Caitlyn Jenner…Who Cares?

That’s a legit question.  Who cares?  Better question – why?  Why do you care what this woman has done with her life?  What business is it of yours?  I don’t.  I don’t give two fucks what this person did or why they did it.  If becoming a woman makes Caitlyn happy, good for her.  That’s the beginning and end of my belief that my opinion means something about this issue.  Just like, when Ellen Page came out as gay, my thoughts were – good for her.  I am a little jealous of the women she gets with, but other than that, whatever.  She’s cute.  And can apparently juggle.  You all see that video?  Ellen Page juggling, and doing very well at it.  Weird, isn’t it?  Still, cool to watch.

Rather than pile on with the Internet having a field day with this, I have another perspective to bring to the table.  With EVERY major news network talking about this, you’d think that Caitlyn Jenner coming out was the biggest piece of news to ever happen.  But does this really matter?  Why is everyone so focused on it?  Well, with most of the news, it’s pretty obvious – click-bait.  Articles about Caitlyn Jenner get a TON of clicks.  She’s hot news in the third degree.  Pathetic politicians like Mick Huckabee make tasteless jokes about “pretending” that he believed that he was a girl, and could have gotten into the girl’s showers at his high school.  Classy, Mike.  The news loves this because it is a guarantee of clicks, which brings in money.  The news is a tired old whore that tells you what it thinks you want to hear anyway, so why the fuck not?

But what is the Internet’s obsession?  It’s not hard to see why the SJWs are all over this.  See, in their mind, it’s not enough to be gay or trans or a woman.  No, you have to be elevated.  They don’t want equality.  They want worship..  They want to be treated like queens, because they aren’t one of those EVIL cis white-males.  The day that they actually want true equality is the day that my head explodes.  True equality is when someone tells you that they’re gay and your reaction is, “neat.  Gonna pass me the popcorn or what?”  Real equality is when people outside your friend network don’t give two fucks about whether or not you fuck someone of the same gender.  It’s the reason why the Internet at large not caring about Ellen Page’s coming-out video was a good thing.  It was a sign that the lesbian and gay community have gotten a vast amount of cultural acceptance.

Who wouldn’t be behind that?  Oh, right, the SJWs are people who live in hug-boxes.  They have to be told how awesome and beautiful and wonderful they are all fucking day.  That’s the world they live in.  They have to have special rooms at colleges where they can go and play with Play-D-Oh and watch puppy videos when they feel sad.  They are incapable of dealing with rejection, lack of concern or people who think that they aren’t the most amazing and beautiful thing to ever exist.  Being special is something that they have to have put on a mountain and worshipped.  They are ponykins and have headmates and autistic.  God forbid that they are just another boring fuck, like everyone else.

To them, this is something to get enraged and scream about.  There was a guy on Facebook who posted, “if you aren’t trans, don’t talk about Caitlyn Jenner.”  Who the fuck are you to dictate who can have an opinion?  Because you have your special trans badge, we should defer to you?  No, I’m talking about her now, and here’s my thoughts – I don’t care.  I have no reason to care.  Neither do you!  You aren’t in her family!  You aren’t her friend!  What on earth do you have to care about in all this?!

We live in an age where everything is about outrage and demagoguery.  Be they the Tea Party Right or the Authoritarian Left (groups who I can’t see any meaningful distinctions between), the middle of the road types like me (that I found out through a cool test, that showed that, on the square grid of the political spectrum, I am upper-left of center by a little bit.  Basically, left-leaning with libertarian ideals.  Neat, huh?) are just wanting to walk away.  This outrage culture is getting old.  The Internet has just made it worse.  This endless outrage has made it so that meaningful conversation is almost impossible to have anymore.  After all, I’m a cis, bi, white male.  What do I have to contribute?

And that’s all I have to say about this.  Just like me, every single one of you has no reason to think that this deal with Caitlyn Jenner means something profound to you.  In reality, in a week, the news will have forgotten.  They’ll have moved on to something new,  Like Randi Harper’s retardation with Anne Rice.  It never ends…

Until next time, a quote,

“This is the way.”  -Tormund Giantsbane, Game of Thrones

Peace out,



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