You People are Cowards (A response to The Guardian)

There’s a phrase that has been making its way around the Internet for the last few years.  Each year, it seems to get more and more respected.  This phrase has been used by the most cowardly, intellectually-bankrupt crowd that exists – hipsters.  More specifically – hipster feminists.  The phrase is – check you privilege.  Given what I have seen it used in application for, here is my definition, Urban Dictionary style.

Check Your Privilege

1) A statement used by people who wish the silence the opinions of those they disagree with. 2) A way to bolster a weak argument without having to address the other side.

That’s the phrase, in a nutshell.  Every person who uses it is a coward who can’t stand up to scrutiny. Pretty much the definition of third-wave feminism and social justice wankerdom.  It defies comprehension.  Why do I bring this up?  I bring it up because the Internet is full of PC cowards whose ridiculous views can’t hold up to scrutiny.  And the moment they have real scrutiny thrown at them, they do everything they can to silence their opponents, without having to stand up to that scrutiny and justify their beliefs.  Now, I know what you’re thinking –

Come on, Lucien, that’s just Twitter and Tumblr SJWs.  You don’t see respectable groups pulling this shit!

Au contraire, mon amis.  In fact, we see mainstream publications embracing cowardly silencing tactics.  Like The Guardian, who decided to attack someone who shamed and humiliated a video they made in the most juvenile way possible – a copyright claim.

There is a YouTuber called Sargon of Akkad.  He has a weekly video series called “This Week in Stupid,” where he examines news stories that show the dumbest segments of first world society.  They are fun to watch, and, as you can imagine, The Guardian has been on his list more than once.  The let Jessica Valenti write for them, after all.  Who is really surprised?  But for them to embrace the most cowardly and pathetic method of silencing criticism just makes them look so worthless and ethically bankrupt.

In addition to his “This Week in Stupid” videos, Sargon will sometimes go after individual targets, and those videos are fun to watch too.  Like a recent video responding to something The Guardian put out about Africa, and why the don’t want any aid or anything like that.  Because what we all think about Africa is so wrong.  I think I’ll let Sargon say the rest of this…

Wow.  That’s REALLY stupid.  Like, top-tier stupid.  It’s like this woman wants the news to just ignore…the news.  And The Guardian posted this.  A news outlet posted a video where a black lady complained that the news reports the news that comes out of Africa.  Now, if you want to argue that the news only focuses on the negative, I would agree with you.  But here’s the thing – positive news isn’t that interesting.  Unless there is a video with cats, positive news just doesn’t do much for people.  Is that fair?  Probably not.  But that’s how it is.  That’s how it’s always been.  Even in the days when the news had some dignity, they still reported the negative shit, because that was what people needed to know.  Do you want to know if there is a fire down the road from you?  Of course you do.  The news is the news.  That’s what it is.

But let’s not get into what that lady was saying.  That’s stupid enough on its own.  Sargon tore that video a new one, as it so rightly deserved.  Now, instead of just taking their licks and not caring what a YouTube personality thinks, the way that Fox News does.  For real, when was the last time they went after a YouTuber for what they say about them?  But The Guardian is a left-leaning publication.  So, they have to get their butthurt up.  Say what you will about conservatives (I do), at least they don’t make everything into a juvenile ideological fatwa.

Instead of just letting Sargon be, they had to go after his video and make a copyright claim against it.  The video has, as you can see, been restored, but it is in the doing of it that we see just how bankrupt and worthless a publication they are.

I’m going to address you directly, Guardian.  I really want to know – what do you think it says about you and the quality of your work that you can’t even handle the smallest inkling of scrutiny?  What kind of respect do you think you’re going to garner if you treat every ideological ass-kicking (which is what you got, let’s be fair.  Sargon took you to town and anyone who isn’t an SJW knows it.  That’s why you went after that video in the first place) like it has to be silence.  Do you have so little faith in your audience that you have to block every dissenting voice?  Well, you do let Jessica Valenti write for you.  I suppose that this shouldn’t surprise me.

What you did was not the act of someone who has integrity.  It was the act of a coward.  Your entire publication is filled with cowards.  Cowards who will DMCA a video on YouTube because it disagrees with you.  That’s who you have writing for you.  Of course, this is nothing new for you, is it?  Any time anyone disagrees with what you say on your articles, they get banned.  Everything you publish is now in an echo chamber of agreement.  Oh, I can hear it now –

We only silence the opinions of people who harass others!  If someone disagrees in a respectful way, then we will allow them to comment.

Okay.  What constitutes harassment?  When someone uses a naughty word?  Like ‘fuck’ or ‘you’?  Or maybe it’s when a person brings evidence to the table that you are wrong.  That’s what Sargon did.  He used footage from your video, splicing in his own footage (which is covered by Fair Use, by the way) and totally beat that woman’s argument to death.

It really hurts to see what journalism has become.  When I first went into college, I had such high hopes.  I admit, I was ignorant.  I hadn’t seen what this profession had become.  If it weren’t for my critical nature, I might have bought into this SJW indoctrination.  But I came out the other side, and now I feel like such a fool for getting my degree in it.  Thank god for the public communication side of my major.  Without it, I would be totally fucked.  Like The Guardian.

Until next time, a quote,

“I do this real moron thing, and it’s called thinking. And apparently I’m not a very good American because I like to form my own opinions.”  – George Carlin

Peace out,



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