The Ego on These People is AMAZING… (A response to Silicon Republic)

After the disasters at E3 and game developers like Gilles Matouba coming forward and stepping up against them, SJWs are not feeling the love, these days.  As is typical with them, now that the gaming industry and not just the players has a bone to pick with them, they are trying to piggy-back on the frustration that gamers like me have with the industry, and use that to sell a new narrative – gamers are great.  The industry is the problem.  I recently watched a video on Screw-Attack where Bob Chipman (the most lonely man in the world, if you ever watch his videos where he plays all the characters) where he talked about how great gaming is and how gamers are just tops.  Then there was that article by Kotaku about all gamers are the best gamers of last year.  Revisionist history is nothing new to SJWs.  Indeed, going where they think the wind blow is par for the course, with them.  Not one of them has a spine, so yeah.

Now, entering the ring is, who else – Brianna Wu!

Oh, wait, that’s not right.  That’s the reaction that she seems to genuinely believe she gets.  Let’s amend this to be a little more accurate.

There we go!  That’s more fitting.  After having been shown to be all cashed in at the talent bank, and doing anything she possibly can to stay even a little bit relevant, Wu has gotten another 5th Estate publication to kiss her ass.  It’s getting more than a little sad, at this point.  The publication is called Silicon Republic.  Here’s a link to the article.  Let’s talk about it.

Entrepreneur, engineer and games developer Brianna Wu looks back on the whole Gamergate controversy as being reflective of a wider problem in the video games industry and not just the players.

Right out of the gate with the ass-kissing.  Very nice.

“I don’t necessarily blame the players for Gamergate – I think they were responding to a culture that is set from the top down. They are swimming in a toxic ocean – when women are not represented in games and game media tells the players we don’t belong there.”

Like all these women, and the dozens more who work in the industry.  Yup.  Sure.  Maybe, and I’m just throwing this out here, what Wu says is bullshit  And the truth is that there are plenty of women in the industry to.  Women who are passionate and thrilled to be part of it.  Sure, some of them make bad decision, like Kellee Santiago when she left thatgamecompany to work with Ouya (bet she’s kicking herself right now), but that’s the nature of the game.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  And I hope that Santiago lands on her feet from the fallout.  I remember that Ted Talk she did where she argued that video games are art.  Good stuff.

She is a well-known entrepreneur in the US games industry where she heads up her own video games company Giant Spacekat. Passionate about games and gaming, Wu is also a respected commentator who writes and produces podcasts about the games industry.

Respected?!  By who?!  Oh, right, the SJW community.  People who read The Mary Sue.  Those types.  Yeah, I’ll just log that away with the rest of the bullshit.

Her passion became a trial and torment in October 2014 when Wu tweeted about sexism in video game culture and ridiculed Gamergate advocates for “fighting an apocalyptic future where women are eight percent of programmers and not three percent”.

It’s moments like these where citations are a great thing.  Because, a citation would help validate this argument.  A citation would help make it clear that there is a point.  Instead, without one, it looks like she’s full of shit.  But GamerGate has been pretty good about archiving everything.  Because we don’t want the SJW censorship machine to roll over us.  We want there to be standing evidence of what’s been done.  As such, there are videos by GG supporters that I can find where they say that more women in the industry is a great thing.  So yeah.

What followed was an indescribable litany of abuse and harassment, where Wu began receiving multiple, specific rape and death threats and her personal details and address were published online, forcing her to flee her home.

LIE! (linked here)

Wu, along with game developer Zoe Quinn and feminist cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian, were subjected to a sustained campaign of misogynistic attacks that were coordinated across online forums, including Reddit, 4chan and 8chan, using the #Gamergate hashtag. The women experienced doxing – the publication of personal documents online – rape threats and even the threat of a mass shooting at a university speaking event.

Let the white-knighting begin!

My parents bought a Nintendo entertainment system in 1985 and they lost me. The moment I played Super Mario Bros 2 where you can play as Princess Peach… I was just gone.

Like EVERY other SJW, she has to establish her credibility with Nintendo.  I’m not gonna say that that isn’t the way it was with man of us.  Not me.  My first gaming system was a Sega Genesis.  Yeah, let that sink in.  I’m that fucking old.  Sad-making.  But it always feels like this is a way to establish credibility.  Not to mention, her first game has to be something that made her “just gone.”  My first game was Echo the Dolphin, and that game pissed me off, because it’s fucking difficult.  I don’t deny, when I got an N64, and then played Ocarina of Time on it, I was pretty stoked.  But it still feels false when Wu says that the first game she played was some great cathartic experience.  If it weren’t the fact that we have proof that Wu is a pathological liar, I might be willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.  Not everyone can have the child-like love for Nintendo that Movie Bob has.

“If a girl is aged one, two or 15, think about all the social pressures they are under – they are discouraged from technology but inculcated into beauty culture.

“Being an engineer is about being in peer groups of other engineers, with approaches to problem-solving, but the truth is girls from zero to 16 are not seeing this. It is intimidating to study engineering in college where the majority of the class are boys and then you go out and try to get your first job in a male-dominated industry.”

