I’m Fat. Let’s Be Honest About Being Fat (A response to Protein World)

Here’s a thing to know about me – I’m kinda fat.  I have more than a few extra pounds on me.  I’m just a little over the range of what is considered healthy for my height, but I am working on that.  See, I don’t aspire to look like these male models in magazines.  For one, I don’t have the money for that kind of lifestyle.  For another, I like food too much to aspire to that.  What’s more, I like unhealthy food.  Still, there is no reason that I can’t have a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of living healthier.  Still, I’m kinda fat.  I bring this up because anyone who says that what I am about to tell you is fat-shaming is full of shit.

All over Tumblr, you see things like “thin privilege” “fat acceptance,” and “body positivity.”  Look, I am all for people being happy with their bodies.  But here’s the deal – we need to start being honest about who we are.  We need to be honest about the fact that being fat has problems that comes with it.  Being fat is bad for your health.  I accepted it, and am working to keep things in a place where I can feel better, live better, and overall just be better.  That’s what needs to happen.  Why do I bring this up?

It seems that a company called Protein World got into some hot water by the Tumblrite SJW snowflake crowd.  We live in the age of perpetual butthurt, after all.  They don’t want to be told that being fat can be a bad thing.  There was a rather awesome video made by the Internet Aristocrat about the SJW obsession with not making a point about people being fat.  Check this shit out.

Protein World is a company that sells supplements and stuff like that, with the intent of helping people get in shape.  Their latest ad campaign asks a question –

Protein World SnowflakeOh look!  There’s one of the snowflakes now!  I can’t help but notice that she’s thin as a rail.  Kind of weird that a thin person takes so much umbrage with the billboard.  I mean, what is her beef?  She clearly works hard to keep herself thin.  Or she is genetically predisposed.  Is that it?  Thin guilt?  It’s like white guilt, but for thin people.

The special snowflakes took to Twitter, to go after Protein World, and then the unthinkable happened – Protein World didn’t bow.  They didn’t break.  They chose to stand tall to these Authoritarian bullies and tell them what they think – #GrowUpHarriet.  A hashtag that has been trending, so the snowflakes could know what they think.  It’s awesome.  It’s high time that a corporation took a stand against these people.  Took a stand for their right to say what they want.  Because you know what, it’s time that we had an honest conversation about being fat.

Being fat isn’t a good thing.  I’m sorry, but it’s not.  I’m not some guy who feels hatred of myself for being overweight.  I am working on it, but that’s just so that I can have a healthier life.  Because being fat does have health problems.  Being fat is a major issue.  Especially in this country – the US of A.  Obesity is such a massive problem.  Part of that is due to how many poor people there are in this country.  Sure, bad behavior is a problem, but I won’t deny that when you are poor, your nutrition options are limited, and poverty is growing in this country, as the middle class has all but disappeared.

What’s more – being thin isn’t a privilege.  My ex is 4′ 9″ tall.  She’s tiny.  She has a metabolism like a squirrel.  To gain weight, in an effort to join the Air Force, she is trying to gain weight, along with working out to gain muscle weight.  It’s been unbelievably difficult for her.  Because she naturally burns so many calories, because she has a very high metabolism and is active at her work and in her lifestyle.  It’s not a privilege.  It’s what she was born with.  The people who are in magazines don’t have a privilege.  Sure, Photoshop has a lot to do with what we see, but the women who model and who act and whatever else bust their ass to be as thin as they are.  It isn’t a privilege.  It’s hard work and dedication.

And that’s what choosing to get in shape is – a choice, that requires dedication.  But it doesn’t have to be something that you do insane levels of dedication for.  For real, it all starts with simple things.  I have chosen to get off non-diet soda, and drink green tea.  I go on walks almost every day.  They’re pretty long, around a hospital just down the road from where I live.  Now that summer is here, it’s a great time to do this.  I sweat, get my adrenaline going.  It feels good, and though I am totally sweaty and feel like a dried out carp when I get home, I feel better once I am rested and I got my energy back.  I am working desperately to find stable employment, so once I do, I am going to be eating better.  No more Kirkland frozen pizzas from Costco, save for one in a while.  Oh, and you can also ditch snacking, which is what I did.  Just having the three meals a day.  If I do snack, it’s canned fruit.  Living healthy doesn’t have to be a lead ball around your ankle.

