SIONR: Silent Hills Cancellation? F*ck Me…

It isn’t exactly news that Kojima is on the outs with Konami.  One of so many people who founded companies who eventually got shit-canned by them.  You have the creator of Mega-Man leaving Capcom.  You have the creator of Resident Evil also leaving Capcom.  The guy who made Castlevania also left Konami.  You have Sega just becoming total shit.  Their path to failure is one that Nintendo is following pretty closely, what with them already looking to release another console with the Wii U only having been out a few years.  All these great creators, getting seeing what they’ve made be turned into and leaving.  It was depressing then, and it’s depressing now.  However, a recent piece of news has come out that might just make it even worse.

To anyone like me, who LOVES old-school survival horror, the Silent Hills playable teaser was the ultimate breath of fresh air.  I loved The Evil Within, but even I have to admit that that game stayed true to a formula.  One that has gotten a little old.  I still don’t get why so many people hated that game.  In any case, that teaser was such a breath of fresh air.  With how terrible the franchise has become, this reboot needed to happen.  It had the power of Hideo Kojima, Guellermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus as the main character.  That’s some pretty big shit right there!

However, I suppose we all kind of forgot about this game when Kojima and Konami were on the outs.  But news just came out that is more than a little disturbing.  It got a little misconstrued, but the fact is that we don’t know what the truth is.  See, Del Toro was lamenting that he wasn’t going to be able to work with Kojima anymore on Silent Hills.  With the playable teaser being pulled, a lot of people now are of the mind – this game is cancelled.  Konami is being VERY tight-lipped.  This is a problem.  Why?  Because the fact is that Konami isn’t doing very well these days.

In fact, almost none of the Japanese gaming companies are.  Look at Capcom.  They declared bankruptcy some months back.  They have been hemorrhaging money for years.  It’s a complete fucking mystery to me how Sega is still in business.  Their games suck!  They have milked the Sonic franchise until it is beyond dead.  Their attempt to breathe new life into it was a disaster.  If Nintendo was smart, they would buy Sega.  Then maybe they can get some talent into that husk of a company.  Square Enix seems to be coming back from a ledge.  With their playable demo for Final Fantasy XV, they seem to be getting their mojo back.  What’s more, they just announced a new Star Ocean game.  Now THERE is a franchise that has not been given any love for far too long.

It seems like the great masters of gaming just lost something.  You have so many franchises that lost what made them special.  Japanese developers seemed to think that the best way to sell their games was to make them like everything else that’s popular.  But that didn’t work.  In fact, that is the reason that a lot of companies are falling through.  It’s happening to so many major development companies.  Once the Japanese greats go, western AAA companies won’t be far behind.  People are getting tired of the cookie-cutter sequels to games that used to have a special spark.  People want original and unique content.

Part of that want is with Silent Hills.  This game looked to have so much potential.  First-person perspective, a creepy ambiance, and what seemed to be an engaging story.  It was finally going back to what made the franchise scary in the first place!  If Capcom doesn’t have anyone who can finish this game, and is just going to throw it under the bus, then I’m done.  I honestly am checked out of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, so their one-trick pony doesn’t do much, for me.  I realize that I am in the minority, on this.  Sigh.

I’m with Alpha Omega Sin, it looks like Konami doesn’t have faith in their company.  Why is so much creativity being stifled?  Are gaming companies now just so big that they can only make games within established franchises?  Are they only able to milk things, for the bare-bones capital that keeps their company alive?  This is a question that I am having a lot with gaming companies.  All over the board, we only see a certain kind of game, and it makes me a little worried.  Then you have shit like what Mortal Kombat X pulled with their DLC packs.  Too many signs that gaming is about to have a major crash.  This is unsettling, in the extreme.

What looks to be happening with Silent Hills is depressing, but it’s just a symptom, not the disease.  The disease is developers not realizing that you can do smaller games and gamers will be happy.  The disease is that every company thinks that they need their own Call of Duty, when the truth is that the franchises that become their company’s cash-cow are becoming stale and gamers don’t want them anymore.  The disease also is that companies are trying to push stuff out the door too hard.  Gamers are patient, when they can tell that the product is going to be good.  Gamers hear about games from Activision, and we roll our eyes.  EA has become a household joke,  Capcom has gotten a reputation as a game that milks franchise loyalty and abuses DLC.  Meanwhile, Rocksteady tells people that their new game is getting pushed back, and what is the response – good!  Get it right!  Get this game right!

So yeah, fuck Konami, if you killed this game.  We gamers are not a very forgiving bunch, and this franchise has been dead for a while.  If you cancel this game, then you have essentially put the last nail in the coffin.  That fucking sucks.

Until next time, a quote,

“It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.”  – William Blake

Peace out,



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