Top 10 Game of Thrones Season 5 Predictions

Game of Thrones Season 5A little late to the party, I know.  I’ve been keeping up with the current season of Game of Thrones.  This season is the best one yet.  Everything that is happening tells me that this is going to be the most explosive season, and have the most crazy twists.  I am going to warn all of you – the predictions I am about to make are based on what I have already seen of this season.  So yeah, spoilers ahoy!  Let’s get talking about the latest season to come.  What do I think will happen?  Let’s start the speculation.

10. Arya is going to leave the House of Black and White
Currently, Arya is at the House of Black and White.  She wants to learn the ways of the Faceless Men, to help her get her revenge.  However, that doesn’t jive with her goals.  When she chose to hide Needle, instead of getting rid of it, that seemed like a prelude of the events to come.  I don’t know what will get here there, but eventually, she will have gotten all she wants from the Faceless Men, and she will leave.  I suspect that will be an ugly departure. I wonder what would make her go…

9. Jamie Lannister is going to die
Jamie has left to go get Marcella back from Dorne.  However, I think this is going to be a one-way trip.  He has gone to Dorne, alone.  With the Sand Snakes mobilizing their forces, and him only having Bronn for protection, part of me thinks that Cersei agreed to his mission as a way to punish him for letting Tyrion go.  A suicide mission, as it were.  Either way, whether it be Jamie or Bronn, one or both of them is going to die.

8. Jon Snow will convince the free-folk to fight for Stannis
Jon Snow is now the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.  He turned down Stannis’ offer to give him his name, Stark.  That was a pretty powerful moment.  You could tell how much it was weighing on him.  Still, he turned him down.  Davos, however, basically told him that he needs to get off his ass and do something.  He kills Janos Slynt, and gave his worst enemy command of the Rangers.  His rule over the Night’s Watch is stable.  But, the fact is that Winter is Coming. In fact, it’s almost there.  When it arrives, it won’t be alone.  An army of the living dead, countless in number, is coming.  How will the Night’s Watch defend against that?  He is going to go to where the free-folk have holed up and convince them to fight for Stannis.

7. The Hound isn’t dead
There is a simple rule when watching Game of Thrones – if you didn’t see them die, then they aren’t dead.  You see that the Hound is injured beyond the pale, but he is still alive when Arya leaves him.  To me, that says one thing – he is going to come back.  To be honest, I like that.  The Hound showed a very human side to him, when he confronted Brienne.  He finally leveled with the fact that he was going to have to take care of Arya, and he made peace with it.  In that last scene, he found his humanity again.  He truly was a good man, who worked for horrible people.  If he is alive, then there is a lot of potential for neat things.

6. Tommen is killed by the High Sparrow
The High Sparrow is an awesome new character.  The Faith Militant has been reformed, and they are now starting to go after the sins they see in King’s Landing.  The next episode has hints that they are going to be going after Loras.  So yeah, that’s probably the end of him.  They kill him, then Margery is going to get Tommen to go after the Sparrows.  A sectarian conflict is brewing in King’s Landing, and all because Cersei doesn’t like Margery.  This move of hers is not smart, and I think that, by the end of the season, it will end with Tommen getting killed.  At the beginning of the season, you hear that all of Cersei’s children will have gold crowns, and gold shrouds.  Foreshadowing, much?

5. Reek reclaims his identity as Theon Greyjoy
Something neat has happened – Sansa has returned to Winterfell.  The Boltons now control the city, and have stewardship over the North.  The evil fuck Ramsay is living there, with his little slave, Reek.  Reek has been remembering things, since he returned to Winterfell.  Indeed, he hasn’t been able to look Sansa in the face, doing everything he can to avoid her.  I get the feeling that he will reclaim his memory, and that will tie in to something on the top of the list.

4. Jorah gets killed
As we saw in the last episode, Jorah has kidnapped Tyrion.  He knows that he is heading to Mereen, to try and offer his services to Daenarys.  By kidnapping Tyrion and bringing him to Mereen, he is going to try and curry favor with her.  It’s a daring plan, but I have a feeling that it will backfire.  In the preview for the season, you see a scene with Jorah in the Fighting Pits, engaged in battle.  I think that she is going to throw his act in his face, and then put him in the Pits to watch him die.  It is there where the major battle with the Sons of the Harpy is going to happen, so this can only get more interesting.  For him, however, I think that it will end in death.  A bitter end, to a life devoted to the love of his queen.

3. Tyrion becomes Daenarys’ closest advisor
The Sons of the Harpy are going to make their move in the next episode.  Shit is about to get real.  I get a sneaking suspicion that Daenarys’ council is about to get a lot smaller, and she is going to become a lot more vulnerable.  The sad reality is that she can’t play the game.  She can free slaves, but she can’t keep her rule over one city.  Tyrion is a master of the Game.  In just a few months time, he had his run of King’s Landing, and was even able to lead an army into battle.  This man can teach her, and she will know that.  Accepting his help is going to be with a grudge, in the extreme, but she is no fool.  That whole deal with the wheel that she is going to break, I think that’s her talking to him.  And I get the feeling that drunken and unbelievably-bitter Tyrion is going to school her something fierce.  I can’t wait to see that.

2. Sansa kills the Boltons at her weddng
For the longest time, Sansa has been used as a pawn by various people.  Finally, after years of being used, she is playing the game.  What’s more, she now has been given a piece to play.  In the latest episode, she was told by a servant woman “the North remembers.”  To me, that says one thing – the allies of House Stark will come, when she calls.  I think that she is going to use this to her advantage.  I believe that she is going to get her revenge, at long last, in a brutal massacre.  It might be the plan of Lord Baelish.  It would immediately gain him the North’s respect, and get him the army he is looking for, to ride with him and the Knights of the Vale to King’s Landing, to take the city.  I do know that something is going to go down at the wedding.  Just not sure what.  A violent massacre would be fitting revenge.

1. Stannis gets killed
One of the major highlights of the season is going to be the Battle of Winterfell.  Stannis and his army are going to arrive at the city, with the intent of killing the Boltons and then uniting the bannermen of the Starks.  This is a man who leads from the front.  Daring, but risky.  Especially since Sansa has been followed, as she returns to Winterfell.  Brienne of Tarth wasn’t far behind.  In her mission, to protect the last child of Catlin Stark, she will stay in the shadows and wait.  When she sees Stannis at the gates of Winterfell, I think that she is going to make her move.  At the beginning of the season, she said that she was gunning for Stannis.  When is on the battlefield, I get the feeling that she is going to show up and finally take her revenge, ending his problems, once and for all.  To be honest, that would be pretty fucking awesome.  Watching the look on Melisandre’s face, as her little toy is killed by Renley’s most loyal knight, now that is fitting as fuck.

So, what do you all think is going to happen in the weeks to come?  Let me know down in the comments section.

Until next time, a quote,

“I believe that men of talent have a part to play in the war to come.”  – Lord Varys, Game of Thrones

Peace out,



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