All Cashed In at the Talent Bank, eh? (A response to Brianna Wu)

Probably the saddest thing to see is when someone who had fame just refuses to let it go.  They can’t go gracefully into the night, after their 15 minutes is up.  They aren’t truly talented enough to last longer than that.  That would require more work than they want to do.  It’s easier to just desperately try and troll for attention.  A sad, sad little world.  Something that a lot of people get wrong is that the origin of the term “troll” on the Internet isn’t the people who live under bridges.  It was originally coined for when a person would cast out a line into a community of easily-butthurt people, looking for a reaction.  The term came from what a fisherman/woman does when they throw out their line.  With that in mind, I can think of no better person who exemplifies this than Brianna Wu.

Much like Zoe Quinn, who also is doing EVERYTHING she can to stay in the spotlight, Brianna Wu has been doing every single thing she can think of to stay relevant.  She has been trolling for a long time.  When the trailer for her game, Revolution 60 came out on Steam Greenlight, a question was posted on the forum – “Is Brianna Wu a terrible person?”  Something she seemed to forget to do was to make an appropriately misogynistic sock puppet account, because the question came from her.  It was on HER Steam page.  That’s Grade-A stupid.  And pathetic.  Then, when her game came out, she said that reviewers were saying that it was like Heavy Rain meets Mass Effect.  It’s an open challenge to whoever can find me that article, outside of sites like Kotaku, Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, or any of the other Gamejournopro sites who called that game as such.  How can anyone listen to that ear-sodomy voice acting and compare it favorable to Heavy Rain or Mass Effect?  Yeah, Brianna is a real winner.

But I’ll answer her question.  She lied about being driven out of her home.  She used the death of Amber Lynn Schraw to sell her victimhood.  She trolls herself and then tries to sic the FBI dogs on everyone she doesn’t like.  Yeah, Brianna Wu is a pretty fucking terrible person.  And her endless need for drama continues.  She posted an article in The Daily Dot, a site that claims to stand for “Real Journalism.”  Huh.  Well, now we know that’s bullshit.  Because, if you look at her article (linked here), you’ll see just how void her arguments are.  I’d bring up a couple of tidbits, but to be honest, it’s just a rehash of every single talking point that she has used up til now.  Instead, I am going to use her as a launching point to a broader discussion.  I still remember what Total Biscuit said, about people in GG making this about people, rather than issues.  I want to talk about something here.

Brianna has gone through EVERY major publication, to keep her drama going.  She was on MSNBC, Al Jazeera, ABC, the list goes on.  It’s endless.  Much like Zoe Quinn, she has done everything she can to make everyone in her little niche still believe that she’s a victim, so that she can keep the drama going.  Oh, and don’t forget to donate to her Patreon.  Because what professional victim doesn’t have one of those?  Indeed, Brianna makes bank pretty well on there.  Over $3,000 a month.  Not bad, for doing absolutely nothing.  Huh, that’s a good point – she does nothing.

She made a video game, but it was panned by pretty much everybody who looked at it. The character models were hideous.  The voice acting is atrocious in the third degree.  The combat looks SO awkward.  And the story is as generic as it gets.  Nothing about that game looks good.  But, as we found out with Anita Sarkeesian pimping out a character in a different game and the sales not increasing, the SJW crowd that they pander to aren’t actually gamers.  Which means, as you can imagine, they didn’t really gravitate to Brianna’s game.  Doesn’t it just suck when your fan base isn’t loyal the way you want them to be?  So, she made a crappy game.  What else does she do…?

Let’s get off her for a moment.  Let’s look at a group called Atheism +.  I can already feel the assholes of people who have been there knowing what these people were like.  Time was, everyone believed that Atheism + was the future of atheism.  It was atheism, plus feminism!  It was going to revolutionize the movement!  Where are they now?  Well, now the great icons of the movement have become silent as the grave.  The movement stands as some message boards where everyone but the mods have been banned, and those who remain are constantly checking each-other’s privilege.  What happened, with them?  The same thing that happened with Brianna.  They were all checked out at the talent bank.

It’s easy to be a victim.  It’s easy to get people to feel sorry for you.  Especially if you’re a woman.  If that’s a nice bit of hypocrisy that modern feminists don’t mind, it’s that they can exploit the damsel in distress trope to sell their narrative and make money.  But here’s the thing – people get bored really easily.  We’ll feel bad for someone for a while, but if all they do is just talk about being a victim all the time, then after a while, people just move on.  You have to actually do things in order for people to stick around in the long term.  You have to have something to market.  Something that you dedicate yourself too.  It’s the best way to get ahead in this world.  Find something you love, and devote yourself to it.  Writing is my talent.  I have devoted myself to it in the extreme.  This site has become my online portfolio.  It has gotten me two writing gigs at two websites.  But what does Rebecca Watson do?  What does Melody Hensley do?  What do any of the people at Atheism + do anymore?  Nothing.

For that matter, what do ANY of these people who are in the SJW community do?  No-Willy Wheaton coasts on his fame being Wesley in Star Trek.  We hated him!  He exploits people’s hate to keep name recognition.  Aside from the occasional voice role, what does he do?  Johnny McIntosh does nothing except complain and exploit the fact that he is a trust fund baby, born into wealth.  All of these people, young, college-aged (typically), with no real experience in the world outside of Twitter and Tumblr, what do any of them do?  Well, okay, Joss Whedon makes movies and mediocre TV shows.  Fine, I’ll give him that.  He actually does something.  But he doesn’t make great stuff.  He makes really good stuff, sometimes.  But a generation or two down the road, he’ll only be remembered for making the most profitable superhero films.  Oh well, he still does something.  I give credit where credit is due.

Here’s the truth about people like Brianna Wu – they don’t do anything.  They coast on fame and a victim complex.  And they don’t have the skill that Anita Sarkeesian does at keeping her complex well-tended.  Anita is a con artist.  Probably the best I have ever seen.  She knows what she’s doing.  Her complex has been rigidly tended and secured.  Because she knows that the party isn’t going to last forever.  Eventually, her audience in this regard will move on.  She’ll have to change course.  You ask me, she’s already prepared for that.  There is actual talent there.  Albeit exploitative, manipulative and kind of evil.  Still, credit where it’s due.  Not for one moment do I believe that the death threats bother her.  Not one.  It’s too obvious that she is using them to get ahead.  It’s too obvious that they are part of her con.

Brianna Wu is in the twilight of her time in the spotlight.  Hell, the sun has already set.  Now it’s just the dwindling levels of light that remain.  She’s trying very hard to stay relevant, but the fact is that her talent bank has been drawn to its limits, and now she is doing the thing that she accuses people like me of doing in her article – trolling.  She trolls because she can’t do anything else.  Stuff like that gives me hope for the future.  Because remember this – these SJWs will have to grow up, at some point.  They’ll make thunder and noise, but eventually, they’ll just slip into a little niches, when they realize that there’s no place for them anywhere else.  Something that Brianna is figuring out.  Some will rage and fight back, as she is.  The rest will go the route of Atheism +.  And none of us will hear from them again.

Until next time, a quote,

“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.”  – Napoleon Bonaparte

Peace out,



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