You’re In It For the Victimhood. A Trans-Victim, Then? (A response to Rachel Dolezal)

The first time that I heard that name Anita Sarkeesian, I didn’t think much over her.  This was back in the days when I was young, not long into college, and she seemed like just another person on Twitter and Tumblr who had to be a victim of some contrived conspiracy against her.  Some vague pseudo-deity called the “patriarchy.”  Nobody seemed to watch her stuff, so I figured that whoever she was, nobody would care.  Through her, I came to understand a group of people who are the most devious, malicious, twisted basket-cases that anyone can meet.  People who trade on victimhood.  Their “oppression” becomes their entire life.  Outside of that, there is nothing.  Everything is against them.  Everything is a trap.  Everything is the rest of the world’s fault.

When I thought about how far these people would go in their need to be victims, I figured that, eventually, we’d have some pretty hilarious trolls.  Like people who claimed to be chairkins, or have Hitler and Anne Frank as head-mates.  Or maybe even someone who claims to be trans-black.  Like, they would go REALLY far out of their way to convince the rest of the world and even themselves that they’re black.  But that’s all parody and satire, right?  You wouldn’t see some pasty white idiot try and make themselves into a black person, right…?

Wrong!  It seems that someone did just that.  And based on the hordes of evidence that is coming out, it looks like she did it so she could cash in on victimhood.  Yeah, this is one of THOSE stories.  It’s getting to a point where SJWs are impossible to parody.  They are a parody of themselves, at this point.  I genuinely can’t think of a way to make them look stupider than they already do.  Enter Rachel Dolezal, the head of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Washington.

This story has it all.  Lies, lies, and even bigger lies to cover those lies.  And when the lies get too big.  When the Jenga tower becomes so massive that it no longer can sustain its shape due to the weight of the lies.  The confrontation when her lies are unmasked is the stuff of legends.  The look on her face when she realizes that she’s been busted, and how fast she ran away from that interview was priceless.  Let’s really dive into this person.

The first thing to know is that, like any good con artist, she had to work long and hard to make this persona her own.  Years of darkening her pasty skin and making her hair curly.  Part of me admires the dedication.  It takes a lot of work to be a good con artist.  Or, well, maybe she isn’t a con artist.  See, there is a part of me that is conflicted.  Part of me that wonders.  To really talk about why I wonder, I’m going to draw some parallels between Dolezal and Sarkeesian.  Bear with me.  This has a point.

Not for two seconds do I believe that any of the trolling remarks that get said to Anita Sarkeesian bother her.  Not one.  She’s built her entire career around them.  Before the trolls found her,she was a nobody on YouTube.  Nobody cared what she had to say.  But, like Dolezal, she was a patient con artist.  She knew that playing the SJW game would pay off, in the end.  And pay off it has.  Over $300,000, last year.  Not a bad take, for a person whose entire catalog of doing things involves making videos and giving talks about how awful video games are.  At least PewDiePie plays the games he makes a shit-ton of money off of.  But what about Dolezal?  Does what people say bother her?  I think so.  Why?  Because of how she got where she is.

There is a key difference between Sarkeesian and Dolezal’s approach to entering the victimhood game.  Sarkeesian has been so utterly diligent to avoid a situation where she will EVER have to be asked a hard question by someone in the media.  Her work to do this has been so studious that it is a little impressive.  Some people may say that Sarkeesian has never done a hard day’s work in her life, but to be honest, I think that she busts her ass.  She busts her ass to avoid any holes in her armor.  Not to people like me and you, of course.  We see through her bullshit.  No, her armor has to be impenetrable to her supporters.  If anyone from her camp realizes how full of shit she is, then the game’s up, and she lost.  But let’s look at Dolezal.  Instead of being some “pop culture critic,” she actually went into a field of employment that’s public.  She is the head of an NAACP chapter.  That’s a very open space, where one is in danger of being outed.  That seems like a hell of a risk for a simple con artist to take, doesn’t it?  It feels like something a believer does.

Next, there is the level of dedication to establishing a persona.  Dolezal didn’t need to go this far.  Sarkeesian is proof of that.  Simply adopt a mentality and a personal look and you got it.  Gold hoop earrings, plain shirt and a meticulously maintained appearance of the girl down the block.  That’s all she would have had to do.  But she went through great pains to become a woman of color.  I have no doubt that she wanted to be a victim.  Sure, there was a game at play here.  But I don’t think that it came from being a con artist.  I think that she wanted to be a victim.  All of this effort was so that she could feel the “oppression” that black people feel (obligatory statement that I do acknowledge that there is racism in this world, but if you are going to sit there and tell me that it’s as bad as the Jim Crow days, then you can fuck off).

But this brings us to another difference.  For Sarkeesian, the “oppression” was easy to find.  A few dozen troll comments and she has her narrative.  It’s that simple.  Then, exploiting the easily-led and simple audience that she has earned her daily bread from, she has a narrative that can be upheld without any hardship.  Dolezal, on the other hand, found out that being black can have some negative consequences, but overall, it was just like being most anyone else.  Racism is real.  No argument from me.  But, like sexism, it happens from a growing minority of people.  So, what to do?  If you aren’t the victim of some active form of victimhood, then what do you do?  Easy – you fabricate.  Through dedication, Dolezal was able to create the victimhood that she had longed for all her life.

I wonder what got her to that point.  With Sarkeesian, it was being a smart opportunist who saw her way to cash in and become rich.  With Dolezal, I doubt that we’ll ever know.  Check out the link above.  When she saw that her game was up, she ran away from that interview so fast.  It would have been funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic.  My theory, she saw a community of people (SJWs) and the endless victim parade that they got.  She saw the black people in that group and how they were able to make it sound like they were so oppressed.  This oppression gave them special status.  Here she was, a pasty-ass white girl who never really felt special, and now she had a way to live a dream.  People would acknowledge her, and she could do good for this group of people that she genuinely believes are oppressed to the enth degree.  She’s a believer.  In order for her belief to not be challenged, she went out of her way to set up a lie that nobody would challenge, for fear of being called racist.

Now, however, the lie has been undone  Dolezal is going to lose her place in the black community.  But maybe she is going to find the victimhood that she always desired.  After all, she is already getting support from people who call themselves “TransBlack.”  So, a happy ending?  Maybe.  Take that for what you will.

Until next time, a quote,

“A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Peace out,



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