Lucien’s First Take: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Reveal Trailer

Another year, another entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.  Man, I hate how I feel about this trailer.  I really do.  Because I used to LOVE this franchise!  Time was, I thought it was the most awesome thing!  The first game had some issues, but it was still cool enough.  The second game came out, and it was awesome!  Then they made Brotherhood.  Sure, it was a cash-grab.  But as cash-grabs go, it wasn’t the worst one I’ve seen.  Ah, but then came Revelations.  Two words that can describe that game – wasted potential.  So much awesome potential for awesome characters, awesome gameplay, and revisiting old vistas and seeing what became of them.  The potential for an awesome game was all there, and it was squandered.  A lot of players were left feeling burned.  Myself included.

Then came Assassin’s Creed III.  That game was about as mediocre as can be.  The story was dull and predictable.  The main character was about as interesting as a lump of clay.  The combat was awkward as fuck.  The ship combat was cool, but there was far too little of it.  It just felt like a step backwards.  However, where that game failed, they came back with a sequel.  Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was a breath of fresh air.  A new protagonist.  A new setting.  Bringing back the ship combat.  Everything about that game was amazing.  I was so in love with it.  I still am.  It is my favorite game, thus far.  There isn’t an argument to be made that it isn’t the best in the franchise.  For a brief moment, we all felt like we were going to be in heaven.  We believed that this franchise had found its footing again, and would be amazing.  Which leads us to Unity.

Let’s not even go into the endless bugs and glitches.  Let’s not even talk about the nickel-and-diming DLC.  That game looked amazing, in every way.  However, it was such a step backwards for the series.  It was such a shame, to see a franchise with so much potential get that treatment.  Now, we have a new entry into the franchise, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.  Let’s see what it looks like.

Well, this is…Victorian England?!  Oh that’s awesome!  So, how many cities do we get to see?  I’d love to go all over the country!  Let’s see everywhere!  Oh, wait…it only takes place in London.  That’s interesting.  Anything new?  Carriage driving.  That could be…fun.  Seems like an attempt to garner the love of Grand Theft Auto fans (would that make this Grand Theft Carriage?), but whatever.  You have this neat zip-line that lets you get up buildings fast.  Riffing on Arkham Asylum, are we?  How about the story?  What does the story having going for it?  It looks like you are trying to take over crime in London.  That’s it?!

This game looks bland. Really, really bland.  I’m not even kidding, this is the blandest-looking thing I’ve seen in a while.  One city.  Some new features that are OBVIOUSLY riffing on other titles.  Another mediocre entry into the franchise.

I hate what has happened to these games.  Ubisoft, I thought you had it figured out!  You made Black Flag!  You got everything right!  It was a big and open world.  It had fun characters.  The story wasn’t the most exciting, but it had its moments.  There were new and exciting things!  That game was almost flawless!  How did we get from that to this?  Does your company even listen to its fanbase?  I can already hear people –

But Lucien, how can you like Brotherhood when it basically did the same thing?!

Sure, the main story of the game was in one city, but there were a ton of side-missions that took you other places.  We got to see other parts of the world.  That was really neat.  Sure, it was brief, but that was still a break from Rome.  Plus, there was the real-world stuff, and the beginning and end of the game, where you saw even more places.  And it kept the story of Ezio going, and he was a fun character who we came to know and like.  That made that game pretty damn good.  Meanwhile, what do we have with this game?  One city, with I’m sure a TON of DLC that can milk more money from players.

Ubisoft, I don’t want this franchise to die.  I truly don’t.  But if you are going to get your shit together, the time is now!  There was some awesome concept art released Assassin’s Creed V: Rising Sun.  Players thought that that was awesome!  No gimmicks.  No zip-lines or carriage races.  Just a unique world and a chance to see an interesting culture.  That’s all we want!  We want to explore!  We want to see interesting characters and meet interesting people.  Why is it so difficult for you to give the fans what they want?!  If you have to sacrifice some of the spit and polish to bring us more places, then do it!  I don’t need mega-fidelity, so long as I can explore.

This franchise is becoming stale, and people are starting to leave.  If you want any hope for your future, then get your shit together and give fans what they want!  Take that for what you will.  All of this said, the game doesn’t look bad.  Just mediocre.  For my audience, do with that what you will.

Initial Verdict
5 out of 10

Peace out,



2 thoughts on “Lucien’s First Take: Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Reveal Trailer

  1. The Dev must know that this series lethargic contrivances has rendered any new installment mute? I was never a fan, but it’s sad to observe a game once admired by so many ruined by greed.

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