SIONR: Arkham Knight Season Pass? Are You Kidding?!

I’m starting to think that gaming needs to just go off a cliff, for a while.  I mean, what the fuck?!  It seems like every major gaming company, these days, is doing the same thing.  The endless nickel and dime DLC just bugs me, to death!  I mean, what’s the point of making a good game and polishing it to a mirror shine if you are just going to go and then charge us even more!  Come on, Rocksteady!  You’re better than this!  I know you are!  Let’s talk about this…

Rocksteady had recently announced that their new game, Batman: Arkham Knight, is going to have a Season Pass.  It costs and additional $40, and it gives you thinks like new villains!  Oh, and let’s not forget – skins for the Batmobile.  Really?  We’re paying you $60 for this game, and you want an additional $40 for the Season Pass.  You want gamers to spend $100 to get the complete package of your fucking game.  Do I have that right?  This isn’t like when you added characters like Nightwing to the Challenge Mode.  That was $5.  For $5, you could get new characters, if you wanted them.  You could get skins for Batman.  Oh, and there was that AWFUL “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” DLC for $15.  But it was what we wanted, when we wanted.  Plus, it wasn’t stuff that should be in the fucking story, like villains!  I have this bad feeling that this game is going to be devoid of side-quests, unless you have that stupid fucking Season Pass.  If that is the case, then I am going to ream that game so hard in a review.  I am going to give it the worst score that has ever been.  If the Riddler content that I have seen in trailers isn’t in the game, because I don’t have that Season Pass, then I am DONE with you, Rocksteady!  I am fucking done!

I have written two articles for Gambitcon about the nickel and diming DLC trend that is going on.  The first covered EVOLVE and the absolutely insane levels of DLC they had.  The second covered the stupidity with Mortal Kombat X and what I fear is going to be the case with the new Star Wars: Battlefront.  In both articles, I had a thought, and now that I am seeing this with Arkham Knight, it’s kind of putting this thought into clarity for me.

See, I wish that I had gotten some business or accounting education, because then I would be able to crunch the numbers and answer a pretty crucial question.  That question is – is video game development now so expensive that, to keep companies financially solvent, they have to milk their players with shit like this?  I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  Ever since the PS4 was revealed, we either get games with a fuck-ton of glitches, or a fuck-ton of DLC.  It’s no surprise when EA does it.  They are a greedy little worm.  Though, people are kind of leaving them.  They are following the path that Capcom blazed not too long ago.  And look what happened to them.  They went bankrupt.  AAA companies won’t take risks, because the fact is that if they make a bet on a new IP, and it doesn’t pan out, their company could go belly-up.  That’s the point that we’ve gotten to.  I think that the answer to my question is – yes.  Without the constantly influx of capital, gaming companies like Rocksteady will go out of business.  That fact depresses me to no end.

Because that means that the AAA market is going to crash.  Soon.  Within the next couple years.  Players are wising up and not wanting to get involved with this kind of business practice anymore.  Times are tough and we have to spend our money wisely.  Why would we buy a product that we have to pay around or over $100 to get the complete game?  That’s ridiculous.  What’s more, we shouldn’t be expected to.  We are giving these companies $60 for a game!  For that amount of money, we should be given the complete game.  Okay, maybe you have some cheap DLC, like an additional character in Challenge Mode or some $1.99 skins DLC.  I might look into that, later on.  But the game still needs to have its meat.  The game needs to be a full game.  We gave you $60.  You owe us that much!  If we are paying you money, it is only fair that we get a complete product.

That may not be enough, though.  For these companies, it may not be enough to get $60 for a game that they know people want.  It may be that they need vastly larger sums of money.  If that is the case, then gaming is dead, and we’re just waiting for the final bell to toll, letting us know that the end has come.  Hints are in the air that Konami is going to close their gaming shop.  Now that Kojima was fired, it looks like they are going to invest in their pachinko and slot machine market.  It’s surprisingly big.  They might see the writing on the wall.

I am nervous, people.  My whole life, gaming was a past-time.  I am a console gamer, and the time of the consoles may come to an end, once the AAA companies crash.  It’s very upsetting.  But there may be hope.  Perhaps, once the AAA market crashes, we can see the mid-level game market come back.  Where there can be innovative ideas.  Maybe we can see that again.  There is hope.  I am glad for that.  We could use some hope.  Spirits know, there never seems to be much, these days.  But I guess we’ll wait and see.

Until next time, a quote,

“Happiness isn’t enough for me.  I demand euphoria!”  – Calvin, Calvin and Hobbes

Peace out,



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