Lucien’s First Take: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter Trailer

It’s kind of exciting right now, to see where things are going in the Indie space of gaming.  With the success of games like Pillars of Eternity and Shovel Knight, Kickstarter is making it easier than ever to get independent projects funded.  What’s more, it is also showing that modern gamers want retro style games.  We want games that try new things or bring back older things with some polish.  That’s not to say that it always works.  Sometimes, like with what happened to Mighty No. 9, it can blow up in a developers face.  And for those who want to bring up Broken Age, don’t.  Tim Schafer is dead, to me.  However, with more projects coming, like a sequel to Planescape, or the overnight-hit, Yooka-Laylee, Kickstarter has finally earned its marks.  It has been shown that devs who know what they are doing can get this right.

This brings us to developer Koji Igarashi.  The original creator of Castlevania, he was ousted from Konami when they thought that the market for the kinds of games that he wants to make is dead.  A bunch of real geniuses at that company.  I have no idea why they shit-can people who make good work, but whatever.  Now, after some time away, Igarashi has come back and is pitching a new game, via Kickstarter – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.  Here is the Kickstarter trailer for the project.

Man, it feels like old times with this video.  Sure, Igarashi is having entirely too much fun with it, but it’s nice to see him be able to not take himself too seriously.  He is reaching out to fans who are tired of all the gimmicks.  He is clearly stoked about this project, and wants us to be as well.  I’m down.

The shots of the game look awesome.  The color palate is a lot brighter than I expected, but it still looks great.  Takes me back to the days of hand-drawn backgrounds.  Ah, that was such a long time ago.  But it could be again!  Very exciting.  The characters also look pretty cool.  A lot of anime flair, but the gothic style is there.  There also appear to be plenty of characters.  Which ties in to the part of the video where he says that there is single-player, co-op, and even a battle mode.  Very exciting!

This is clearly a passion project.  That is the thing that gives me the most hope, here.  With so many great creators having been dejected or gotten rid of by the companies they helped found, it is great to see that they haven’t given up their love of the craft.  Igarashi wants this game to be great, and he wants our help.  And it seems to have worked.  If you look at their Kickstarter page (linked here), they have already raised over $800,000.  That’s impressive!

Perhaps it is a little too early to speculate about how good a game this will be.  But I am very hopeful.  With that said, I think I will give it an Initial Verdict.  I am going to be cautious, because the game is still in the phase where it’s a concept.  That said, I look forward to seeing more soon.

Initial Verdict:
7 out of 10

Peace out,



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