and character. Hell even Madden decided to finally add female audience members. This week all this kicks off with Batman Arkham Knight and Harley Quinn being a total badass.

Stick with me through another segment.  I’m going to beat the hell out of her argument.  Just a bit more.

In all of these games, the female characters were not weak. They were not a danzel in distress and they were not being “saved” all the time by a male characters. In every single instance these characters were strong and had leadership qualities, but a subtle touch of being a female.

Interesting.  Tell me, when have you seen this character be a damsel in distress?

EllieOr this one?

MilaOr maybe this one?

AquaWhen was the damseling moment for her?  Please, educate dumb ol’ Lucien on this.  It’s almost like you don’t play games!  Like you’re reading buzzwords that you lifted from other articles!  Like you watch Anita Sarkeesian’s videos and take everything she says at face value.  So, tell me – what does our journalistic integrity sell for?  Can I get in on that action?

When the “issue” first started, there was a divide. The video game industry is a male driven industry, it simply is. So game companies make games for that crowd, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t another audience standing by. Female players wanted to be heard, they wanted some characters to connect with, and I’d say they got them. Perfect timing too because the female audience is expanding and male audiences are becoming more accepting.

Yes, because women were TOTALLY not accepted before then, right?  Women were just lost from the conversation, because us MEN were controlling everything.  That’s the narrative we’re going with?  Okay.  That’s an outright lie, and you have NO evidence to back up what you say, but sure.  Let’s just go with that.  Let’s just “listen and believe.”  Take it on faith.  Because what’s the point of being skeptical when it might hurt someone’s wittle feewings.

To me, as a writer, it doesn’t really make a difference. If the story is great and the character fits the world, and we can get behind the character emotionally, I don’t see the issue. Sony supposedly debated allowing Guerilla Games to use a female protagonist in a new game, but they did anyways. I can see it from a business perspective being an issue because there is still a widespread theory of people not wanting to play as female characters. However E3 showed us that perhaps that theory is dying.

Wow.  Nice way to bash Sony.  Glad to see that there isn’t a citation there.  That would maybe lend some credibility to your baseless accusation that Sony is continuing some imaginary sexist trend.

Here’s the real truth, should they ever bother to actually learn something – gamers don’t care if a game has a female protagonist, so long as the game is good.  You even bring this up!  What the hell!  It’s like you get it, but you don’t want to listen.  That just baffles me.  Do you not see the hypocrisy you’re displaying.  The narrative that gaming has some problem with female protagonists is bullshit.  Yeah, there are a lot of guys are protagonists, but the typical audience for hardcore gaming (and this is still the case.  It’s been proven that the bulk of female gamers are into casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds and stuff like that) is men.  Again, sorry to break up this narrative that you don’t even bother to try and prove, but it needed to be done.

Are there still stereotypes that people may hate? Yes, but hardly any were highlighted at E3. There was only one hiccup during the Metal Gear presentation where the trailer randomly zoomed into some boobs, but luckily that was only there for the stream and not a conference. (But guess what, it’ll probably be a hot topic when the game releases…) There are stereotypes and issues on both sides. Trust me I agree. There are just as many extremely muscular guys with no shirts as there are girls with big bouncing boobs. It’s true, and sorry ladies some of those muscles simply don’t exist.

So, I was right.  You basically are just slut-shaming.  Good to know.  I’m glad that any character who is in touch with her sexuality is bad, to you.  You try and throw the other side a bone by addressing that there are a lot of guy muscular stereotypes.  But, it rings hollow to me.  Why?  Because, like EVERY other SJW I’ve seen, you make very sure to cut lesbian and bisexual women out of the conversation of sexual attraction with a character.  I guess that you choose to believe that they don’t partake of games.  I know two gay women who would punch you if you told them that they aren’t gamers.  So yeah, fuck you.

I’m not here to bring politics to the table or push the industry to force feed us female characters, or to make games that utilize them correctly against their will. I feel that, for a while now, we have highlighted time and time again that the industry hasn’t exactly been accepting to female fans. We see posts about it all the time. Every time a scantily dressed female character shows up in a game there are dozens of articles talking about how it’s wrong and how the industry needs to “grow up.”

And now I’m done with this article.  Why?  Because you just admitted that what’s been written here is click-bait.  You wrote this to get on a bandwagon and get clicks.  That’s the real enemy with SJW journalism.  This pathetic-ass writer decided to see what was trending, and then wrote and article where they could get on the boat and have people praise them for going with the flow.  It’s kind of pathetic.  But this is what Fifth Estate journalism has become.  It’s become an endless barrage of bandwagon-followers, who have no shred of integrity.  Not even enough to show that they know what the fuck they are talking about with a single citation of any context to why they think the way they do.  This author goes on to use Bayonetta and the Silence from Metal Gear Solid V to talk about gaming character that they see as bad.  The go-to characters for how “sexualized” women are in gaming.

SJW journalism is lazy journalism.  See, I bet you good money that this person doesn’t buy into half the shit they just said.  Not even that.  It’s just like when Nightline when after GamerGate.  It was a hit-piece, designed to get clicks.  That’s what this is.  It’s a way to promote a new line, for people who want to appear “progressive,” while at the same time backing away sharply from the narrative that made GamerGate explode into a cultural movement, that now works to watch-dog the industry.  Fuck this sub-par “reporting.”  Fuck this publication.  Lazy, pathetic losers…

Until next time, a quote,

Failure is not our only punishment for laziness; there is also the success of others.”  -Jules Renard

Peace out,



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