You Shed the Blood of Saxon Men, and You Earned Your Rest

Today, one of the greatest actors who will be remembered for one role, when the truth is that this man should be remembered for so much more.  Christopher Lee was one of those actors whose talents were used all over the place.  He wasn’t above doing something strange, because he could.  He wasn’t above doing what he felt was a good idea, even if it was ridiculous.  This guy recorded fucking metal, in his 80’s!  Metal that talks about history!  That’s fucking awesome!  Using heavy metal to tell the story of Charlemagne.  I am so impressed by this man.  Everyone’s talking about Sarumon, but for me, the man that I remember was so much different.  He wore a cloak of red and hid his face, until the moment was right.  But first, look at this fucking video!

God is he cool!  There are not words to describe how cool he is!  Even in the corniest of music videos, he’s still epic.  Telling a true story about a fucking maniac who ethnically cleanse a ton of people.  I have so much respect for this man.  Much the same as Vincent Price, he wasn’t given nearly the respect he deserved throughout his life, but perhaps, in passing, he finally shall.

There are a lot of roles that I can talk about.  He’s been in a TON of movies!  This man’s acting career goes all over the place.  Given the fact that he is tall and foreboding as fuck, he tends to be the ominous character in stuff.  But he also has a voice that was made for another market.  Sadly, I only ever got to hear that voice once in said market.  Let me tell you about a character called “DiZ.”

DiZIn the Kingdom Hearts series, this character was a very secretive one.  He worked in secret, to destroy Organization XIII.  Indeed, he had a very serious bone to pick with the Organization, didn’t he?  Anger and hate drove him.  Hate that became consuming.  It is inevitably revealed, in the final level of Kingdom Hearts II that DiZ wasn’t always a man hiding his face.  There was a time when he was a man that had been one of the wisest and driven of scientists, eager to learn the secrets of all world.  He had been Ansem the Wise.  However, when his apprentice, Xehanort, and those who followed him began to question the nature of the darkness, they unleashed upon all worlds the Heartless.  However, it seemed that his betrayal had method.  Having been cast down and turned on by those he trusted, he waited in the shadows for years.  Concocting a revenge against them.  As is common in the Kingdom Hearts universe, the key was Sora.  That one innocent was meant to make his revenge work.

However, he realized just how much he had to learn, as Sora becoming an active force unraveled everything he had worked for.  In the final level, his last moment, the man realizes just how little he truly understood about the Heart, and the power that it gives people.  The final confrontation between Xemnas and DiZ is one of the most emotionally charged that has ever been.  And only the voice of Christopher Lee could make it come true.  That gentle, yet stern voice was the only one that could have confronted the cold darkness that was Xemnas and the rest of the Organization.

The world of acting has lost one of its best.  He shed the blood of Saxons, and destroyed a heart-shaped moon.  This man was something special

Until next time, a quote,

“I’m a fool.  I spent years studying the workings of the heart, yet it seems like I still haven’t learned a thing.”  -DiZ, Kingdom Hearts II

Peace out,



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