Look, if you want to say that being fat is fine and that you don’t care about the consequences, that’s your choice.  You can do that, and you can own that.  But let’s not go acting like weight isn’t an issue.  Let’s not go acting like weight isn’t part of life.  Let’s not act like a person’s weight won’t be a part of their life.

As for Protein World, good on you, standing up to bullies.  The SJWs are the new thought police.  They are the new McCarthy witch-hunters.  It’s high-time that somebody told them to fuck off.  And it made you all over a million dollars (adjusted from British currency) in four days.  That’s impressive.

It’s not good to treat people shitty for being fat.  But for all the fatties like me, we have to accept that we are fat.  If you choose to accept it and do nothing about it, that is entirely your choice, and you are free to do that.  To the people who say that the BMI is bullshit and that think that people treating them differently is wrong – your bitterness doesn’t validate your lifestyle.  I’m sorry, but your aggression doesn’t change the way that things work.

Until next time, a quote,

“We all got our own choices to make.”  -Mama Gump, Forrest Gump

Peace out,



15 thoughts on “I’m Fat. Let’s Be Honest About Being Fat (A response to Protein World)

  1. Was super fit till I became a mum & then ripped a ligament in my lower back. I’m 5 11″ so can get away with carrying a bit of extra weight, but I’m 84kg now & it Sucks.
    This is a great post & Good on those guys for not backing away from their Ad. We can all do with being reminded of how much better life is with a fit body. I don’t see any fat shaming being promoted. All power to common sense I say. #GrowUpHarriet you go !

  2. Man you really go to the dark side of tumblr don’t you ? It’s so funny, I use it myself almost daily but must be really lucky to have never come across these sites ( whew ! ). Thin privelge must Surely be an extravagant trolling site or the human race has lost all hope, what with the manner in which actual ‘wars’ are conducted these days etc…
    Thanks for heads up on these insanities though, cant say I haven’t been warned now so I’ll give them a wide berth or give them curry :p

    • Never doubt stupidity and insanity on the Internet. These people are real, and they are out there, checking each other’s “privilege.” I don’t play that game. Namely – because I am educated in PR. The moment you play the SJW game, you lose. There is no winning with them.

      • I admit, I once foolishly put my 2 cents worth in in a circumumcision debate, in favour of some practical considerations that I for instance, took into account when I had my son’s excess taken off ( not the lot, every case is different ) when he was a Bub. BAD IDEA. I had my head Royally taken off as the worst fucker in All Creation.
        Yup, didn’t go there again. Not sure what your view is on it.
        There are Definately some medical reasons for it but apparently mine wouldnt have been acknowledged as valid even if they’d have heard me out. But you must speak up if it’s true and on point & it is amusing how quick they bite.
        So yeah, no more entering into Tumblrs sacred topics again for me till I know how to use the limited word count on asks more effectively.
        Do they even teach debating in College anymore ? Or is that only if you study Law ?

      • I am against circumcision, but for ethical reasons. It is cutting off a part of a person’s body. People say that it’s just a little skin, to which I reply – so are our eyelids. 😛 It should be a choice that people make when they’re older, if they want to. As for debate in college, only if you aren’t a really-big SJW feminist type. And universities are doing their damndest to make all students into SJW feminist types…

  3. I agree, however in my instance, I was urged by two different doctors to follow through with partial circumsicion & given clear reasons why. So I made the choice based on my best knowledge & investigation. Thinking well into his future. Since then I’ve met many adults who’ve made the choice too, & they did not regret but preferred it. To each their own natural born self I agree, unless you’re a mum who’s asked to make that call. Then you gotta put yourselves in those shoes as a parent.
    On the debating topic, Universities are being radicalised & for all the wrong reasons. Doesn’t seem to matter what it is, they have to Hate it, something, anything anyone. Very sad & scary.

