SIONL: Game of Thrones Episode: Dance of the Dragons

So. Much. Awesome!  I love this episode so much.  It really brought things to a fever pitch.  Though, it also had some rage buttons pressed, from a character who I thought was better than what he ended up becoming.  Though there was also a disappointing bit.  I suppose I’ll start with the negative stuff before I get into the positive.  As before, I’m going to be spoiling the shit out of this episode, so consider yourself warned.

First, the stuff in Dorne has been REALLY underwhelming.  I heard that the Sand Snakes were badass warriors in the books.  In the show, everything involving them is just sad.  I had such high hopes for the fight between them and Jaime and Bronn.  That was built up so much, and it was underwhelming.  These characters were supposed to have been badass sisters.  Yet, they are petty, squabble, and have none of the badassery that I heard so much about.  It’s kind of a bummer, really.  So much wasted potential.  Everything in Dorne was just sad, and I am not unhappy that it is ending.  For real, fuck these people.  They are all boring.

Next – fuck Stannis!  I hate this guy so much!  Ugh!  He lets that evil red-haired bitch convince him to burn his own daughter alive, and for what?!  So he can take Winterfell.  That’s it.  All of this, just so he can take one city.  In an earlier episode, Brienne said that she was going to kill Stannis, as revenge for Renley.  I hope she does!  This guy is such a piece of shit!  I hope she runs Oathkeeper through his skull and then we get to watch that evil red-head burn.  There’s a fitting form of justice.  They built Stannis up as a man trying to be a good father.  He loved his daughter.  For him to just murder her, all for this need for the Iron Throne, it just is enraging.  For real, I want this guy to die.  It would be SO cathartic if it’s Brienne, and before he dies, she tells him that it was for Renley.  So he can know that all his plotting and scheming with that conniving bitch was what got him to that place.  Or, if it isn’t her, I hope it’s Davos.  Stannis even sent him away so he wouldn’t convince him otherwise.  I hope Davos runs that red-haired cunt through.  Watch her Red God save her then.  Ugh!

Though, there was some awesome stuff.  The fact that the head of the Rangers, Alister Thorne, let Jon Snow and the wildlings through the Gate at the Wall was awesome.  It showed some loyalty.  The guy hates Snow, but I think that even he is starting to realize what’s coming, and he isn’t stupid.  He knows that they are going to need all the help they can get.  Also, seeing that giant again – awesome!  For real, I REALLY hope we get to see some more awesome moments with that guy.  He’s one of my new favorites, and I don’t even know his name.

But on to some of the greater stuff.  First, that line from Doran when Bronne gets punched in the face by his hired muscle.  For as boring as the stuff in Dorne is, that joke was just awesome.  That was a pimp-hand moment.  I like this giant black fellow.  He is kind of a boss, and he knows it.  Then there was that bit where he comes to get Bronne, and is asked, “am I going to like what’s at the end of this walk?”  To which the guy just says,  “You’ll know when you get there.

Then there was EVERYTHING that happened at the Fighting Pits in Mereen.  That was awesome!  First, Jorah finally gets his redemption, and shows off what a badass warrior he is.  It looked like he was going to die, for a second, but he came back swinging.  He then throws a spear into a Son of the Harpy.  And they are back!  Man, they picked the perfect time to make their move.  A massive slaughter of the populace.  That was nuts!  But, Jorah gets to redeem himself again, by helping to save the woman he loves.  There is a moment between them, where they meet eyes and you can see that Daenerys has some feelings for him too, but doesn’t know what to do with them.  Her emotions are all mixed up.

The battle with the Sons of the Harpy was ten kinds of awesome!  You even get to see Tyrion have another badass moment!  I love how he has become very comfortable with killing.  Watching him shank a SotH with a knife, to save Missandie was just awesome.  I have no doubt that he is gaining new respect with people.  Dany is going to owe him big time, for saving the woman who is her personal servant and close confidant.  Tryion has an interesting habit of proving himself in the thick of battle.  Everything that’s happening with him cements that he is going to be with Daenerys to the end of the series.  He’s too much of a boss to kill off, at this point.

Finally – Drogon shows up and puts the Sons of the Harpy to the torch!  That was so awesome!  Listening to them scream as dragon-fire consumed them was one of the most cathartic things I’ve ever seen.  I’ve been wanting to see the dragons really get a chance to show off their man-slaying prowess, and this gave that beautiful black monster the chance to do just that.  So cool.

This episode was great.  Sure, there were some rage-buttons.  When I heard Shireen screaming for her father to stop, I kept imaging Brienne running that son of a bitch through, over and over again.  I want him dead!  And sure, the Sand Snakes stuff was boring.  Here’s hoping that they get a chance to shine in the future.  But just like the last episode, it was all worth it for the last 20 minutes.  Everything about that arena scene was the greatest thing.  From everyone giving Hizdar shit, to Jorah redeeming himself, and Drogon coming in to turn the Sons of the Harpy into deep-fried killers.  After having seen brothers and sisters get turned into funeral pyres by a dragon, they are going to have a LOT harder of a time recruiting for their cause.  Not to mention, I refuse to believe that Daenerys isn’t going to be putting as much of them as she can find to the torch.  Shit’s about to get REAL in Mereen.

The last episode is coming, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Let me know what you think in the Comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“I think my father would have liked you, Hizdar.”  – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Peace out,



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