You Are the Saddest Beta I Have Ever Seen (A response to Jamin Warren)

I want to introduce you all to a group of people.  These people are sad, lonely, pathetic individuals who make you so ashamed to share the same gender with them.  They are people who DESPERATELY try and suck up to a group of people, hoping to get them to notice that they exist, and maybe, just maybe, see what female sex parts look like.  Among their number are the likes of Ryan Wiley, Bob Chipman, No-Willy Wheaton, and the pretty much the entire writing staff at Kotaku that has a penis.  Another person that we can add to the list is the host of PBS Gameshow, Jamin Warren.  But, that name seems like too misleading.  I am going to take a cue from Jimmy Vega and give him a new one.  Let’s call him Hipster McGee.  Oh, right, we already called him that.  Well, let’s just keep that between us, eh?

Back to the point, the group of people that I am going to be introducing you to is the Beta Male.  Urban Dictionary defines Beta Males as –

An unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.  Beta males are the most pathetic group of people.  Sadly, these types are becoming more and more common in the world today.  Why?  Well, that’s a question for smarter people than I.  From where I’m sitting, it’s because we now live in a world that tells men that their masculinity is bad and that they need to be more feminine.  To be clear, I have nothing against guys who are in touch with their feminine side.  I am.  But there is a fine line between being open to things like herbal rub for the chicken you are cooking, and making the kinds of video that Ryan Wiley makes.

Something to know about beta males is that they are complete ass-kissers.  The moment that they find a group that they can latch onto, they will do so.  Any group where they feel that they can be noticed and validated.  Also, any group where they think that there are women who will notice them.  That’s the other thing about beta males – they are straight.  The whole bunch of them.  Before you come at me, there is a difference between flaming queens and beta males.  Queens generally have some amount of charisma, to a certain demographic.  Betas have none.  Beta males will get with any group where they believe that there are women-folk who will notice that they have a penis, and think that they are worth letting them stick their penis into. They think if they suck up to a woman enough, then said woman will notice that they exist.  Case and point, let’s go back to Hipster McGee and a video he made, where he buries his face firmly up Anita Sarkeesian’s ass.

Notice how McGee has to make sure to put out that he believes everything that Anita believes.  Notice how he makes very clear that she is absolutely right.  Oh, and also pay close attention to how much he says that the world needs what she has to say.  It’s almost astounding.

Like every Puritan Feminist, McGee has to say that the stuff where you are in a strip club is “misogynistic.”  Of course it is.  Because no guy who doesn’t TOTALLY hate women would go to a strip club, right?  And, of course, the strippers are all just objects, right?  It always marvels me how sex – modern feminism is.  Like all women who work in the sex industry are just exploited whores. Don’t take that from me.  Watch Sarkeesian’s video on “Women as Background Decoration.”  There, she blatantly says that women who work in sex (or fictional sex, as the case may be) are objects, viewed as objects by men in the real world.  What evidence does she have for this?  None.  None at all.  Her evidence is conjecture and speculation and HUGE assertions that are in no way backed by fact.  Actually, a recent study was done that shows that games do NOT cause sexism.  Evidence has a bad habit of unraveling the Puritan Feminist talking points, doesn’t it?

When you listen to McGee talk about how much we need Anita, citing what trolls say like it’s indicative for the community at large, you can’t help but think that you’ve heard this before, don’t you?  You can’t help but think that maybe this is nothing new.  Like maybe guys like him are many.  Men who can’t wait to tell Anita how awesome and smart and perfect she is.  Internet Aristocrat made a fairly fantastic video on the subject, which I recommend you check out.  See all the betas, working so hard to get their cookie from Anita-senpai.

Maybe you need a better example of betas and feminism.  That’s what it all amounts to. Beta males attach themselves to feminism, for the express purpose of wanting to get women to notice them.  They will swear up and down that they believe in the cause, but I guarantee that if you look at how much they work to kiss the ass of the women in that movement who have name recognition, then you will see these people for the sad little fanboys that they are, waiting to get a treat.

People like Hipster McGee and his ilk will tell us that women and minorities in gaming get so ragged on and mistreated.  That they feel so unwelcome.  Didn’t you see some of those comments?!  Women have mean things said to them!  The horror!  But let’s do a side-by-side comparison of XOXO Fest, an SJW event, and a fighting game tournament.  You tell me what you see.

DiversityYou now what I see at XOXO Fest – a lot of sad, pathetic, white men.  Men who believe that their senpai will notice them and that they are the ones who embrace diversity.  Another trait they all have in common – they are college age men.  The beta males go to colleges and are told about how awful men are, how “rape culture” is everywhere, and how women are so horribly mistreated and hated by society.  Three things that are blatantly untrue, but because they have no backbone and no ability to question things, they just take it at face value.  They “Listen and Believe.”

I became an atheist because I was disillusioned by the lies and manipulations of one religion.  Why on Earth would I join another?  Oh, and while we’re talking about diversity in gaming, here’s some screenshots from an event called “Celebrating Diversity.”

Celebrating DiversityBecause pink-haired white people is diversity, right?

Until next time, a quote,

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.” – John Lennon

Peace out,



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