Bad PR 104: #GGinDC (the aGGros)

I have made a fair number of posts about GamerGate.  I am a GG supporter, as people well know.  I’m a journalist.  Any journalist who has any integrity at all has to be for ethics in the field.  And games journalism is so void of any ethical integrity that it is mind-boggling.  There are signs that it may get better, along with new sites coming to be, like the one I write for, Gambitcon.  Oh, and Tech Raptor.  I love those peeps.  They are cool people.  They made a response to something I wrote, and it was a very nice discussion.  So yeah, they are on my good side.

Anti-GG people, called aGGros, are not smart.  They’re just not.  These are college-educated people who think that they are so wise and so rational and so smart, when they’re anything but.  It’s clear that not one of them has any education in anything related to public relations or marketing.  How do I know this?  Because if they did, then they would realize just how immature, childish and REALLY stupid their actions have been, just yesterday (as of the writing of this post).

There was a meet-up in Washington DC where GamerGate supporters could come and hang out.  Milo Yiannopoulos was there, along with Christina Hoff Sommers, and Lisa from The Escapist.  It was a pretty cool event.  Wish I could have gone, but I live in the most northern state, and am poor as fuck right now.  It’s a cruel cycle.

Feel bad for me!

*Cough* Sorry.  In any case, the aGGros decided that they were going to get their butthurt on.  In probably the stupidest thing that I’ve ever seen, these people went to that event.  This wasn’t free.  aGGros paid money to go to a GamerGate event and pull a lot of stupid shit.

Arthur ChuOh look, it’s Arthur Chu!  The sexist asshole who went after Mercedes Carrera for her efforts to raise money to help her colleague.  Real swell fella here.  And if you look at this Tweet, it looks like he’s gonna do something big.  Gonna leave his mark against those GamerGate assholes.  In reality, all that happened is that GG supporters just made countless memes with his face and this Tweet, making sport of this pathetic loser.  But this is the more sane examples of stupid aGGro behavior.  There are more serious ones.

First, someone pulled the fire alarm.  Nothing new for SJWs.  Anyone remember that MRA lecture in Toronto?  The one where we got introduced to Chanti Binx, the most unlikeable person to ever live?  Yeah, it’s a dated reference.  Still, this is par for the course, for them.  The police were also called.  See, some decided to get a little more ugly and a lot more dangerous…

aGGro DumbassI gotta say, aGGros, well done.  This is the stupidest thing you could have possibly done.  For starters, you’re making a bomb threat, in Washington DC?  Really?!  There are dumb decisions, and then there’s this.  DC is the FBI’s backyard!  The idiot who made this threat is going to jail!  You fucking morons!  Come on!

Next, this is getting really childish.  I have gotten a LOT of shit for being a GG supporter.  Told that I’m a misogynist and support death and rape threats.  Anyone who looks through my work can see that that isn’t the case.  I defy someone to find me one example where I have ever supported a death and rape threat.  One examples that shows that I hate women.  GamerGate gets this rap that it is filled with terrible people who hate women.  People who are just like that stereotype in Law & Order: Stupid Voters Unit.  This is the rap we get.  And yet, when GG supporters meet up,, for drinks and a good time, aGGros have to go and do everything they can to ruin it.  To ruin people’s attempt to enjoy themselves.  They did it with the Honey Badger Brigade, and they did it last night, with the GamerGate meet-up in Washington DC.

Anytime that I am told that GamerGate is full of bigots, I have stuff like this to show at them.  The aGGros have shown their hand.  They have shown that they are so immature and butthurt and just miserable people.  They have to pay money to go and ruin someone else’s good time.  What kind of pathetic LOSER does that?!  That’s what these people are – losers.  People who can’t do anything in real life. They have spend all their time on Twitter and Tumblr and complain check each other’s “privilege” all day.  If you don’t agree with them, you hate women!  You hate gays, and trans, and whatever else a person can think of.  You cis-fucking scum!  It’s fitting that Miss Piggy was given an award for being a feminist character.  Because that’s what these people are – Miss Piggys.

It’s high-time for the aGGros to just pack it in.  This isn’t funny, anymore.  They made a bomb threat against people just having some drinks and a good time.  This was asinine, immature, and so totally stupid.  Whoever made that bomb threat, you’re going to jail.  The FBI are no pushovers, and you made a threat in their backyard.  I hope it was worth it.  I hope that you feel good that you could threaten people whose only crime was having fun.  Although, I think that says the most about aGGros.  They don’t like fun.  When’s the last time you heard about them having any?

One last thing – if you read Kotaku’s article about the incident (linked here), they talk about how GamerGate are harassers and are bad.  So…they deserved this?  Victim-blaming, Kotaku?  Classy…

Until next time, a quote,

“Making honest feelings do dishonest work is one of her many gifts.” – Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

Peace out,



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