Rolling Stone’s Trouble Gets Worst (A response to Sabrina Rubin Erdely)

A lot of people thought that I would be upset about the seemingly-endless stream of troubles that Rolling Stone magazine has gotten into.  I have been such a staunch supporter of free speech and the press that they believed that I would be right on board with vilifying the people who are going so hard after a publication that I once claimed to support.  Well, I don’t.  In fact, I have nothing but bemused contempt for Rolling Stone, and a sincere hope that what is happening to them serves as a warning to the rest of these intellectually and ethically-void publications who print lies and don’t care.  They brought this on themselves.  When you print stories with only one source, with not ONE person having done any fact-checking or source vetting, this is what you get.  They played with fire, and now they got burned.  Good!  These fuckers deserved it.

Now, their problems seem to be getting worse.  And it comes on the heels of you, Sabrina.  Indeed, all of what is happening now is your fault.  The perk of all this is that your career is dead.  That gives me hope.  That your career will perish in the flames of the ideological narrative that you were trying to push so hard.

What am I talking about?  It seems that, in addition to Phi Kappa Psi, another person has brought forth a lawsuit against Rolling Stone.  It is the Associate Dean of Student at the University of Virginia, Nicole Eramo, who has stepped up to the plate.  The lawsuit (linked here) alleges that the magazine painted her as callous and indifferent to sexual assault crimes.  For real, read through that brief.  It’s damning as fuck.  And I like that.  It’s high-time that we had a publication that panders this SJW garbage get legal action.  In a perfect work, Jackie would have been brought up on charges of False Allegation by now, but whatever.  Guess that whole “rape culture” business that the Tumblrites rag on isn’t going that strong, if a woman who LIES doesn’t even get so much as a rap on her wrist.  In fact, read through that brief and you’ll see that Jackie’s refusal to cooperate with law enforcement just makes the fact that she was lying so much worse.

But back to you, Sabrina.  It seems that your whole deal here with shitty reporting might not be the first time.  You have a history of this, eh?  Let’s share some of that with my audience.  Maybe then we can unmask you for the charlatan that you are.

Many of Erdely’s stories have been criticized for their lack of factual accuracy.  While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Erdely received a college journalism award from Rolling Stone for an article she wrote profiling folk singer Michelle Shocked.  Erdely later admitted that “Just about everything in the story was wrong,” because Erdely failed to attend a significant portion of a press conference where Shocked was interviewed.

So, you make up facts for your articles.  And the brief goes on to say that creating a narrative with your work isn’t uncommon.  You lie, craft a narrative, and have a history, going back to college, of being a terrible journalist.  Rolling Stone, I have to ask – do you have ANY standards?  I mean, this charlatan with an axe to grind has been writing for you, and she’s has all the credibility of a ham sandwich.  But wait, there was a list of publications that she wrote for before you.  Let’s see, what was it again…?

GQ, The New Yorker, Mother Jones, Cosmopolitan, and Self.

There you have it.  She wrote for publication that have ZERO journalistic integrity.  They aren’t even magazines where it’s expected.  I mean, Mother Jones?  Aside from Salon, I don’t think there is a publication that panders to SJW mentality more.  This woman obviously doesn’t have a shred of dignity or integrity.  She will sell the concept of truth up the river, so that she can look better by comparison.  It’s a marketing ploy, and she’s selling herself.  People like this make me sick, and they are dragging the name of journalism through the mud.

But, you know, it’s not just the fact that she’s a snake in the grass.  That bothers me, but it wouldn’t bother me so much if the rest of the news industry hadn’t sucked her off so hard.  I remember that piece on MSNBC where a British woman looked over at her and said how wonderful it was that she brought this story to light.  I mean, could she have kissed her ass anymore?  And the rest of the world did too.  When The Washington Post released their story that brought to light the discrepancies and outright-lies that were in Jackie’s story, the whole journalism community didn’t want to talk about it.  They were defending Erdely and her shitty journalism.  The industry will defend this kind of garbage?!  Really?!  That’s…scary.  No joke, that kind of weirds me out.  Because that means that journalism is just a market for the highest bidder.  And if that’s the case, then nobody really learned anything from all this.

Rolling Stone is in trouble.  They should be.  They brought it on themselves.  Let’s use some lingo that SJWs don’t approve of – they asked for it.  They asked for what’s happening to them, because they have no standards, no concern when they abandon the truth, and no real sense of apology when they are proven to be wrong!  Why hasn’t Erdely been fired?!  Why weren’t the FOUR editors who helped her make her bullshit fired?!  Why wasn’t anybody fired?!

Oh, right, because your publication is so void of accountability and integrity that there isn’t really a line of what a person can get fired for.  After all, why fire this person, when everyone else there is doing the same thing?  I hope that Eramo and Phi Kappa Psi take you for everything you’re worth.  I hope they destroy you.  I hope they don’t settle.  That they take this to court and drag your name so through the mud that nobody will EVER take what you say seriously again.  And let that be a lesson for the people who condoned this kind of behavior.  As for you, Sabrina, your career, such as it is, is over.

Good fucking riddance, you ideologically-pandering bitch.

Until next time, a quote,

“You know, son, I’m a senior partner at my firm the way you are in yours.  And here’s the thing about good leadership, and you tell me if you disagree – It’s not enough to insist on fidelity, honesty, and fair-dealing.  A good leader has to practice it.”  -Denny Crane, The Practice

Peace out,



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