    • I actually think that the fact that I will never be a parent gives me the objectivity that parents woefully lack. Hence why I say that it should be a person’s choice to get circumcised, when they are old enough to make the choice for themselves. A cousin got on me about her decision to do that her offspring. Why she saw the need to tell me about is beyond me, but whatever. Said that I shouldn’t judge people unless I am a parent. Needless to say, I’m not exactly welcome there anymore. 😛

      As for universities, the problem there is something much deeper than just a radicalization. It’s a culture that has been born from telling all kids that they are special and wonderful. I don’t blame Mr. Rogers for how things turned out. He couldn’t have known that it would end up this way. But the movement obsessed with telling all johnnys and suzies that they are awesome started with him. That poor bastard…

  4. Hon, I don’t think anybody needs convincing that fat has bad consequences. Perhaps more people need convincing that being too skinny has bad consequences. I think you’re missing the point. Fat acceptance isn’t about health. It’s about body image. You might wanna look into Healthy at Every Size. Maybe your argument might have aome weight there. But asking the FA to harp on the downsides of fat is kinda redundant at this point. It’s like going to a party and stopping everyone and saying, “OH GOD NOOO!!!! YOU MAY GET DRUNK IF YOU DRINK!!! YOU MAY EVEN DRIVE DRUNK!!!” Everybody knows the risks already…

    • Fuck body image! Why do we have to continually blow sunshine up people’s ass?! Are we so weak and pathetic that we can’t handle a little bit of criticism? I am so sick of this hug-box shit that I see everywhere, where everyone has to tell each other, “you’re so beautiful!” I have a black and ugly soul, and I know it. Ain’t that pretty to look at, either. You know how much I care? Not at all. I ACCEPT how I am. A lesson for other people – instead of being told how great you are, how about you embrace the ideology: fuck what other people think.

      And with how many fatties there are in this country, maybe they DO need to be told that being fat is a problem. Obesity kills more people than hunger in this country.

      • Also, “Healthy at Every Size” is bullshit. The cruel reality is that the heavier you get, the more damage a person is doing to their body. That’s a fact. If people don’t like to hear that, too bad. I am fat, and I am working on it. If they want to choose to not do anything, that’s their business. But I will promote the belief that being fat is bad for you, because it’s true. Truth is a powerful thing.

      • You’re STILL missing the point. I’m fat. I’m aware of the consequences too but what I do with my body and how I feel about it isn’t YOURS or anyone else’s business. My thoughts are what’s wrong with your life that you’re worried about mine? I don’t go on crusades about girls who don’t eat enough…why? Not my business. Too busy enjoying my life with people who don’t judge me and just love me. And I don’t feel fat shame, either. Never had a hard time finding a fat date. I’m a sexy twinkie lol. Now, you’re gonna have your opinion and it’s cool…but you’re wasting your time. Fat people get enough hate, so if you wanna add to it…by all means. But people like me…ain’t got time for dat bwahaha. This comment is just for the fatties out there who don’t have the confidence to speak up. Again, there is nobody on this earth who thinks fat doesn’t come with problems…and those are not the forerunners of Fat Acceptance, if those people do exist…but yes, fatties no they’re obese and may be healthier if they lost weight…the hard thing ks convincing skinny people with high metabolisms to eat better and exercise…where’s the crusade for them?…But yeah, continue with this very important crusade. It is not at all preaching to the choir. Also, good luck with the weight loss. I wish you good body image AND good health. Peace.

      • Wow, you say that I miss the point, then you make my point – don’t tell people to love themselves. Tell people not to care what other people think. You go on and on about how you don’t care what I think, then feel the need to point out that I’m wasting my time. You see how that can come off as contradictory, right? After all, a person who doesn’t care what other people think about weight wouldn’t bother reading what I had to say. And I do offer advice to the people in my life who are underweight to live better. I had a friend who had a problem with anorexia and was pregnant. She was in danger, both to her kid and to herself.

        My point with this post, to which your CLEARLY unconcerned SJW sensibilities missed is that there’s no reason to shame Protein World for trying to promote a body image. It’s their choice to make. And it was good that they didn’t kowtow to the people who told them to stop. But thanks for telling me that I’m wasting my time. I’m SO sure that you don’t care what I think. Yup, totally. 😉

      • Nah, I don’t care, but I do read what people say just in case people say something that makes sense to me…also mentioned in my post that I waste my time replying for those who DO care, but don’t have the courage to speak out. I’m a rare person who cares why a person thinks the way they do. Can’t shoot an argument down without understanding it. Anyway, it’s beating a dead dog now. I agree to disagree…but at least you posted the comments. Ar leasr you’re not scared of opposition. Bye now.

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