I just love these things where Wu talks about how girls are just afraid to get into the industry.  Nice way to cut women out of the discussion.  Again, there isn’t a single link to back any of this up.  After all, who would know more about women than Wu?  Talking to other women?  That’s stupid.  You’re stupid!  And a misogynist, for saying that Wu doesn’t now everything.  Man, these people and their ego.  But don’t worry.  We’re getting to the really big example of astounding ego.  Trust me, it will blow you away.

Moving from unconscious bias to conscious bias, Wu is happy to discuss Gamergate. “We can talk about it, it doesn’t bother me.”

Of course it doesn’t.  So long as you don’t get asked even the mildest difficult question ever, like when you fled the David Pakman Show.  Look up that video.  For real, it’s not a couple minutes into the interview, and she flees.  A work of art, it is.

“When women don’t make games it tells the players we don’t belong there.

Citation, please.

“When women are primarily represented as sex objects professionally, it tells the players that we don’t belong there.

Citation?  Any citation?  Any at all?

I express surprise that the average age of the people that Wu has legal cases with is 36. These are grown men, many with jobs, with families. What on earth were they doing issuing death and rape threats?

God, are you just averse to any kind of supporting evidence?  Does context scare you people?  If this stuff is so prevalent, then finding evidence should be right there.  Why not share some of that with your viewership?  I’m a loser on WordPress and I can link in stuff without any trouble.  How about it?

“The US is a gun-happy culture, it’s a dangerous place. And I have this mob telling people all day long that Brianna Wu is the worst person on Earth – that is basically inciting mob violence. It terrifies me because it could only be a matter of time before someone gets the wrong idea.

See what I mean about ego?  Wu, nobody cares about you!  After you trolled yourself on you own Steam page we all just wrote you off as the pathetic hack that you are.  Now, because nobody even wants to look at your ghoulish face anymore or gives your stupidity the time of day, you are going to pathetic publications like this, desperate to have someone, anyone, try and notice you again.  It’s really sad, if you think about it.

“I am unwilling to work in an industry where women can be terrorised out of their jobs so casually by a mob. It has got to change and it has had a terrible effect on my husband, my company and my friends.

So, you’re leaving?  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

But change is happening, despite the efforts of Gamergate advocates, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine textbooks in 10 years time where, along with Sarkeesian and Quinn, Wu will be remembered for standing up to Gamergate and changing game culture.

Oh my god!  I gotta remember to breathe!  This is what I wanted to get to.  Sorry it took so long to get here.  This line!  Yes, these women are so awesome that there will be a textbook about them!  What kind of pathetic sycophants are you, Silicon Republic?  This is just hilarious!  Did the writer of this article get promised that she would take him to dinner?  This kind of confirms something I’ve believed about publications that support SJW culture.  They are run by sad little betas who desperately want any woman to give them affection.  Even if it’s just a cookie for being a good boy.

To my mind, the golden age of console gaming was a decade ago when games like Halo 2 and Halo 3 were making way for Call of Duty: Modern Combat. But these were mainly shooters that appealed to a certain machismo. As new consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have arrived, gaming is just like it was a decade ago, only with fancier graphics and effects.

Huh.  Clearly this person never played Journey, The Last of Us, Life is Strange, and the list goes on of games that are unique and buck the trend.  Or look at the vast throwback games to old-school 2D platformers.  That list is endless.  Sure, the newest consoles are having it pretty rough.  But this year’s E3 showed that there are signs that hope may yet exist.  It’s out there, and that makes me happy.

Wu is super-excited about the onset of the Oculus VR technology, but wants to see the dynamics of games change from shooters to more intelligent, articulate and conversational games.

So, she wants companies that are having enough trouble making quality games to just abandon their target audience?  That’s not me talking.  That’s the money.  Grand Theft Auto V was the highest grossing game of all time.  Halo 4 premiered to more money than many Hollywood blockbusters.  You think that game companies just pull numbers out of the ether to justify creating games the way they do?  They have hard data, from marketing research firms that do more heavy lifting than your lazy ass, Wu.  But, again, as I’ve a thousand times – if you want more of these kinds of games, then make them!  Stop demanding that the fucking industry do what your lazy fucking self is unwilling to do.  If you cannot do, don’t demand that others do for you.  I make demands of people who write game stories all the time, and you know what, if I had a chance to be on a team of story-writers for a game company, I’d be all over that like stink on cheese.

Wu is hoping that she could bring about a change in games culture where it isn’t all about how many rounds are left in your gun, but your wits and emotional intelligence. She wants to unleash a new generation of games where narrative and conversation will go hand-in-hand with the power of graphics and processors to create games of breathtaking beauty.

I guess she’s never played The Last of Us, or Bioshock Infinite.  Games that proved that good story-telling can go with gunplay hand-in-hand.  No surprise.

And that’s all I have to say.  Silicon Republic, when you’re done kissing Wu’s ass, I have a piece of advice for ya – citations are your friend.  And don’t give a platform to people who I’m sure like that you said that they’ll be in textbooks.  Sarkeesian is too big a con artist to believe that, but Wu is just crazy enough to buy it.  She’s a believer.  She listened, and believed.

Until next time, a quote,

I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.”  -H.L. Mencken

Peace out,



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