SIONR: Evangelion 3.33 DVD Release – Late 2015/Early 2016?! The F*CK?!

I’m about to have a nerdy, pissy moment where I just rant about something that bugs me.  If that isn’t what you’re into, I’d recommend reading other things.  But this just pisses me off.  There was a joke on a Reddit forum that said, “12th Impact will happen before this movie gets released.”  I like that.  It’s kinda funny.  But it’s only kinda funny, because the cruel reality is that it might be true.  Ugh!

In a release in FUNimation’s Twitter (linked here), they said that they were looking for a release in late 2015/early 2016.  I am calling bullshit on this!  Why the delay?  What’s the problem.  Well, I put my journalism skills to the test, and did a little digging.  It seems that the creator of the series didn’t like the dub, so FUNimation is redoing it from the group up.  Can I just put out there how much bullshit it is that that guy has this kind of power over a film that already completed!  It was released in theaters, here in America, in ENGLISH!  Don’t like the dub?  Too fucking bad!  The product was made!  You can get your panties in a bunch all you like.  Creative license should count for something, should it not?  Oh, right, this guy is a fucking god to fanboys/girls of the franchise, so of course his opinion has to carry so much weight.

I don’t know what pisses me off more about this.  What is it about Japanese production companies and how pissy they get about stuff.  Whether it be Kotaku and their need to kick dirt at Hideo Kojima as he leaves, or the endless bullshit that comes from Square Enix, what it is about Japanese entertainment companies that makes them so fussy about the smallest things?  This movie was completed 2 years ago.  It should have been out by now!  Yet they didn’t, because the series creator doesn’t like the dub?  Fuck that guy!  Sometimes, a series has to do some creative work with a dub.  Why?  Because otherwise, to American audiences, it doesn’t sound right.  If you translate a lot of things straight from Japanese to English, you’d get some really weird sentences.  ADR directors who can take creative license and make an anime series/film sound good should be respected.

Although, this isn’t the first time that this franchise has had to get its panties in a bunch, is it?  Remember how the original series ended?  That was terrible.  All because the show ran out of money.  So, the ending was pretentious and stupid.  Everything wrong with that show was tied up in the final three episodes.  Ah, but they had a movie made!  Finally, the creator’s vision could be brought to life like never before!  Oh, yeah, that was even more pretentious.  Between all the segments that had Shinji on the train, and the ENDLESS talks about how sad Shinji is, the third act of the series was just awful.

So yeah, for those who wanted to own this movie and financially support it (I have nothing against piracy, but I believe in buying things when you want to support the companies that make them.  But if you want to make things easy, no judgment here), you get to wait potentially another year.  Ah, but what happens if Anno doesn’t like the next dub?  How long are we going to cater to his pretentious ass?  You tell me.

Until next time, a quote,

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”  – John Ruskin

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “SIONR: Evangelion 3.33 DVD Release – Late 2015/Early 2016?! The F*CK?!

    • I nearly wasn’t, but the Rebuild films have been excellent so far. Hence why it is so frustrating that the third is so delayed…

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